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How Can I Buy a House in Dubai?


The UAE real estate sector has been one of the hottest destinations for investors for more than a decade now. This economic growth has brought in world class facilities into the country for commercial and residential properties. A tourist visiting Dubai will be astonished with the skyscrapers and beauty of this city and might wonder “Can I buy a house in Dubai?’.

Déjà Vu Properties has made the process of bringing the buyer and seller close together to exchange assets much simpler than it was before. The questions like “how can I buy a house?” & “Where can i buy a house?”  are solved by Déjà Vu Properties by bringing properties suitable to the customers on their fingertips based on their budget and choice of location.

When buying a property, one always looks towards the availability of mortgages. Most of the times a customer isn’t aware about the different mortgage options available. This makes a him/her wonder “can I buy a house on my own?”. The UAE real estate sector has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding the right mortgage provider. So, to answer the question “can I buy a house of my own?”, yes you can but why burn through your savings when you have mortgage facilities ready to help.

There is always a thought wandering in a property buyers mind “when can I buy a house?”. The answer to that is ALL the TIME. A first time property buyer might look for a time when the property prices are low. A real estate investment is a tangible asset in exchange for the buyers hard earned savings. An investment in real estate generally can bring in returns worth double the initial investment.


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Are you looking for a good residential community in Dubai?  In this article, Deja Vu Real Estate will  take a quick look at some of the most sought after residential communities in Dubai.


  • Buying A House in International City

As the name suggest, this community is truly international. Divided into clusters like France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, China, England, Greece, Persia, Russia and Emirates. Each cluster has its own distinct architectural blend in its buildings and neighbourhoods. This community is aimed at housing the diverse workforce available in Dubai. It is well connected with the public transport system and also has a mega trading shopping centre called Dragon Mart.


  • Buying A Property in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a free trade zone for tech companies to establish their business operations for the middle eastern sector. There are many residential apartments and villas in the area to accommodate the workforce working in the vicinity. There are public buses implemented through the community and taxis are always available.


  • Looking for an Apartment in Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens is a residential community developed by Nakheel in the South-western part of Dubai. The community is houses affordable accommodation options ranging from apartments to villas for the diverse working force in Dubai. The area is well connected through the public transport system with many public buses implemented through the community providing easy access to the residents to move in and out of the community.


  • Finding an Apartment in Deira

Deira is one of the oldest communities in Dubai with historic importance to the city of DUBAI. The community is one of the biggest in the city with mostly Asian expat families residing in the area. The area is known for its shops, restaurants and affordable residences. The community is well connected with the public transport system with more than one metro stations and numerous public buses and plenty of taxis available all the time.


  • Buying an Apartment in IMPZ (International Media Production Zone)

There are many famous towers in the vicinity like the Lago Vista, The Crescent and The Centrium. There are spacious residential options available in the community with pretty much every amenity that a resident could ask available on site. The area is connected to rest of Dubai through the public transport system.

Buy A Property in Al Baraha


Al Baraha is one of the residential communities located in the northern part of Dubai. The neighbourhood communities are Al Murar, Deira, Abu Hail, Naif and Muteena. The area is bounded by Abu Baker Al Siddique RD, Al Khaleej RD, Al Rasheed RD. It is spread across an area of 1 sqkm.  This residential area is well connected with the public transport system. The two metro stations nearby are Palm Deira and Salah Al Din. The area also has many bus routes and taxis through the community allowing the residents to move in and out of the community easily.


The area has three major hospitals offering world class medical facilities. There are quality educational institutions in the vicinity. The area is filled with local shops and quality restaurants which are open late. The residential properties are mostly villas from 3-bedroom to 5-bedroom spacious villas. The villas are located at a walkable distance to the Deira Corniche. The Deira Corniche provides the residents an area for evening walks and for the young and single community a place to socialise. The main attractions in the area are Deira corniche, Deira Islands and the local cuisine.


The residential community has everything a family or a young professional could ask for, which makes it one of the most sought after residential properties in Dubai

Buy A Property in Al Manara


Al Manara is residential facility located in the western part of Dubai. The neighbourhood localities are Umm Suqeim, Umm Al Sheif, Al Safa And Al Quoz.  It is spread roughly around 490 acres of land. The locality is bounded by Sheikh Zayed RD, Al Wasl RD, Al Manara RD and Al Thanaya ST.


The locality is well connected with the Dubai public transport system. The area has two metro stations on either side i.e First Abu Dhabi Bank Station and Noor Bank station. This allows residents to quickly move in out of the locality with ease. The area also has numerous public bus routes and taxis available for the residents and visitors.


Al Manara houses mostly the wealthy community of Dubai with mansions and luxurious villas built for the most part of the community. The community is mostly residential with amenities like supermarkets and healthcare available nearby.


The main attractions nearby are:


  • Wild Wadi Waterpark
  • Bounce Trampoline Park
  • Public Beach


The public beach is just a short walk away. This makes Al Manara the most suitable property choice for the beach enthusiast who occasionally want to enjoy a swim in the ocean. Being so close to the beach Al Manara is a sought after residential location for families who want all the amenities nearby as well as the beach.

Buy A Property in Al Mankhool


Al Mankhool is located in the western part of Dubai. It is spread across an area of roughly one sqkm. It is part of Bur Dubai which was once the heart of Dubai. The area is bounded by Al Satwa RD, Khlalid Bin Al Waleed RD, Sheikh Rashid RD and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St.  Since it is surrounded by roads on all four sides, the residential apartments in the area are easily accessible. The neighbouring communities are Umm hurair, Al Jafiliya, Al Karama, Al Hudaiba and Al Raffa. The locality is also well connected with public transport in the city. The area has two metro stations:

  • Burjuman
  • ADCB

Also, many bus services and taxis are available for the residents to move in and out of the community.

AL Mankhool is mostly residential properties. The most common residential options in the area are apartments ranging from studios to 4-bedroom apartments. The residential options in the area are occupied mostly by families and also by young professional due to the availability of all the amenities one might ask for like the supermarkets, shopping Malls, Healthcare facilities etc. There are many financial institutions who have set up a branch in the area to facilitate the growing number of working population in the area.

Buy A Property in Al Karama


Al Karama is a residential community in Bur Dubai located close to the Dubai Creek. The locality is popular residential location among Asian communities. It is spread across roughly 2 sqkm in area with thousands of people residing in the area. It is one of the most populous area in Dubai. The residential options available in the area are affordable for the middle-income community in Dubai.


Zabeel Park to the south separates Karama from the Dubai World Trade centre. In the west Burjuman Mall marks the boundary for Karama.


The district is well connected with the Dubai public transport. Dubai Metro Red Line passing through the district has two metro stations

  • Al Jalffiliya
  • ADCB


The district has many bus routes and taxis making it easily accessible for residents as well as tourist.


The centre point for the residential district is Karama Centre. The residential options in the area mainly apartment ranging from 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom apartments and spacious villas. Due to the availability of Dubai public transport, children can make use of the service to go to schools and other activities. The district is packed with basic amenities a resident might require like supermarkets, healthcare facilities, shopping malls etc. The availability of these amenities makes it one of most suitable for families to pick as a residential option.

Al Nahda is located in the eastern part of Dubai. It is part of Dubai’s eastern border with Sharjah. Al Nahda has parts in Dubai as well as in Sharjah.


The community has boundaries with Al Qusais in the south and east and Al Mamzar in the west. It is easily accessible by Roads through Dubai-Sharjah RD, Baghdad ST and a local 204 RD. There are two sub divisions in communities Al Nahda:

  • Al Nahda 1
  • Al Nahda 2


Just like Muhaisnah, Al Nahda was once part of AL Qusais. Al Nahda is not as populated as the rest of the city at the moment due to the industrial expansion in the area. Dubai Women’s College, Pond Park, Sahara Centre and the Expo Centre Sharjah are some of the major landmarks in the locality. There are families looking to move into Al Nahda while the accommodation is cheaper compared to the rest of the city. Al Nahda is a growing community and with the rapid development in the city, the locality will soon grow into another family friendly residential location in Dubai. Once the community is fully grown the prices will go up in the community.

Al Quoz is a community in the western part of Dubai. Spread across 27 sqkm it is bounded by Al Khail RD and Sheikh Zayed RD on either side. The community is surrounded by communities like AL Manara, Al Safa, Business bay, Al Barsha, and Nad Al Sheba.


