Some of the Best Apartments in Dubai Marina

Best Apartments in Dubai Marina

Some of the Best Apartments in Dubai Marina

Buying an apartment in Dubai is now easier than ever. With new developments on the rise, finding and buying the dream apartment is not impossible anymore.

When it comes to Dubai Marina, it is a hot-spot for people all around the globe. Expats are always ready to spend the cash on a highly luxurious apartment in this area. The plush lifestyle, the unhindered waterfront view and the amenities attract people to a great extent. There are many apartment buildings, but to find the best apartment buildings in Dubai Marina, one needs to have proper knowledge of the whole area and a list of things one exactly needs to have a satisfied living here.

To help those who want to know about the best apartments in Dubai Marina, here is a list showcasing the 4 best apartment buildings in Dubai Marina:


  1. The Dubai Marina Towers

The Dubai Marina Towers is one of the most famous residential addresses of Dubai.  It is mainly popular among couples and families alike. It is claimed as the jewel of the Marina and the first towers that were developed and built initially in Dubai Marina Phase 1.

So, the oldest and the most valuable property! The apartments feature 1-5 BHK units and 3-4 bedroom villas which come equipped with top quality materials and luxury finishes along with extremely good amenities. The rentals and prices go a bit high but the quality it offers is top-notch.


One can expect gardens, outdoor children’s play areas, outdoor games and courts, swimming pools, gyms, health centers, spas, 24×7 security and maintenance.


One can expect prices starting from Dh 1.2m for a 1 BHK apartment to Dh 3m and above for a 3-BHK apartment. One can also rent here. Prices for rentals starts from Dh 90000 for a 1-BHK to Dh 300000 and above for a 4 bed apartment!


With the Marina Walk just adjacent to it, there are mainly 6 towers named after precious stones and fragrances: Murjan, Fairooz, Anbar, Yass, Al Mass and Mesk. The residents here can have a great sea view along with sun-kissed beaches all the year round. Thanks to the Marina Walk, residents are privileged with ample retail and dining options as well. The location is also convenient in terms of connectivity to the mainland as there is a metro station just a few steps away. So, if anybody is looking for one of the best apartment buildings in Dubai Marina,  he or she should look at the Dubai Marina Towers.

  1. Marina Promenade

The Marina Promenade is one of the most exclusive communities in Dubai Marina. This premium residential enterprise is basically a 6- tower development which comprises 1 BHK to 3 BHK apartments. The development also features luxurious villas as well.


Just like any other property in Dubai Marina, the Marina Promenade also offers superior facilities to its residents. Though everything is not same here, the development offers certain things in their own style. There are beautiful well maintained swimming pools, gyms and well equipped fitness centers, playing courts, lounges for both business and leisure, 4 levels of parking, fully furnished apartments etc.



Prices generally start at an average of 1m for a 1 BHK apartment and goes to 3-4m for a 3 BHK apartment. Rentals are also available here and start at Dh 80000 for a 1 BHK and Dh 2000000 for a 3 BHK respectively. The higher one goes in terms of storey, the prices gets higher.


With ample residential options available in Dubai Marina, the Marina Promenade stands out for their top quality facilities in terms of luxurious finishes, fully-equipped kitchen and the location which is extremely scenic. For the fun-lovers, this development offers the best in class, as the Dubai Marina Mall and the Dubai Yacht Club is just around the corner. There are many developments going on beside the Dubai Promenade, thus increasing the value of the property even higher!


  1. Ocean Heights

Ocean Heights is a standalone high riser featuring 84-storeys with 1 BHK to 3 BHK apartments and luxurious penthouses.


One can never go wrong with the amenities in this community. It provides state of the art infrastructure with pools and a proper leisure deck. There are spas, barbecue areas, play areas, du connectivity and what not!. Believe it or not there are over 600 parking spaces as well.


Prices hover around Dh 700000 to DH 3-4m for 1 BHK to 3 BHK apartments respectively. The penthouses start at around Dh 6-7m.

Rentals however start at Dh 60000 for 1 BHK and goes upto Dh 180000 for a 3 bed apartment. Rentals for penthouses start at around Dh 300000.


Ocean Heights should appeal to families and young couples who are seeking a luxurious life. The interior finishes are top notch and are designed to ooze sheer luxury from every corner. Overall, the rooms are spacious with floor to ceiling windows which offers stunning views of the beach and the sea. