6 Top Reasons Why You Can’t Manage To Sell Your House Quickly

Sell Your House Quickly

6 Top Reasons Why You Can’t Manage To Sell Your House Quickly

In today’s busy word, some people need to sell house quickly but it seems no buyer is coming forth. Others may have placed their houses for sale in the market for a long period of time, yet no buyer is available to buy their properties. So if you need to sell home fast and it’s taking much longer than you expected, a whole lot of reasons could account for this.

If you need to sell the house or if you know of friends who need to sell a home in a short period of time and have not been able to do so, then worry no more. Identifying the problem is the first step in solving it. The following reasons may account for why buyers do not buy your house as quickly as possible:

  1. DILAPIDATED BUILDINGS: Nobody likes to buy a house that is not beautiful to look at. Are your roofs old and rusty? Are the walls cracked and perforated with holes? Or maybe the building looks like it would collapse soon? If you need to sell house quickly, then you should begin to fix the damages to your house and make it look beautiful as possible. You can look for a good company that offers home renovation services at a low price and get your house fixed. It is easy to attract buyers when they know that your house is in good condition.
  2. LACK OF GOOD HOUSE INSURANCE: If you need to sell home fast, it is compulsory that you have a good house insurance plan in place. Most house buyers are attracted to houses with insurance cover. With good housing insurance plan, buyers of your house will be rest assured that in cases of flood, volcanoes, hurricanes, fire outbreak and other possible causes of home damage they will not lose their money. Buying of the house is like an investment. A great damage to the house without any insurance cover would be like throwing money into the drainage. No buyer will like that. If you need to sell the house, show the buyers your insurance plan. This would attract them and make them purchase your house as soon as possible.
  3. HIGH MARKET PRICE: Your house should not be more expensive than the market value for it. Most times buyers are scared off by the asking price of some houses. If you need to sell house quickly, then do some financial evaluation of your house. Check out the latest market prices for the same type of house you wish to sell. See the price range buyers are willing to offer. If your house price falls within this range, buyers would be attracted. But if it is overly higher than it, buyers may not come quickly. You may not find the exact market price for your house yourself. It will be best if you get the services of an expert. A good expert will evaluate your house well without making you run at a loss.
  4. TOO MANY PERSONAL ITEMS: Before you buy a new dress, you try it on to see how it fits on you. But what if the dress contains marks and signatures left behind by the seller of the dress. Would you still go ahead to buy it? No, since these marks can always bring back memories of the former owner to you. And no buyer will want that to happen. Same also, if your house contains too many personal items like a statue of your dad, engraved writings in the sitting room or nonremovable pictures of your loved ones, buyers may be turned off. Psychologically, It’s like buying a house from you while you’re still living in it. So before you place your house on sale, make sure you remove any personal items away. Take away statues to a far location. If your house has any engraved personal writings on the wall, you can cover them up with paint or even replace the wall totally. Grave around the compound should be removed or covered without any trace. Anything that makes your house scream ‘you’ is what buyers do not want. If you have pictures that cannot be removed, you can inform buyers that those pictures are simply decorations to make your house look beautiful. So if you’re a house seller and you need to sell house quickly, then you should try to eliminate personal items including family photos, personal effects, and even unique colors.
  5. PRESENCE OF STRONG HOUSE ODOUR: It is popularly said that buyers buy with their noses. Buyers are turned off by strong odor coming from the kitchen, bathroom or even the sitting room. Some pet owners often think that pet smells they have become accustomed to having no effect on the house. This is far from the truth. Sometimes when people put their house for sale, they do not see the need to carry out smell extermination routine. Their noses have become used to their house smell. But when buyers come for a check-up, they’re not impressed with what they smell. Imagine that your house has a doggy smell and your new buyer hates the dog. What happens? He goes away because the dog smell was a turn-off. Make your house free from this particular smell before buyers come visiting. Spray your house with new sweet fragrances. Also remember to eliminate all traces of pets, not just pet odors. It is very important to get rid of pet paraphernalia and have a “pet plan” to make sure the animals do not show up when your house is under scrutiny by buyers.
  6. DIRTY ENVIRONMENT: Not only is your house important if you need to sell home, but the environment where your house is located is also equally important. Buyers do not want to meet a dirty environment. It’s a turn-off. Some house sellers leave their lawns untrimmed, with wastes and dirt littered everywhere like a dumping ground. A dirty environment reduces the reputation of your house and scares buyers away.

These are some of the reasons why people that need to sell house do not do so quickly enough. Selling your home is easy if you follow the right protocol.


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