The District is divided into two:

  • Residential
  • Industrial


The residential community is divided into 1, 2, 3 & 4. Al Quoz 1, 2 and 4 are residential communities with spacious individually designed villas and owned by locals. It is a wealthy community with almost all the villas being custom built. The community has Safa Park and Business Bay in close proximity. Al Quoz 3 in the residential community is mainly for industrial purposes. As part of the attractions in the area Al Quoz has many art galleries in warehouses like the Carbon 12 Dubai, Green Art Gallery, The Mine, FN Designs and Isabelle Van Den Eynde Gallery.


Al Quoz Industrial areas are also divided into Al Quoz 1,2, 3 and 4. They are located in the southwest of the rectangular development. It is developed by the Dubai Municipality as an industrial and mass accommodation. The mass accommodation is aimed at accommodating the massive workforce of labourers and staff Dubai currently has and will be needing in the future in order to fulfil the rapid infrastructural development in the city. With this mass accommodation project, the Dubai municipality aims at providing the labour community with quality living conditions.

Al Rashidiya is a community in Dubai popular among expats for residential and commercial properties. Spread across an area of 4 sqkm it is bounded with Al Khawaneej RD in the north, Nad Al Hammar RD in the west and Emirates RD in the east. The locality around Al Rashidiya are Umm Ramool in the west, Mirdif in the east and Nad Al Shamma in the south.


It is very well connected with the rest of the city through public transport. With a dedicated metro station and a bus station with routes to many different locations in Dubai it is easily accessible from anywhere in the city.


The residential options in Al Rashidiya are spacious and luxurious villas mostly owned by wealthy expats and locals.  There are apartments available in the area ranging from studio to spacious 4-bedroom units. The most common residential option seen in the area are Independent villas and townhouses. It is one of the sought after residential locations for expats in Dubai because it borders with Dubai International Airport in the north.

There are many attractions in the area like the Al Rashidiya Park, Rashidiya Grand Mosque, Nad Shamma Park and Bin Sougat Shopping Mall. The Dubai Airport Tunnel in the area was once the longest tunnel in the middle east. Al Rashidiya is a perfect locality for families as well as young professional to pick a residential option in Dubai as it has all the amenities a resident could ask for in close proximity.

Deira is one of the oldest districts in Dubai. Al Rigga is among the few communities within Deira which have been in development with the rapid growth in Dubai. This community is well connected with the rest of the city through Dubai Metro, Public buses and Taxis. The Al Rigga community is bound by Omar Bin Khattab RD in the west , Abu Baker Al Siddique RD in the east and separated from Al Muraqqabat by Al Rigga RD and Rigga Al Buteen by Al Maktoum RD. Al Rigga is also close to Union which is a mobility hub for transport within the emirate as well as services to other emirate.  The famous Dubai Clock Tower is in Al Rigga which is a landmark that every Dubai resident is aware of.  There are quality hotels in the vicinity like the Zain International, Metropolitan Palace, Sun and Sands Hotel Etc.


Al Rigga is very popular among Asian communities and is one of the sought after residential location among the expats from Asia. The residential options range from studio apatrments to 4-bedroom luxurious units.  With many Asian restaurants, quality schools and healthcare facilities Al Rigga is prefect residential location among Asian expats. Apart from families the area is also popular among bachelors living in Dubai. Al Rigga is a community which has a attractive nightlife with restaurants and cafes available for bachelors to have a social life.

AL Rigga also has commercial spaces available for traders to set up shop in order to exploit the available business opportunities in the area.

Al Twar is one of the wealthy residential communities in the area. Located in the eastern part of Dubai it spreads across 6 sqkm. The community borders with Al Qusais in the north, Hor Al Anz in the West and Muhaisnah in the east. It is accessible by road through Al Nahda RD and Abu Hail RD in the north and south respectively. Al Twar is further divided into three communities:

  • AL Twar 1
  • AL Twar 2
  • AL Twar 3


The residents of Al Twar are mostly wealthy businessmen.  The community has every amenity a resident might look for like supermarkets, healthcare facilities and quality school nearby. The Dubai Police Headquarters are located in Al Twar making it a popular land mark for residents and tourist. Another landmark in the area is the Al Wafa Hypermarket which is very popular among the locals. There is a best in class sports facility where various sports events like football, badminton, table tennis and soap football tournaments take place.  It also has a public park called Al Twar Park where families come down for evening walks, jogging etc making it a place to socialise.


With public parks, sports facilities, quality schools, healthcare facilities and supermarkets nearby Al Twar is one of the best location families can pick as a residence location.

Al Warqa is a residential community located in the southeast part of Dubai. It has borders with Mirdif in the north, Nad Al Hammar in the west and Warisan in the south. Spread across an area of 21 sqkm this community is easily accessible by road with Emirates RD and Al Awir RD on western and southern peripheries respectively.


Al Warqa has been part of the rapid development that has been happening in Dubai. Al Warqa is divided into:

  • Al Warqa 1
  • Al Warqa 2
  • Al Warqa 3
  • Al Warqa 4
  • Al Warqa 5


Al Warqa is a family oriented community with three parks in the vicinity. There are facilities like a running track, cycle track, long sandy track, two football fields, basketball courts and tennis courts in the parks available for the resident to enjoy.


One of the main attractions in the area is the Dubai Safari located in Al Warqa 5.  Al Warqa Grand Mosque and Aswaaq Mall is a popular landmark in the area.


There some quality educational institutions in the area like the Sharjah American International School, Rajagiri International School, International Academic School. With lavish public parks and quality schools Al Warqa is one of the sought after residential location for families.

Arabian Ranches is located between Dubai Sports City and Global Village. It Is accessible through the emirates road. It is one of the exclusive projects of Emaar. It is spread across 1652 acres and is ideally located off Emirates road towards Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. It is well connected with the rest of the city thanks to the well implemented Public Transport systems of Dubai. This connectivity helps the residents stay connected with the city as well as the residents of other communities like Al Barsha and Palm Jumeirah. The community has all types of villas starting a from freestanding villas, small villas, townhouses and single-story homes. An investor will find more villas in this community which are beautifully landscaped as properties for sale or rent for expats or locals. There are 14 villa communities in Arabian Ranches.

Arabian Ranches was aimed at customers who are looking for properties away from the hustle and bustle of the city with a peaceful and stress-free environment. Arabian Ranches offers its residents an equestrian golf club, polo club and village community centre. Its Architectural design and size are the main reasons for it to be the property of choice for expats and local alike. The architectural inspiration can be seen from the Arabian, Spanish and Portuguese Architecture. Some of the villa communities are named as CASA, Al MAHRA, AL REEM and HATTAN. The villas in Arabian ranches range from 3-bedroom to 7-bedroom.

Arabian Ranches are usually look at as a real estate investment by investors who are looking to rent the property. The villas in Arabian ranches are on high demand for the as rental properties. The properties are taken up for rent by young professionals or families by paying in cheque upfront and then paying their utility bills on a daily basis. Arabian ranches also has villas available for sale for expats or locals. The villa in the community range from 3-bedroom to 7-bedroom which vary in prices based on the size of the villa. Some may find the prices at Arabian Ranches as expensive but the prices at Arabian ranches is reasonable compared to the prices of villas at Palm Jumeriah.

Bur Dubai In Arabic means Mainland. Deira and Bur Dubai combined constitute the mainland of Dubai. All the districts between creek and Jumeirah come under Bur Dubai which gave it the name of Bur Dubai or MAINLAND. Bur Dubai is highly urban where development took place in business, construction and finance sectors in the early days of Dubai urbanization. Bur Dubai has buildings with both modern architecture as well as traditional Arab Architecture and design. There are many attractions in the Bur Dubai area which have historical impact such as the Al Fahidi Fort and Shaikh Saeed All Maktoum House. The other attractions in Bur Dubai include

  • Grand Mosque
  • Blue Tiled Iranian Mosque
  • Dubai Maritime City
  • Culture Village
  • Oud Mehta (Al Nasr)


Bur Dubai hosts various luxury hotels, malls, consulates and embassies along with an opportunity with to shop in the traditional Arab Souks.



Bur Dubai has equal opportunities for both a businessman and tourist alike. A businessman can satisfy all his requirements in the Dubai World Trade centre and a tourist at the same time can enjoy the various malls in Bur Dubai which have outlets from pretty much every brand around the world.

Al Bastakya, the oldest settlement in Dubai is a must visit for tourist who are interested in Heritage and culture. The architecture style of buildings in this settlement should surprise the visitors with narrow streets and wind towers on top of the houses. Bur Dubai is basically a mix of old and new Dubai coming together.

