Month: <span>November 2019</span>

Buy Dubai Villa

Buy Dubai Villa – How to Make a Genuine Purchase

Buy Dubai Villa Have you just resolved to buy Dubai villa after discovering how advantageous a landed property in Dubai can be? In recent times, Dubai has come to be an appealing location for foreign investors and expatriates alike. Moreover, thanks to the new property laws,  foreigners have the privilege to transact in Dubai property […]

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Can You Buy a New House in Dubai?

Can You Buy a New House in Dubai? – Requirements for Purchase

Can You Buy a New House in Dubai? Nothing compares to living in a luxurious city that offers excellent transportation network, public facilities and more importantly a commercial nerve like Dubai. That is why the response is always positive when most people are posed with the question, “can you buy a new house in Dubai?” […]

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I Want to Buy a House in UAE

“I Want to Buy a House in UAE, Where Do I Start?”

I Want to Buy a House in UAE Everyone desires to own a house because it adds to social status and is indicative of one’s standard of living. Most first time home buyers often ask; I want to buy a house in UAE, where do I start?” The task of buying one’s first house can […]

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Buy A House

“I Want to Buy a House in Dubai”- How to Handle a Home Purchase

I Want to Buy a House in Dubai Housing as a facility is relevant to humans because it offers protection from harsh weather and is symbolic of man’s social status. That explains why many people will like to own a house as opposed to renting it. In Dubai, there is an increasing demand for housing […]

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We Buy Houses Any Condition

We Buy Houses Any Condition in Dubai – Real or Scam?

We Buy Houses Any Condition The process of selling a house can be straightforward, regardless of how bad the property market is at that particular time that you want to sell. Whether this is your first time of attempting to sell your house or not, you will have lots of questions on your mind, such […]

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We Buy Old Houses

“We Buy Old Houses”– Benefits and Downsides

We Buy Old Houses Probably, you just inherited an old house, and you want to sell it off, or maybe your home is old-fashioned and many things needed to be fixed, and you cannot see yourself living in a house under repairs. You are just looking for some companies or persons to come and say […]

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We Want to Buy Your House

“We Want to Buy Your House” – How to Identify Genuine Investors

We Want to Buy Your House Whenever you decide to sell your home, be mindful of whom you have a transaction. Some companies or even individuals will undoubtedly come and say, “We want to buy your house.”  There are organizations and firms out there who are operating home purchase scams and who are merely impostors. […]

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