Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina

Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina

Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina

Famous as one the most pulsating areas of Dubai, Dubai Marina is one of world’s largest riverside development projects, comprising of 200 high rise buildings which include 23 Marina-Princess Tower, Ocean Heights and Shopping Malls, Restaurants among others. The Dubai Marina provides ample of properties which attracts a large number of individuals from all over the world. One gets to experience the exceptional standard of living at the Dubai Marina apartments, with limitless resources right by their hands.

The Marina area of the city is newly built and is more commonly hailed as the “New Dubai”. All of Dubai Marina apartments and the surroundings come with a few exclusive modifications and custom specifications – a practice expected from the most luxury properties of Dubai. The Dubai Marina property include one bedroom apartments, Villas, Studio apartments and exclusive penthouses for purchase and rent. A key attraction of the marina is the popularity, as the area also includes hotels and restaurants alongside the residential areas – buzzing day and night with tourists and revelers alike.

So, if anyone is buying apartments for sale in Dubai Marina, they should know all the nuances of owning a home in a place of high living. A high rise apartment in Dubai Marina will definitely provide the buyer a taste fairly lavish lifestyle with an unhindered view of the man-made Marina and the glowing skyline of Dubai. And if somehow the residents are tired of looking at this breathtaking sight, then the shopping malls with world-class brands are just around the corner.




Where is Dubai Marina?

Before anyone searches for apartments in Dubai Marina for sale, they should know which part of the city it is located. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for the buyer to acknowledge the living conditions and amenities that comes with it – the traffic and the  distance of work from home are key areas of considerations.

So, Dubai Marina apartments are located very close to Interchange 5 also known as Sheikh Zayed Road and the location of the Marina is very close to the business hubs of the city such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.


Dubai Marina apartments for sale

When investors ask about any Dubai Marina apartments for sale, the first thing comes to mind is the freehold law of 2002. This particular law has opened the real estate market of Dubai to the buyers all over the world. The law made the foreigners eligible to buy, and lease of any kind of property. So, before purchasing apartments for sale in Dubai Marina investors should at least search for it online, as there are various property dealers on the World Wide Web but it would be best to contact a well known real estate agent to buy the property. Dubai real estate agents have detailed knowledge of vacant properties in Dubai Marina, and they will be more than happy to help the buyer to find the apartment of their dreams. They will also provide an account of all the benefits of dwelling in that particular area.


The residential area of Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the best residential areas of the city, with a vibrant lifestyle and unlimited resources, the marina apartments are excellent for families and singles. The community is filled with various exclusive café’s, restaurants, lounges and there is also the world famous marina walk spanning over a few kilometers beside the city with magnificent views. The amazing view of the Dubai skyline is an added bonus. With various clusters of skyscrapers all over the place, the skyline looks mind-blowing at night when all the towers are lit.

The names of a few residential areas where one can find Dubai Marina for sale are:

o            Dubai Marina Towers

o            Al Sahab

o            Al Majara

o            Marina Promenade

o            Marina Quays

o            Marina Plaza

o            Nuran Marina, mainly for serviced apartments.


The facilities and resources

Dubai Marina is the largest waterfront residential area in the Middle East. The comfort and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with the community is really something to look forward. It does not matter where someone is living inside the Marina, the excellent facilities and exclusive amenities can be can be enjoyed anywhere in the city. Most of the towers in the city are equipped with several top of the shelf amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spasm game rooms etc. Also, all of the communities including the parking lots are covered with CCTV providing added security.


An excellent living facility for kids

Although Dubai Marina is one of the most thriving areas of Dubai catering to a large population of individuals with affinity for fast life with its high-class restaurants and lounges, it also boasts a bunch of places for family-friendly activities and outdoor programs including excellently maintained  playgrounds, gardens and the Marina Walk. Dubai trademark joints are featured all over the marina including the supermarkets, malls, clinics, spas, salons, dry-cleaners with drop-at-the-door facilities.

The entertainment sector of the Marina is limitless with various night time destinations including top-of-the-line hotels, restaurants, and  lounges. The Dubai Marina Yacht Club provides a clubhouse and other incredible facilities.


Shopping center of the world

An easy access to a shopping center is one of the fundamental requisite of a home – after all, no one would like to drive for hours for their quota of the weekly groceries.  But this is not a problem for those who seek to purchase apartments for sale in Dubai Marina. Dubai is known as the shopping center of the world and every community in the city features a mall or a supermarket. In Dubai Marina, there is the Dubai Marina Mall and they offer an exclusive range of retail and dining options too.


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