The Construction Boom in Dubai brought in many residential and commercial developments in Bur Dubai. The properties range from luxury villas to high rise apartment buildings. The commercial buildings include malls, plazas, restaurants and cafes, stores. Bur Dubai also has a free zone area for tax free business towers for the residents.

Bur Dubai is packed with options for travellers seeking to shop. With shopping malls and retail stores lined up one after the other Bur Dubai can be called as “Shoppers Paradise”.

Some of the shopping spots in the area are”

  • Burjuman Centre
  • Al Ain Plaza
  • Al Khaleej Centre

There are many clubs and hotels in the vicinity offering visitors and travellers leisure activities.

The residents of Bur Dubai have plenty of medical centres and other healthcare facilities in the area. The residents of Bur Dubai can avail the educational services from institutions around the area.

Keeping all these things in mind Bur Dubai is one of the best tourist destinations for visitors also a great location for anyone looking to re locate.

Business Bay is the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rasheed Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and Ruler of Dubai. The developers have given a lot of thought while developing the entire community. The focus was to create a city with the city of Dubai as a central business district. Business bay hosts many of Dubai’s mega projects like Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall. Business Bay has everything from skyscrapers and mega malls to supermarket and grassy parks.

The Business Bay Community is well connected with Dubai Metro with a dedicated Metro station. The Business Bay is well connected with internally created roads which link the community to nearby highways connecting them to rest of Dubai via road. Business Bay is part of the Dubai Canal extension project which provide scenic locations for residents to enjoy like Marasi Drive. This extension connects the community to Dubai through water taxi.

The residential properties in Business bay are much more affordable when compared to properties in the Downtown Dubai. Anyone looking to rent or purchase a property in will find apartments ranging from a studio to a 4-bedroom spacious apartment. Executive towers is one of the sought after locations for residential as well as commercial properties. Every tower in the business bay is well equipped with facilities like swimming pools, gyms etc. The main attraction in the Business Bay is The Burj Khalifa, so people looking for a residential property here tend to look for a property with Burj Khalifa view. It might be expensive but worth it!


The Business Bay properties are best known for their spacious apartments attracting families looking for a spacious space.

Deira is one of the oldest district in Dubai, holding historical importance to the city.  It was once known as the heart of Dubai but now lies on the border with Sharjah due to the development spree that took place in Dubai along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Deira back in the days held major commercial and financial centres for Dubai. This importance later slipped to Bur Dubai and is still changing with fast growing Dubai. The connectivity of Deira with the rest of the city is maintained by Shindagha tunnel, Al Maktoum Bridge and Al Garhoud Bridge. Deira still has the old souks and transportation system from the old days giving the tourists a taste of old Dubai.

Even though Deira did not see the development that rest of the Dubai underwent it has recently been picked for many projects. One of the major projects to land on the shores of Deira are The Deira Islands. Deira holds many government offices, foreign embassies and many other important buildings. Some of the popular buildings in the area are:

  • Deira Tower
  • Al Futtaim Mosque
  • Al Ghurair Shopping Centre


Deira has many entertainment venues as well such as Ice rink at Galleria and Mamzar Beach Park.

Deira is known for its Arab Gold and Spice souks. The popularity of these souks was because they were tax free back then. Deira is still the hub for spics export and imports in Dubai. The location of Dubai International Airport can make travelling by road little time consuming, but the implementation of Dubai public transportation can has made public movement in and out of Deira very easy.

Families usually choose Deira as a location to pick a residence because of the facilities available in the locality. A Dubai resident looking to move into Deira can choose from apartments, villas and townhouses available for rent or sale. The community is mostly owned by locals and rented by expats.

Deira is a perfect place for anyone with a family to settle down because the community has much to offer. From gold to spice to textiles to perfumes, Deira has it all. In terms of development Deira has seen a lot of progress in recent years and will be part of some mega projects in the coming years. If you planning to move into Deira then now is the time!.

If someone is looking for the best place to live in Dubai, then Downtown Dubai is the answer. The properties in Downtown Dubai are expensive when compared to the rest of the city but for that extra cash the buyer is getting a world class community to live in. From the world’s tallest buildings to restaurants owned by the best chefs in the world Downtown Dubai is the place you would want to live in Dubai. One of the Mega malls in the country is in Downtown Dubai. It is a preferred tourist destination. The mall has the world’s hanging largest aquarium, an outlet from pretty much every brand on the planet, world’s largest LED screen and many other attractions a tourist might enjoy. The mall has access to the AT THE TOP a viewing area on the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa where the visitors can view the magnificent city of Dubai. Dubai Fountains is another attraction for residents and visitors in Downtown Dubai. The illuminated tree lined streets of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard attract lot of visitors for its beauty.

Downtown Dubai is well connected by Dubai metro with two station Dubai Mall/Burj Khlaifa and Business Bay lined perfectly for easy access to visitors from around the city. The commute within Downtown Dubai is further connected through feeder bus systems in each of the aforementioned metro stations. The Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa metro station offers a footbridge all the way from the metro station to Dubai mall to make it more accessible.


Dubai Opera District is the destination for all the live performances and arts exhibitions. Dubai Opera has an orchestra, theatre, concerts, performance arts etc. Dubai Opera District has begun to transform the area.

The properties in Downtown Dubai are developed mostly by Emaar and have done it in a way that they are distinct. Emaar developers have made sure that while design the Old Town and Old Town Island that they are architecturally unique with Arabic architecture.

The apartments in the Old Town Island have a tropical and green surrounding suitable for evening walks. The rental prices might be a bit higher in this locality as the residents have full access to facilities like sauna and a huge gym.

The community is getting developed by Emaar properties in a such a way that the entire community should represent one word and that is LUXURY!. Emaar is doing this through beautiful skyscrapers, world class hotels like Address Downtown and Address Dubai Mall coming around the Burj Khalifa. Some of the projects in the locality are:

  • The Lofts
  • Claren
  • Vida Residences Downtown

The properties in Downtown Dubai are expensive but owning a property in Downtown Dubai is more than an investment or a residence, it is your access to a top class community.

It is a district dedicated to Emirate’s fashion, design and luxury sectors. Located near Business bay it aims becoming the destination for all the fashion enthusiast in the city.

Types of Units:

Dubai Design District apart from becoming a fashion destination in Dubai it also has residential and hospitality real estate on offer. With a creek side promenade planned to host boutique hotels and a convention centre Dubai Design District aims to bring more fashion enthusiast to join the community from around the world.


TECOM Investments will handle the operation of Dubai Design District. Licenses to establish business venture in Dubai Design District can be obtained from any of the TECOM free zones.


Dubai Design District is expected to be completed in three phases. Phase one been completed in 2015. Phase 2 and Phase 3 completion dates are yet to be revealed. With massive investments pouring into the project the Dubai Design District is becoming one of the hottest location for fashion brands to set up shop in Dubai.

Dubai has been the land of architectural innovations for more than a decade and has witnessed more than one mega projects taken up by the Dubai government one after the other. Dubai Festival city is one of the mega projects that has taken shape in the past decade.  It spans across 1300 acres of land with residential and commercial properties coming up alike. Dubai Festival city popularity was based on the “city-within-a-city” tag. There are three districts in the Dubai Festival City:

  • Marsa Al Khor
  • Festival Centre
  • Al Badia

The connectivity between these districts is achieved through a network of roads created internally. There are residential properties in Dubai Festival City are divided into 3 sections:

  • Al Badia Residences,
  • Marsa Plaza
  • Al Badia Hillside

The residential communities coming up in Dubai Festival City can accommodate more than 50000 residents. There are 20,000 units available for residents to choose from apartments, villas and townhouses. These properties are available for rent and sale. The residential properties are one part of the project, Dubai festival city also has best in class retail outlets, commercial properties, mall, hotels and medical facilities. For the residents and tourist visiting Dubai Festival City.

The three districts in Dubai Festival City are distinct from each other. The properties coming up in the location are designed to cater to the needs of residents from all over the globe.  The architectural approach chosen for the residential villas in the locality is from a pool of Arabian, Mediterranean to modern Design.  The developers have created the community in such a way that each community has individuality. The communities are so well inter-connected that anyone looking to move into the locality can find work to accommodation to retail and entertainment facilities within the same area.

Al Badia Residences is a beautifully landscaped residential community with Mediterranean and Arabian architecture villas available for locals as well as expats. There are many amenities available for the residents of Al Badia residences like sporting facilities , gym , swimming pools, BBQ areas , men and women saloons, supermarket and restaurants. Along with these the festival center and Al Badia Gold Club are nearby.

