5 Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love

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5 Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love

Unknown to many sellers, staging your house increases the buying price that home buyers are willing to part with. Home staging primarily denotes that act of preparing your house for sale to make it more appealing.

A well-staged environment stands as an effective marketing tool to get quick sale to house buyers and at the right price. The justification of this phenomenon falls on the fact that buyers typically fall in love with a house faster when it is outstandingly staged.

However, it is worth noting that staging a house does not just imply fluffing the pillows and running the vacuum: It’s amalgamating multiple choices that work, such as repairing, decluttering, depersonalizing and updating.

Let’s jump to the ultimate home staging checklist:

  1. Living Room

You should light up the living room with appealing lamps such as the chic lamps. Make the fireplace glow and scrub away any soot stains.  According to marketing experts, going for symmetry when placing the accent pillows and table lamps works out the best. When it comes to furniture, ensure you remove the excessive pieces to ensure the room feel spacious. Lastly, yet equally important, leave a slideshow of striking images or live animations as your television’s screensaver.

  1. Kitchen

The cabinets should be freshened up and repainted to make it stand out. Pack up all the cookware, dishes, flatware and glassware and only leave one eye-catching set for each. Additionally, get rid of all the countertops and just leave one or two, such as a bowl of fresh fruit. Clean all the necessary areas including under the sink, cabinet interiors, handles and the fridge door. Ensure all trash cans are emptied, the pantry is well organized, items are stored in decorative baskets, and all appliances are in their best condition.

  1. Bedroom

The arrangement and appearance of the master bedroom have been considered to be a critical aspect of evaluation by home buyers. Firstly, the master bedroom should be gender neutral. Pack up all clothes to give your closet a spacious look. Remove any depersonalizing feature such as video game consoles to give the room a serene setting. If you have floral pillow shams and posters, ditch them.

  1. Dining Room

Most home buyers love the idea of entertaining. Set out stylish place settings and include some few wine glasses and a decanter on the buffet. The setting should not be too formal or overly casual.

  1. The Bathroom

Spending an extra time to get your bathroom luxurious and appealing will facilitate a quick sale of your house. Scrub the walls, door, floor, tiles and any other necessary surface.  Clean the appropriate surfaces such as countertop and the top of the toilet until they gleam. Ensure you keep your personal items away. If the sink is old, try out a new one. This also applied to toilet seats, faucets, and showerheads.

  1. Walls

The walls should be neutralized. For instance, dark colors should be replaced with beige or white. However, all adjacent rooms should bear the same color as this makes the whole space seem larger. All holes and nicks in the walls should be touched up and painted.  Along the hallway, the walls should be brightened up with decorative mirrors or stylish paintings.

  1. Windows

Window panels should be well painted with striking colors to make them seem brand new. The windows should be washed on both sides until they are sparkling clean. Any visible holes or tears should also be repaired or replace the entire window.

  1. Throughout the house

This section focuses on all tips relating to all areas of the house. Ensure you declutter the house by packing your personal items and storing them nicely, if possible, outside the premises. Many cash buyers for houses are captivated by spacious houses. Thus, ensure the attics, closets, wardrobe, drawers, and basements are empty to give them a spacious look. Although house buyers love spacious houses, nobody wants empty areas. To curb this, transform unused and underused areas of the house into something new and functional. For instance, you can change the alcove under the stairs into an office reading nook or a sewing room. Confirm that all doors, cabinets, and drawers can open and close smoothly, and replace those dysfunctional.

  1. Exterior

Legible and attractive house numbers should be hung outside in a position visible from the road. The house exterior ought to be sparkly super washed especially the porch, steps, walkway, and driveway. Clean up the porch and repaint it freshly with bright color. Other places that would require a fresh coat include the door, the driveway, and the walkway. Many house buyers hate locks and doorbells that don’t work, so make sure you check on that. Making the exterior appealing also involves trimming back trees, planting colorful blooms, using beautiful pots and planter beds, trimming the shrubs and whipping the yard into an attractive shape. The mailbox is always neglected, so ensure you clean enough to look welcoming or either purchase a new one. You should ensure that all the entryway lights are functioning and free from cobwebs. Trash cans should also be hidden, together with the recycle bins and garden hoses

  1. For Pet Owners

Pet odors may highly discourage potential quick home buyers. Scrub pet stains and remove the pet’s items including toys, play structures, toys and food bowls. To make sure the odor is entirely taken care of, use air fresheners. All structures which have been gnawed or scratched should be repaired, removed or replaced. All the furry should be removed and a pet hair sweep done before leaving the house.

And Finally

Home buyers are always looking to get the best within their set budgets. Fast house buyers make typically makes their decision within their first view around the house, which can continuously be enhanced through staging. The rooms discussed above serves as primary factors considered by most buyers and should, therefore, be given priority. However, walls, windows, and the exterior should not be left out


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