5 Common Misconceptions about Studio for sale in Dubai Marina

Studio for sale in Dubai Marina

5 Common Misconceptions about Studio for sale in Dubai Marina

As the demand for housing in Dubai surges, real estate companies have diversified their offerings to meet equally diverse requirements. Studio for sale in Dubai Marina are currently very common and tend to attract mostly young professionals, students and singles. However, there are many people beyond this group who wouldn’t trade their apartments for anything, especially not a bigger apartment. A traditional house may be bigger, but to some, a studio is just spacious enough. There are many misconceptions about these types of houses that should be debunked. Discussed below are five common ones.

  1. No Bed in the Living Room

Based on previous experiences and interactions with the tenants of studio apartment in Dubai Marina, it is clear that the majority don’t think it is a good idea to have the bed in the living area. Well, in the past, it might have been a big deal, but not right now. Some freak out at the idea of seeing their kitchen area straight from their bed when they wake up in the middle of the night. While you may feel exposed, you should ask yourself by who? That is your house, and if you are used to sleeping with no clothes on, then do it without fear. Just choose the right bed, ensure it is well organized fit it anywhere in the room depending on its size. That is absolutely normal and there is nothing wrong with that.

  1. Overdoing the Apartment

In the ideal world, you will expect to have a stylish dining room, an organized living area, a study room, a separate bathroom and toilet and even a guest room. Well, that is a dream, but that studio apartment is nothing close to that fantasy. Come back to reality and face it as it is. What is the need of a big dining table with so many chairs if you can comfortably enjoy your meals while sitting on the couch? Do you work from home or have to study? If you don’t, then maybe you shouldn’t worry too much about having a desk somewhere in the room. You should carefully think about how you organize your life within the available space and transform your studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina into the home you envisage without overdoing it.

  1. Decluttering is Difficult

Really? Is that an excuse to stay in a disorganized house? Your studio for sale in Dubai Marina might not be fitted with closets, but that is no excuse to leave your clothes lying around the room. Since you can see everything from one point of the apartment, it is pretty easy to spot if anything is out of place in the room; figure out the best spot for it and move it. Don’t be lazy and throw socks at the entrance. Don’t leave your shoes on the doors. Put away anything that you don’t need or throw it out anyway. What is the point of keeping the many pairs of shoes you haven’t worn in 12 months? Figure out what you don’t need that might be taking up space and remove them because they don’t add any value to your house. Take charge of the clutter on a daily basis and change it into a habit.

  1. Partitions are extremely important

Not really. While it is advisable to break your apartment into partitions, you shouldn’t have so many tiny rooms that it loses the meaning. You can buy some movable walls or curtains to create dedicated mini-rooms but strictly based on what you have in the house and the size of the apartment. Don’t try to change your studio for sale in Dubai Marina into a one-bedroom wannabe. Instead, create different zones, especially for living and sleeping. Carefully arrange your furniture and work with rugs and proper choice of colors. This way, you don’t have to cramp up the space with things that are not necessary.

  1. Studios are for temporary stay

This is one of the most common and misleading misconceptions about studio apartment in Dubai Marina. They are not for students. They are not for jobseekers. They are not for the young people on their first jobs. Anyone can own and live in a studio apartment. Assuming you are a regular traveller to Dubai, possibly for business, you can save a lot of money if you choose to own or rent a studio as opposed to staying in a hotel. The monthly rent of some studio apartments can be equivalent to one day’s stay in a luxury hotel; this is a fact. Therefore, anyone can buy and live in these apartments. They are ideal for people who need their privacy in convenient areas.

Furthermore, most studio for sale in Dubai Marina are located near the city. That means that transport and commuting to and from the city is not an issue. You get access to amazing bars and restaurants within the vicinity. Since they are mostly within the city, they offer amazing views of great architectural designs in the city. You will get to enjoy all that from the safety and comfort of your home. They can serve numerous purposes, including temporary holiday homes. In fact, one can make some good money by leasing these apartments to holidaymakers. Just furnish them with whatever is necessary and use them as you deem fit.

Finally, how you change your studio apartment depends entirely on you. You have to take care of it. If the paint fades, take time to repaint in colors of your choice. Ensure that you make the bed every morning. Failure to do that will make your apartment a living disaster. Some houses are unwelcoming because no one takes time to make. It is an effort you have to make and it is possible. Pay no attention to the above misconceptions if you are to get the best from your studio apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. Always ensure that you get an apartment that is strategically located, on an apartment flat that is well maintained you will never regret owning a studio for life.


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