Marsa Plaza is one of the most beautiful residential towers in Dubai with 510 apartments including 212 fully services apartments.  The residents can enjoy amazing views of the Dubai creek and cityscape. The apartments has unit from 2- bedrooms to Penthouses to duplexes.  The Marsa Plaza is not different when it comes to the amenities like swimming pools, gym and coffee shops, laundry services etc.

The Al Badia Hillside Village is designed in traditional Arabic Architectural and culture blending with modern architecture. The apartment units range from studio to 3-bedroom available in 145 different layouts. Al Badia Hillside Village has basement car parking which is a common problem encountered by my many residential apartments. The breath-taking views of the Dubai Creek, Golf Club, shopping, entertainment and dining facilities are just a few pros of Al Badia Hillside Village.

The Dubai Festival City is not just a residential community but much more than that. It has many retail, commercial, leisure and entertainment venues available for the resident to enjoy.




They are:

Festival Tower and Marsa Plaza


These properties are the two main commercial buildings in Festival city which offer best in class office spaces and commercial spaces for entrepreneurs to start their new ventures other than the spacious residential property. Festival tower can house office spaces for 50000 personnel’s in a 10 million sqft area. The location of the property on the waterfront puts it in an ideal location within direct access of 13 lane business bay. Crossing and 12 lane Garhoud Bridge.

Dubai Festival City has a curved boulevard with showroom spaces which have attracted some of the most exotic automotive brands to set up an outlet in the project. It is located nearby from all the main attractions.

Dubai Festival Center is one of the biggest retail leasable areas in Dubai. With perfectly positioned on the creek a total of 2million sqft of leaseable area is available which has shops, restaurants, cafes, bowling areas, car parking etc. The ideal location of the centre attracts the top brands from around the world to set up shop in the available retail outlets on the waterfront property.

Dubai Festival City has two main hospitality brands

  • Intercontinental
  • Crowne Plaza

These establishments offer world class accommodation facilities for the tourist coming in to the festival city for leisure activities. The night life is also on fire with Cafes and restaurants like Reflects par Pierre Gagnaire in the center offering food from the Michelin cook Pierre Gagnaire. The Intercontinental is well equipped with more than 400 rooms including 121 uber luxury suites and one royal suite. The Crowne Plaza on the other hand has more than 300 hundred rooms. The travellers can also find accommodation in Marsa Plaza.

The Festival center is packed with entertainment venues for the residents or the tourist visiting the locality. Some of the places for tourist to indulge in leisure activities include the alfresco dining areas, sports facilities , bowling areas, event center, fitness center, a luxury yacht hub and 18 hole golf course. The Al Areesh club can also provide the residents or tourist with many fun activities to enjoy.

Dubai Festival City offer s a 18 hole championship golf course for professional golfer visiting the city. The golf course is equipped with motion capture technology allowing them to work on their skills and train for future events happening around the world. Along with the best in class golf course the Al Badia also has a good outdoor dining space

Dubai Festival City is a one stop solution for a anyone looking to move in to a residential community or a tourist looking for some leisure activities. Dubai Festival City is also one of the sought-after locations for business to set up offices.

Dubai is witnessing one luxury residential property development after the other. Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR) is the next Multi-billion-dollar development that is coming up in Dubai. The project is co-developed by Emaar and Dubai Holding. One among the many projects in MBR is Dubai Hills Estate. The developers have committed themselves to the project to create a community which provides an extraordinary lifestyle for its citizens. The Dubai Hills Estate is a gated community assuring security to its residents. The community is well equipped with all the amenities a resident could ask for. The Dubai Hills community is perfectly located between Al Khail Road and Emirates Road making it easily accessible. Dubai Hills Estate is the added boost in the already booming real estate market in Dubai.

Dubai is one most visited and sought-after tourist destinations in the world. This influx of tourist must be matched with world class facilities in the city to make their visit more comfortable. The Dubai Government along with the major developers in Dubai intend to do exactly that with Mohammed Bin Rashid City which will provide comfortable and well equipped accommodation facilities for those who want relocate or are coming to Dubai for a short term visit.

The housing community in Dubai Hills dedicated for residents looking for a calm and peaceful living environment is under construction estimated to be completed in different phases. The exact completion date for the project is not yet revealed but the residential properties in various phases are now available off plan. With lush green surrounding and every amenity, one could ask for, who would not want to live in this community.

The aim of this project to satisfy the needs of Dubai and UAE in order to energize the already booming economy of the UAE by bringing in real estate investments from all around the world.

Dubai Marina is everything anyone has ever dreamed of when dreaming about a place to live. The Marina has everything from malls to skydive to beach to supermarkets and restaurants. Apart from this a resident has the seven-mile waterfront promenade- The Marina Walk. The residents use the running track which gives spectacular views of the water, yachts and charter boats. An open-air mall, The Beach at JBR is nearby which has outdoor cinemas, cafes, restaurants, salons and boutique shops.

A resident of Dubai Marina is someone who chose Dubai Marina because of they want to live in a community which is a class apart. Emaar properties are one of the many developers including Cayan group and Select group who have buildings in the Dubai Marina. These building are well equipped with facilities like swimming pools, gyms and squash courts. The most sought-after buildings in the Dubai Marina are the Dubai Marina Towers, Park Island, Marina Promenade and Cayan Tower. The apartment sizes in the Dubai Marina vary which can cater for the needs of everyone looking to move into the Dubai Marina.

The Dubai Marina is well connected to Damac Properties Metro station and JLT Metro Station via taxi. The new tram is also turning out to be a great way to get around for everyone trying to get from one place to another around the Dubai Marina Area.

Foreigners moving to Dubai Marina will find open areas for kids to play around which is what families normally look for when going out with kids. For single people and young couples, the Dubai marina shops and restaurants go day and night.

Dubai has always maintained high standards in all its endeavours. Dubai Media City is part Dubai Government’s efforts to bring modern media facilities to Dubai. It is located off Sheikh Zayed Road surrounded by posh residential communities like Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah. Launched in January 2001 it has been the focal point of all the media activities for news agencies and media houses. Media agencies and publishing houses look for locations which are well equipped with broadcasting facilities and DMC offers just that. Thus, DMC has become a hub for global media agencies to set up their operations for the Middle Eastern Region.

DMC was set up during the TAX-free era of UAE which attracted a number of Giant Media companies to start their business ventures in the locality to make use of the great business opportunities. Some of the companies in DMC are:


  • BBC World News
  • Ten Sports
  • National Geographic Farsi
  • CNN international
  • Persian Music Chanel
  • CNBC Arabia


Business opportunities in DMC are not the only reason for the high property demand in the area. There are residential facilities available for in hotels and apartments ranging from studio to 2-bedroom apartments available for short term. These residential facilities are well equipped with amenities that a business executive might look for. Major financial institutions in UAE have also set up in the area to exploit the available business opportunities in the area.  The region has number of fine dining options which can cater to the taste buds of a range of customers. With an award-winning amphitheatre capable of accommodating 15000 people.


The aim of Dubai Media City was to be one of the best media cities in the world and it has achieved its target within a short period. With world class hotels like Media One, Media Rotana Arjaan Hotel Apartments, Topaz living Court Hotel Apartments to cater to the residential needs and Financial Institutions like Commercial Bank of Dubai, Emirates Islamic Bank, UAE exchange LLC catering to the financial needs of the locality a business enterprise in the area has everything it needs.

The area also has fine dining options like Oregano Restaurant, Karamteena Restaurant and Jedoudna restaurant.

Dubailand District is a mega project specifically designed to be a one stop destination for leisure activities for tourist coming into Dubai. Dubai Motor City is part of Dubailand District. This real estate development is based on motor racing theme for the automotive enthusiast in Dubai. There are four main areas in Motor City:

  • Dubai Autodrome
  • Green Community
  • Uptown Motor city
  • Business Park Motor City

Dubai Autodrome is one of the main attractions in Dubai Motor City. Dubai Autdrome gives the residents and visitors an opportunity to engage in various sports like bike race and car races. Also, the Porsche ME Cup and The Formula Gulf 1000 are some of the enthralling motorsport events a resident enjoy in the Dubai Autodrome.

The Dubai Motor City is connected to the rest of Dubai with public bus and taxis. The community is a 20-minute drive from the heart of the city. Motor City is popular among expats as residential location with residential options starting from studio to 3- bedroom townhouse and villas.

