Barsha Properties in Dubai – What To Look for Before Buying a Home

Barsha Properties in Dubai

Barsha Properties in Dubai – What To Look for Before Buying a Home

Barsha Properties in Dubai

Hello, homebuyers! Are you in need of comfortable residential apartments in a lovely environment to live in with your family members or you are a Dubai-based real estate investor who’s in need of an excellent investment property? Barsha properties are uniquely designed living apartments with state of the art facilities and an attractive outdoor atmosphere that makes a balanced lifestyle for residents.

With the Emirates Mall and Dubai Autodrome being the notable features in the locality, properties for sale in Al Barsha are carefully situated a newly-formed residential neighborhood with high potentials for real estate investors and homebuyers. This explains the rush for the purchase of apartments in the commercial cum suburban town.

However, buying a home in Al Barsha in Dubai requires careful planning and strategic planning. There are remarkable things to look out for before purchasing property for sale in Dubai Al Barsha there are several apartment types with different features that could be confusing for buyers.

Here are a few things you can look out for in apartments you want to purchase in Dubai Al Barsha.

The Roof of the House

When you are looking for Barsha properties to purchase, endeavor to make inquiries about when the roof was fixed and also demand the insurance cover on it. No jokes, rainfall, ice cubes, and intense sunlight can cause untold damage on the roof, especially the overlapping types. If you detect fixtures, bending and curved edges which could imply that the roof needs replacement.

If it is to be replaced soon, then you may want to look for another property for sale in al Barsha because fixing them might cost a fortune and it might not even be done adequately as it was before. Never be scared to ask questions that bother the roof because you never can tell the structural condition by merely looking at it.

Check Out The Kitchen

When looking for property for sale in Dubai al Barsha, always have it at the back of your mind that the kitchen is the most costly part of the house to refurbish. A typical kitchen rebuilding will cost you some AED 15,000. You, therefore, need to check these things out.

The cabinet is it coated or dented, hardwood or particleboard the floor as the material it is made of, tiles, concrete or laminated. Also, look out for cracks and fissures that can cost a fortune to fix.

Also, when surveying for the particular Barsha properties to buy, check out the gadget in the kitchen are those appliances hand-fabricated or factory-made? You might also prefer kitchen gadgets that match the color so look out for this.

Moreover, endeavor to check out the models of the appliance as recently-introduced models usually will not give fault. Lastly, the refrigerator is very costly to buy, so be sure it is a new one before deciding to buy the house.


The bathroom is also another part of the apartment you should inspect carefully when considering the property for sale in Dubai al Barsha to buy. To renovate an average bathroom in Al Barsha will cost thousands of AED, and of course, that will upset you and cause unnecessary disruptions for yourself and family members.

Aside from looking out for faults and fissures in the bathroom tub, toilet water closet, before buying any one property for sale in Al Barsha, look out for dripping pipes. One of the best means of determining this is to check the utility line at the back of the tub, and meticulously check the roof under the bathroom for traces of water. Know for sure that fixing faulty pipes on the topmost floor would not be pocket-friendly friendly, so look well.

Forget About How Beautiful the House Is

Anytime you are viewing Barsha properties in a bid to make a purchase, ensure that you close your eyes to the physical appearance first. You indeed will not be considering the attractive, colorful design of your house when your siesta is suddenly halted by spinal-level jolts from drips of water oozing from the cracked ceiling.

Carefully set mirrors, decidedly located lighting, inviting smells are all gimmicks that home sellers of property for sale in Dubai al Barsha employ to cover dents and make the property attractive to potential buyers, so be wary of this fact. While it is true that the attractiveness and appeal of a home are relevant, either now or sometime in the future, its relevance will diminish, and then, it is the functionality of the house that will count.

When you spot a waterlogged wall or wet ceiling in any Barsha properties you intend purchasing, you should reconsider your stand, as it might be indicating leaking pipes or errors in the foundation layout. Fissures in the wall that is still progressing or stable at a point and such issues of house moving can mar the house’s functionality.

Hire a Professional to Evaluate the House

The fact that you were contented when you went to inspect the property for sale in Dubai Al Barsha does not mean that you should go for the property. A personal home inspection is not sufficient for a reason to buy that house because there’s a limit to the technicalities that your five senses can sniff out as a layman.

It is essential that you get an expert to conduct a thorough check of the property for sale in Al Barsha before concluding. Again, make sure that you ask for the engineering and electrical plans. These drawings will give you a clue of how to fix minor electrical and plumbing works whenever they come up.

Look at The Surrounding

As much as we are considering buying Barsha properties, the home itself, it is very paramount that the environment is aesthetically pleasing and family-friendly. Should you have small kids or would like to throw parties, ensure that the outdoor space available can contain it.

It is good to ensure that the parking lots are sufficient to contain your cars, that there aren’t any unusual structures or construction industries. Also, look out for how heavy the traffic is, you do not want to spend hours on the road. Again, if the home is located close to the bar it can be noisy and disturb your peace, so watch it.

Lastly, inspect the gutters and see that they are in excellent condition. Ask to know the closest bus or metro station, shopping mall and other conveniences. How far they are to the property for sale in Dubai al Barsha will help your decision on whether or not to buy. The security of the neighborhood is also important, so make sure it is not a volatile area, otherwise, you might just have to leave the apartment overnight if it is not safe enough.


Dubai Al Barsha properties are a new residential development in a growing part of Dubai that is prominent for hospitality facilities. It is a perfect location for purchasing villas and flats if you want to live in a serene, yet lively part of Dubai. However, it is crucial that you check out some features of the house you will buy before committing your cash to it. This article has highlighted some of those things to look for.


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