With a FIA approved 5.89 km long track in the Dubai Autodrome hundreds of tourists are visiting Dubai Motor city to be part of this exciting community.

Dubai wants to be the hub of technological innovation. This lead to the formation of Dubai Silicon Oasis in 2004, a free trade zone for tech companies to establish their business operations for the middle east sector. It has been more than a decade since it was founded and today more than 90 % of the has been occupied. Silicon oasis has everything let it be supermarkets, shops, schools, healthcare facilities or anything that a local resident may want.

Dubai Silicon Oasis is yet to be connected with Dubai metro. But the locality has well connected bus routes. Apart from this taxi’s are always available at every corner. It is very convenient for people working and living in Dubai Silicon Oasis as the commute is really short. In order to accommodate the working community of Dubai Silicon Oasis, two types of villas have been set up. They are:

  • Cedre villas
  • Semmer Villas


These villas may range from 3 – bedroom to 5-bedrooms as per the requirement of the resident. These two communities are in high demand due to their convenient location next to the shops and other amenities. The villas in these communities have private pools, gardens and built up areas.  The one things that is different about this community is that there are no high-rise buildings here. The community feels more open and less crowed.

Professional and families choose to live and work in Dubai silicon Oasis due to the convenience of transport to work, availability of shops, supermarkets, healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Dubai Silicon Oasis is more than 90% occupied with almost all the projects been built. When it comes to a favourite residential location for expats, Barsha Villas is very popular due to its location which is in close proximity to schools and hospitals.

A first of its kind integrated sports city project was launched in Dubai back in 2004 called Dubai Sports City. This project is surrounded with sports venue and sporting academies. Some of the main venues in the locality are:

-Dubai International Stadium

-18 Hole Golf Course

-International Cricket Council


Dubai Sports City(DSC) is a community that many would call “JUST PERFECT”. The residential community is divided in three:

  • Canal Residence
  • Victory Heights
  • Gallery Villas

With spacious apartments and villas to quality educational institutions, DSC is one of the sought after residential communities in Dubai.


Dubai Sports City is not just about affordable residential accommodation as it hosts many luxury villas and apartments like the Fortuna Village Development. Another luxury villa project in Dubai Sports city is Marbella Village which will have gorgeous villas and townhouses.


Dubai Sports city provides its residents with a peaceful residential community surrounded in greenery with waterfront homes. The residential apartments are connected with internally created roads as well as walkways and jogging paths. With many popular venues like

  • Dubai Autodrome
  • International Media Production Zone

Residential communities like the Arabian Ranches and International City nearby. Dubai Sports City is the most suitable residential accommodation one could get.

Dubai has become one of the main stopovers for the international flights connecting the planet from one end to the other. This has made Dubai a favourite destination for tourists to visit on their travels around the world. The tourism boom created opportunities for investors from around the world to exploit the business opportunities in the city. Analysing this growth in the Dubai Economy, the Dubai government has put in a lot of planning into making the city a hub for tourism and logistics.


Dubai World Central District is part of Dubai Governments efforts to create a world class city with residential, logistics, commercial and tourism aspects all put in to one mega real estate projects. This project aims at being a one stop solution spanning across 240000 sqm for all the future needs Dubai might have regarding commercial, logistics and residential requirements. Dubai world central is perfectly located in the heart of the city to make it easily accessible.


Dubai World Central has six districts each aimed at satisfying a variety of needs like investment, business venture, logistics, residentials and commercial requirements.


The six cities in Dubai World Central:

  • Logistics city
  • Residential city
  • Commercial city
  • Golf city
  • Aviation city
  • Al Maktoum International Airport


Logistics City


It is located within close proximity of the Al Maktoum Airport, Jebel Ali Port and free zone. With top of the class supply chain, transport facilities and logistical capacity of 12 million tons of air cargo it is aimed at redefining logistics for the entire world.


Residential city


This residential community is aimed at the middle-income residents of Dubai working in the aviation community. The apartment available in this community range from studio to 2-bedroom apartments. These apartments are completed with quality workmanship equipped with modern interiors and like textured ceilings and teak wood door frames. Residential projects from developers are coming up in residential city like the Indigo Spectrum I and II.



Commercial City


Commercial city is dedicated towards office spaces and Hotels. The development of the locality is strictly based on the Dubai World Central design requirements. The offices spaces been built in this city are expected to accommodate more than 100,000 people. These office spaces here suitable for a wide variety of businesses to be established. There are more than 20 hotel towers which include 5-star and 3-star hotels. There are plots available in the area for further development.


Golf City


With an 18 hole golf course which has a huge practice area, traditional desert links, lush green lawns, club house, restaurants and Pro Shop, Dubai Golf City has put Dubai on the map as one of the sought after golfing destinations in the world. There are 5000 freehold residential units which include villas and apartments. These residential units are on the back of the Arabian Canal project by Nakheel Builders along the district border just six kilometres away from the airport.


Aviation City


Dubai being one of the logistical hub has a lot of demands in the aviation sector. The Aviation city is capable of catering to this demand which costs more than US$ 30 Billion.  Its strategic location near the Al Maktoum International Airport has brought in many aviation MRO organisations to set up shop.


Dubai World Central is truly a well planned, well executed mega real estate project which can be considered as the model for the future of real estate development.

Dubai is popular for undertaking mega projects in every sector. Dubailand is one of the mega projects specifically designed to be the world’s largest Leisure and entertainment destination. The developers have currently planned for real estate development of more than 250 square kilometre. Announced on 23rd October 2003, the mega project is nearing its completion. This development will host 45 mega projects and 200 sub projects. With part of the projects already finished like the residential community of Dubai Sports city where some residential properties having breath-taking views of the Golf Course , the community is gaining demand the residential real estate market. With massive theme parks, sporting venues, residential communities and other attractions planned, Dubailand once completed will be one of a kind entertainment destination in the world.



Dubailand attracts more than 10 million visitors a year from around the world with fun filled attractions like motor racing in the Motor city, shopping at Dubai Outlet Mall and cultural activities at Global Village. This influx of visitors is set double once the project is complete and the developers are well prepared for the increasing number of visitors every year.




Dubailand apart from being an entertainment destination in Dubai, the developers have also focused on residential communities. With more than 80,000 people residing in the Dubailand district, the upcoming community has planned for a wide range of accommodation facilities equipped with all the modern amenities one could ask for. The community has villas and affordable apartments with golf course views ready for residents to move in. The luxurious villas constructed in the district have Mediterranean, Spanish architectural blend. The residential options available in the district can cater to the needs of home buyers with different budgets. These residential properties are surrounded with every amenity one could ask for like supermarkets, schools entertainment attractions and sporting venues for people in any age group.



Apart from being a tourist destination, Dubailand district has become a hotspot for real estate investors. The investment opportunities in this mega project are expected to bring in great returns for the investors. This makes every investor around wanting a piece of the action in the Dubailand investment opportunity. Many residential communities have come up in the district as a result of massive investments pouring in from around the world. Some of the communities in Dubailand District are:


  • Al Barari
  • Al Waha Villas
  • Dubai Sports City
  • Layan Community
  • Remraam Community
  • The Palmarosa
  • Wadi Walk


Dubailand also has projects like Research and Development zones, Silicon Oasis – a technology park, IMPZ – a dedicated media production zone, DIP- A business hub for investment companies etc.  Dubailand is a project which when completed will set a standard in property development for developers around the world in the coming decade.

The real estate development in Dubai has been one of the most talked about property development in the world. The city has witnesses some of the most extraordinary projects undertaken and completed in the past decade. This property development was not just in commercial sector but was seen in residential sector as well.  One of the projects developed by Emaar properties in the residential sector was the Emirates Living district. Some of the communities in this district are the Emirates Hills, The Meadows, The Springs, The Greens etc. These communities provide residential property buyers in Dubai with a range of luxurious villas and apartments. The Address Montgomerie hotel and Montgomerie Golf Club are some of the attractions in the locality. The communities in Emirates living district are highly secure with 24/7 security services providing privacy and a peaceful living environment. The views from the apartments in the communities with golf view provide the residents with a refreshing view in the morning.

The accessibility of a residential community is what a residential property buyer looks for. The Emirates living district provides the easy accessibility as it is located close enough to sheikh Zayed road and far enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city.  Emirates Living District has quality education institutions and popular shopping venues like IBN Battuta Mall and Mall of Emirates in close proximity making it a sought after residential community in Dubai.

Emirates Living District has residential properties which cater to the needs of the CEO’s and billionaires as well as the real estate buyers looking for affordable properties.

Emirates living district has properties available for wide range of buyers. The properties are basically divided into three categories:

  • High end – Emirates Hills
  • Medium to High end – The Lakes and The Meadows
  • Medium – The Springs and The Greens


Emirates hills are aimed at the super wealthy whereas The Springs and The Greens are the affordable medium range properties with villas and townhouses. The Meadows and The Lakes are the medium to high end properties aimed at business executives. The properties range from 3-bedroom to lavish 6-bedroom villas. Often referred to as the ‘Beverly Hills OF Dubai’ the properties in Emirates living district are popular among the real estate enthusiast in Dubai. The locality has amenities like swimming pools and gyms available for each community along with quality educational institutions, good restaurants and cafes, shopping malls, supermarkets, healthcare facilities etc.

Dubai government has ensured that all their real estate property development is eco-friendly. This lead to the development of Green Community a community dedicated to eco- friendly lifestyle enthusiast. The architecture design in every building is environmentally conscious which compliments the community’s green surrounding. The community is highly secure with security service available 24/7. It is one of the sought after residential locations by families in Dubai due to its connectivity with the rest of the city via the city bus and the availability of amenities like supermarkets, malls, lakes, parks, swimming pools gyms, tennis courts, basketball courts and volley ball courts. The two hotels nearby are The Marriott courtyard, Premier Inn and Armada Hotel.

The connectivity of Green Community with the rest of Dubai is through a public transport bus to Ibn Battuta Metro Station. For a resident of Green community owning a care would be convenient but a taxi is never far away. A half an hour will get the resident to Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai World Central.

The availability of children’s garden, onsite kindergarten and numerous has made this community the most sought after residential location by families. The properties available in Green Community consist of luxury villas, townhouses and a variety of various sized apartments for a 90 year leasehold.

Developed by Nakheel, International City is one of the most sought after residential locations by the expats. It is easily accessible from the heart of the city through public transport with many bus routes going through the city. International City is spread over more than 1900 acres of land.  There are grocery stores and other amenities available very close to the locality. The community has been developed in clusters. They are:

  • French
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Morocco
  • England
  • China
  • Persia
  • Greece
  • Emirates

Each cluster is designed to represent different ethnicities from around the world. The architecture in the community have a blend of ethic community it is named after. There are residential apartments ranging from studios to 2-bedroom units with all the basic amenities one could ask for like grocery shops and leisure activity venues.

The community has districts specifically designed to cater to purposes like residential, commercial, recreational and business.  The main divisions in International city are Dubai Design Centre, Forbidden City, Lake District, Dragon Mart Complex, Central District and Residential District.

The Dubai Gates or Dubai Design Centre has hotels and exhibitions which provide the perfect place for exhibitors in Dubai to showcase their products to a massive diverse audience and a quality residential option nearby.

A replica of the Forbidden city in China, the forbidden city in International city is spread across 2583338 sqft and is been specifically designed to attract tourist. It is developed by the developers to have museums and performing courts and residential units when completed.

The residential needs of the community is fulfilled by The Residential City. It has residential facilities, commercial spaces, medical centres, post office etc to make the life of resident as comfortable as possible. The residential city has ten sub division like Emirates, China, Russian, France, England, Morocco, Spain, Greece and Persia.

The developers have designed the Central District specifically designed to cater to the commercial needs of Dubai retailers looking for a space to establish their business in a community with good business opportunities.  The Central District have plots available for individual developer to construct buildings based on the guideline set by the master developers.

Dubai has many big shopping centres to satisfy the needs of its residents looking to shop for quality products. International City has one of those projects called Dragon Mart Complex. Launched on the 7th of December Dragon Mart is spread across 120 acres of land which provides a huge commercial space for traders of china to sell their products to African and Middle Eastern Markets. It has been a sought-after location for Chinese tradesman to showcase their products in the UAE. Dragon Mart offers a wide range of products from the Chinese manufacturers like electrical appliances, Stationery items, textiles, toys etc.

With increasing demand for residential communities in Dubai, the developers have created The Lake District which is 247 acres of land specifically designed to home residential and entertainment based facilities. With more than 20 apartment buildings housing units ranging from studio to 3-bedroom duplexes and amenities like restaurants, retail shops, boating etc The lake District is perfect for people looking for peaceful and attractive residential communities in Dubai.

Dubai has created many one of a kind projects over the years and International City is one them. A city within a city that can cater to the needs of a multi-cultural community the unique aspect of International City which has made it a sought after residential community among the expat families.

Jumeirah Beach Residence is one of the residential communities in Dubai Marina. Jumeirah Beach Residence(JBR) is popular among families as one of the best residential locations in Dubai. JBR residential community offers a beachfront living with everything a family would need like a retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, medical centres, day-care centres, secure playground areas, fitness clubs, beauty salons, banks and cinemas.  The resident gets to all this apart from the beach, swimming and sun bathing. What more can they ask for?

JBR is well connected through the Dubai tram which connects the residents to Dubai Metro and the Palm Monorail. The two metro stations catering to the passengers in Dubai Marina are Damac Properties and Jumeirah Lake Towers. This connectivity of JBR through the Dubai public transport keeps the residents well connected with the rest of Dubai. Although JBR has easy access to Dubai Tram and metro RTA taxis are never far away. The cabs are always available at the nearest metro stations.

JBR is a family friendly residential community. A family can have a day out in Jumeirah Beaches with activities like playing volleyball or water sports or they could go shopping with open air shopping malls and outdoor cinema available at a close distance.

A project nearing its completion in Jumeriah Beach Residence is the Bluewater islands. It will host the world tallest Ferris wheel standing at 210 m.

Jumeirah Beach Residence is one of the most sought after residential community in Dubai right now. This demand ensures that the properties in the locality are handover to the owners with quality finish. Along with the quality finish the residents enjoy world class hotels around the area. The apartments in the area range from studio to 4-bedroom spacious apartments.

Dubai has become an icon for property development. From creating high rise building to man-made islands, Dubai has done it and is doing it all. Jumeirah Islands is a group of 50 man-made islands grouped together on an artificial lake. The project needs millions of gallons of recycled sea water been pumped in out of the artificial lake daily. Jumeirah Islands is the World’s largest inland manmade due to its land to water ratio of 23:77.


The Community

Developed by Nakheel, Jumeirah island is one of the most luxurious residential real estate development in Dubai and around the world. Out of the 50 manmade islands, 46 are residential with 16 villas in each island. Apart from residential properties, the community also has restaurants, retail stores, club houses for the residents to enjoy. The remaining 4 islands have affordable deluxe apartments and Jumeirah village retail area. The islands are well equipped with all the amenities like gym, community gardens, open air entertainment areas etc. The residents of Jumeriah Island live in the lap of luxury with anything they could ask available nearby. Located close to entertainment venues, retail shops and renowned schools in Dubai the Jumeirah islands are easily accessible.




There are more than 700 unique and well-equipped villas in the 46 residential islands. All of them are equipped with swimming pools and garden area and designed to be family oriented. The villas are well furnished designed in such a way that the air flows through the structure and keeps it naturally cool. The unit range from 4-bedroom to 5- bedroom villas with a max area of 7200 sqft. These villas are designed to satisfy a wide range of home buyers.


The different themes of Jumeirah Islands are:

  • Oasis
  • Islamic
  • European
  • Mediterranean


The Oasis theme represents greenery in the middle of a desert with Egyptian and Mexican and Dubai architecture designs available for the buyers. The villas with Oasis theme will have plants all around it to resemble a natural sanctuary idea.



The Islamic theme represents Islamic culture in the 18th century mixed with modern architecture.  The design will depict Ottoman, Mumluki, Abbasi and Moroccan architecture. The villas with Islamic themes will have floral pattern of Islamic tile.



The European theme represents a lot of French architecture in the 17th century. The rhythmic and conical forms of floral arrangements. The architectural design will depict Italian, Spanish and Venetian. The European theme gives the villas a calm and quiet atmosphere.


The Mediterranean theme villas represent Spanish and French architectural designs with olive and palm tree cultivated gardens landscaped in Italian style.  The Costa del Sol styled villas with terraces extending out in to the gardens are seen in the Mediterranean theme.


The Jumeriah Islands have become a sought after residential location for billionaires and CEO’s from around the world who have established their business in Dubai. This is due to the accessibility of Jumeirah Islands with all the business hubs in Dubai. The waterfront the properties in Jumeirah Islands are more expensive than the properties which don’t.

This is the most well places residential property in Dubai with three lakes surrounding the community. They are

-Lake Almas West

-Lake Almas East

-JLT Lake

Initially there was a Lake Zafeer as well, but it was later decided to be drained for a 55000-m park to be set up in the area.  This make this a wonderful community to live in. With lakes and open areas available for residents regardless of whether they are families or single people. The area provides facilities for the residents to walk and jog apart form this there are play areas and basketball courts. When it is coming to amenities in the buildings, they are equipped everything a resident might ask for whether it is restaurants or beauty parlour or even dry cleaners, there is a provision nearby. This is unlike anything available in Dubai right now.


Jumeriah Lake Towers is very well connected with the rest of the city, thanks to Dubai’s Public transport system. Jumeirah Lake Towers has a Metro station along with a station for the tram. It is easily accessible through sheikh Zayed Road and Al khail Road. Apart from the Jumeirah Lake Tower metro Station, the Damac Properties Metro also offers a quick access to the community.


The Jumeriah Lake Towers is not aimed for one specific group of residents, but is suitable for pretty much every property investor out there. The parks, walkways, and lakes make it suitable for families and the restaurants and cafés have created an ambience that the young professionals will enjoy.


The entire community consist of 79 buildings separated in clustered into groups of three and from A to Z. These clusters have their own waterfront that has all the amenities like shops, cafes, restaurants etc. The community is basically residential apartments with a handful of hotels. Among these 79 buildings Green Lakes Tower and Al Seef Tower are apartments sought after by foreigners. Due to the demand these apartments are on the higher end of the real estate market. These apartments are spacious, have great views.

There is a misconception among many that Dubai is all about high rise buildings and massive malls but that is not true and there is something in this city for everybody.

The residents of Dubai are often in a dilemma on whether to pick a house in the city or on the outskirts. This is because not everyone likes the rush and busy life in the city. That said, city life is not all bad there are advantages to living in city as well.

The advantages of living in Jumeirah Park are listed below:

  1. Spacious House


Property buyers usually assume that the houses in the city have less space and living it will feel crowded. They tend to opt for houses in the suburbs get a better deal in terms of space in the house.


Jumeirah Park offers the suburban lifestyle for the buyers who are looking for a calm and quiet residential community in the city. A Buyer can choose from either a 3 or 4-bedroom villa that has an awesome front and back yard.


  1. The company


Often buyers before buying a house, worry about what the neighbourhood will be like and the type of company they are going to have living next to them. Jumeirah park has natural landscapes, clean air and a community where everybody wants to live.


  1. Education


Quality education is a what everyone wants for their kids. The Jumeirah Park community is surrounded with quality schools to from for their kids’ education.



  1. Comfort


The one thing everybody wants from a house is comfort. Jumeirah Park is located perfectly at a convenient distance from the shops, restaurants and malls that a resident might want to


  1. Amenities


The reason why residential property buyers head to suburbs is for the calm and quiet environment and with every requirement of their fulfilled within a convenient distance from home.


Jumeirah parks can offer you the exact same experience but in a city like Dubai. Now that’s a good Deal!

Once a desert, Dubai has emerged into a green paradise with skyscrapers and beautiful residential communities. One such community is Jumeirah Village Circle which has been the sought after residential location by families and young professionals. Jumeirah Village Circle(JVC) has been on demand in terms properties being bought or leased because it is close to the Expo 2020 site. The locality has all the amenities one could ask for in a community like grocery stores, shops, cafes kids play areas etc. Due to the expo many new commercial spaces and restaurants are expected to arrive. With Expo 2020 in mind, Jumeirah Village Circle is a cheaper investment option when compared to the rest of the city.

Jumeirah Village Circle is well connected with the public transport of Dubai city. Also, the community is easily accessible from Al Khail RD as well as Sheikh Zayed RD. With residential communities like Dubai Sports City and Emirates Hills close by the Jumeirah Village Circle is in perfect location with luxurious golf course and good restaurants nearby. The properties in Jumeriah Village Circle are designed to cater to a wide range of property buyer with variable price range. JVC has properties starting from studios to 4-bedroom luxurious villas. JVC real estate properties are suitable for single people, professionals and families looking for a peaceful environment to live in.

Jumeriah Village Circle consist of eighteen districts. These districts have properties ranging from luxurious villas to townhouses to commercial buildings. Developed by Nakheel, with Arabic and Mediterranean style of architecture blending in the designs for the villas and townhouses been built.  The property buyers are free to request any type of modification that they may require in their future home.

Dubai has become the symbol of luxurious lifestyle. The residential communities in Dubai are redefining luxurious living one after the other. One such residential locality is Marina Emirates Living District. With custom built houses and luxurious apartments in waterfront skyscrapers. These communities in this district are gated and have 24/7 security services

Dubai Marina and Emirates living community are the two main residential communities in Marina Emirates Living District. The major free zones in Marina Emirates living District are:

  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Knowledge City
  • Media Free Zone

This district is a major factor in Dubai’s aim to become a major business and technological hub. Apart from being a business and trade hub, residential properties have been developed to accommodate the high profile talented corporate executives coming to Dubai to establish their business in the aforementioned designated zones. Some of the residential developments are:

  • Dubai Promenade
  • Discovery Gardens
  • Jumeirah Parks
  • Jumeirah Islands
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers.


Marina Emirates living District is the most sought after residential location in the UAE among expats due to its easy accessibility. The district well connected with Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram and bus routes thanks to Dubai Road and Transport Authority for the efficient implementation of city’s public transport. There are all the amenities a resident may look for like a restaurants and cafes, shops, malls supermarkets, health care facilities etc. This community is one of the posh communities in Dubai.


Marina Emirates Living District is a community many dream of living in but only few are fortunate enough to live that dream. If you are someone that is looking for an accommodation in Dubai that luxurious and is alive then Marina Emirates Living District is what you are looking for.

Launched in 2007 at the Dubai World Cup, Meydan District is one of the fastest developing communities in Dubai. Located at short distance from the Dubai Creek entrance Meydan city is perfectly positioned between Ras Al Khor and Nad Al Sheba neighbourhoods. Although the project is nearing completion, the developers were working overtime to complete the project and handover the units to the owners as soon a possible.


The name of the project has been chosen from an Arabic word with the meaning “the meeting place” aimed at representing the project as a get together of various communities coming together to live in peace and harmony. Meydan district is aimed at buyers who are looking for residential, business and sporting community in Dubai. The project developers had a hard task of creating four districts which were different from each other which could provide the buyer a suitable location to start a business, sports or a high profile cosmopolitan living area.


The four districts are:

-Meydan horizons

-Meydan Metropolis

-Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse

-Meydan Godolphin Parks



Meydan Horizons


Located in the heart of Meydan city, Meydan Horizon offers premium commercial and residential properties for interested buyers. The project will be completed in Phases which will have canals, promenades, bicycle lanes along with Marina, Meydan Gateway Towers and Horseshoe Plaza. Developers behind the Meydan project have chosen an ultra-modern architecture approach for the entire community.



Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse


Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse perfectly located in the heart of Meydan and is the host venue for the Dubai World Cup. The facility can accommodate a crowd of 60000 pulling in massive audience for the events. The project consists of

  • Stadium Houses
  • 5 Star Trackside Hotels
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Meydan Gallery and Museum
  • Imax Theatre
  • Emirates Racing Authorities Offices
  • Dubai Racing Club
  • Grand Falcon Car park for 8600 vehicles




Meydan Metropolis


Meydan Metropolis is a combination or a mix of residential, business and retail properties which is a quality that might excite an investor with specific needs. The infrastructure in Meydan Metropolis is equipped with all the latest facilities a property investor might be looking for.  The developers have put in a lot of time and effort in planning the community in order to make it suitable for entrepreneurs and resident by providing a quality space for residence as well as starting a business.



Meydan Godolphin Parks


It is a project aimed at creating a community that can provide urban facilities to the residents as well as sustain the ecology of the environment. The community hosts a 40-storey residential tower, a mall with vast spaces for retail and commercial outlets and walkways with glass walls for visitors to enjoy the river flowing through the district.  Meydan Godolphin Parks has everything a visitor or business traveller might look for when coming to Dubai.


The Meydan District project is one of the most sought-after locations by residential and commercial property buyers. This is purely because the time and effort put in by the developers to bring in everything an investor requires from a residential or a commercial property into one community.

Mirdif is one of the oldest residential districts in Dubai. Since the 90s it has housed a population consisting of Arabs, Asians and Europeans. It is spread across an area of 2000 acre of land with Dubai International Airport and Mushrif Park is close proximity. The District is divided into:

  • Uptown Mirdiff
  • Al Warqa
  • Al Khawaneej


The district has various residential options, commercial spaces and leisure facilities available for the residents. Uptown Mirdif consist of beautiful spas, restaurants, townhouses, landscape gardens and low rise apartment building with shopping centres nearby whereas Al Warqa and Al Khawaneej are purely residential properties suitable for affordable and short term accommodation.


During the 90s, Mirdif district was a sought after residential location for the expat families from the Arab, Asian and European countries. This district served as the backbone for the residential needs of communities living in Dubai back then. To accommodate the rapid development of Dubai the authorities decided to expand the district to two new communities: Sharooq Mirdif and Ghoroob Mirdif.


Ghoroob is a small community in Uptown Mirdiff. The community is easily accessible through Dubai Public transport with buses routed and metro rail nearby. It is located close to Dubai International Airport and Emirates road. Ghoroob offers luxury accommodation starting from quality studio to 3-bedroom apartments. It is one of the sought after residential locations among expats moving in to Dubai


The second community in Uptown Mirdif is Sharooq Mirdiff. With 24/7 security and spacious villas on offer which are far from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has schools, health-care facilities, shopping malls and leisure activites available in close proximity. It is easily accessible through Dubai public transport just like Ghoroob. There are residential options ranging from studios to 4-bedroom luxury villas available for people looking to move in.

The rapid development in Dubai has brought in growth in all sector including residential properties. Mirdif is one of the oldest district in Dubai and has grown with the city since the 90s. With an area of 9 sqkm the district houses all the amenities a resident might look for, like schools, shopping centres, venues for leisure activities. The Mirdif district consist of three main areas:

  • Uptown Mirdif
  • Al Warqa
  • Al Khawaneej


In order to accommodate the rapid development Uptown Mirdif was further expanded to Ghoroob and Shorooq. Due to the recent changes in real estate property ownership, the large freehold development has brought in many expats to buy property in the area. Majority of the property developments in the community have access to amenities like swimming pools, villas, gyms etc.

Mirdif is closely located to Rashidiya Metro Station which is the Red line of Dubai Metro connecting the two extreme ends of Dubai. The locality also has bus routes from various locations making it easily accessible via bus.

The community is for perfect for families with quality schools, several mosques, shopping centres and public parks in close proximity.

The residential options in the community range from studios to apartment units to luxurious four-bedroom villas. These villas are in gated community offering 24/7 security for its residents.

The Palm Islands is one of the most beautiful man-made islands ever created on this planet. The project which is almost equal to 800 football pitches was completed within a span of 6 years. The structure of the Palm Island has a 6.5 km long trunk and almost a 12-km long crescent around it which breaks the water around the island. The crescent is capable of taking on sea waves of almost 4 metres high. The Palm Jumeirah currently holds the record for the largest man-made islands ever created. The three parts of this structure are:

  • The Palm Trunk
  • The Palm Fronds
  • The Palm Crescent


The Palm Trunk connects the entire structure with the land or the coastline. Apartments with similar floor plans have been built on the trunk. All the apartments built on the trunk do not have access to the beach, only the apartments to the right side of the trunk have access. Between every two building swimming pools and gyms have been built.

The Palm Fronds is dedicated mainly for villas. There are two villa types available:

  • Garden Home or small villas
  • Signature villas or large villas


Depending on the letter and the villa number the price is determined for each villa. Higher the frond with higher number will have a higher price tag on it.


The Palm Crescent is dedicated for luxury hotels. Some of the hotels built on Palm Crescent are:

  • Kempinski Palm Jumeirah Residence
  • The Grandeur Residence
  • The Atlantis Hotel


Palm Islands are a group of upcoming projects of which Palm Jumeirah is the first to be completed. There are other similar projects coming up like Palm Jebel Ali and Deira islands which will join Palm Jumeirah in the list of the most beautiful man-made islands on earth. The Palm Jumeirah Is well connected with the city thanks to Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai and the well implemented public transport system in the city. This is one of the ultimate holiday destinations for holiday makers around.

Palm Jumeirah is an engineering Marvel. It hosts many beautiful residential Apartments and villas in it among the many other attractions on the island. The Palm Jumeirah is one of the expensive residential locations in Dubai. The island is an example of luxury on the beach. The islands picturesque landscape and ideal location create an appeal among the visitors to visit the islands again. A traveller coming to the UAE is looking to spend some time away from work in the lap of luxury and the Palm Jumeirah has exactly what a tourist is looking for. From white sandy beaches to luxurious hotel Palm Jumeirah has it all.

There is a high demand for villas in Palm Jumeirah from tourist who have visited the island on vacation and fell in love with it. The calm and quiet surroundings provide a peaceful atmosphere for a Palm Jumeirah Resident. This is what most of the property buyers look for when hunting for a residential property. Along with the peaceful environment the villas available in the peaceful communities of The Palm are uber luxurious. The influx of tourist into Palm Jumeirah has made it an investment hub for real estate investors.

The developers have put in a lot of planning into Th Palm to make sure that a visitor or tourist visiting the island enjoys the waterfront and the landscape of the islands without realising that they artificially created. The architectural commitment made by the architects involved in the in the project can be seen in the beautiful villas, the sidewalk cafes and planning of the entire island to make it as easy as possible for the visitors to navigate around the island. Palm Jumeirah is not specific to any particular type of visitors or residents. There is something for everybody in this island which makes it the place to be in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is undergoing vertical as well as horizontal growth. Innovation has become the driving factor of Dubai’s growth. The city is changing in a fast pace in a brief period. This may look like a city for the fast-moving community and not for a family to settle down but there are many communities not far from the city which can offer a calm and quiet atmosphere for families to accommodate all their needs. A resident of Dubai will definitely recognize The Meadows as it is one of the locations where everybody wants to settle down with their families in Dubai.

It is one of the most sought after residential properties wanted by the professionals and families alike because of the types of villas on offer and also because of its location in Dubai which is very close to the heart of the city, sheikh Zayed road and the business district.

The Meadow offers everything a family or a young professional or anyone in Dubai looking for a residential property can ask for. The lake view properties, beautiful streets and the greenery make The Meadow the number one choice for residential property buyers.The Meadows can offer its residents everything from schools to cafes and shopping centers making sure that when a buyer chooses The Meadow he/she does not have anything to complain about.

All around the world mankind has been chasing technology just to keep up with it, but technology has been chasing Dubai because of its fast-moving culture. This fast-moving culture in Dubai has brought in the best talents from around the world for its development. This development has created many engineering marvels in Dubai and one of them is The Palm, Jumeirah.

The Palm, Jumeirah is an artificially created man made islands which look like a Palm when looked upon from the skies. It hosts a five-star hotel, a water theme park, beautiful beaches and beach front residential properties. It is connected with the main land with roads as well as a mono rail which is connected to the Dubai Tram and Dubai Metro. This makes Palm Jumeirah accessible from anywhere in Dubai using the city’s well established public transport system.

The properties in The Palm Jumeirah are one of the most exotic residential properties one can own in the world. The owners of residential properties in The Palm Jumeirah are particular about what they own and where they own it. They are buyers looking for exclusivity. The property owners in The Palm, Jumeirah are the buyers who like to purchase properties which have elegance and luxury as the top two qualities of the property. The Palm Jumeirah hosts residential properties ranging from 3 bedrooms to 6 bedrooms villas with options to get every single thing customized according to the buyers’ requirement.

The properties in The Palm, Jumeirah also host apartment buildings with studio and penthouses available for the buyers who are in the lookout for beach view apartments. These apartments are on high demand and might not always be available for a buyer who is looking to purchase a property in The Palm, Jumeirah. So, if you find an apartment readily available in The Palm, Jumeirah then jump on it or you will lose your chance to own your dream house in Dubai.

The Palm Jumeirah is located on the coastline of Dubai in between Burj Al Arab and upcoming The Palm, Jebel Ali which puts it away from all the hustle and bustle of all the busy city life. This has given the residential properties in The Palm, Jumeirah a calm and peaceful environment for the owners to enjoy. This makes The Palm, Jumeirah a highly sought after real estate location in Dubai.

UAE has become one the hottest locations for real estate investors from around the world. This is because of the booming real estate sector in UAE. The Palm Jumeirah is one of the investment hub for investors in Dubai. Since the residential properties in The Palm, Jumeirah are the most sought after, investors are always on the lookout for a good deal in The Palm, Jumeirah.

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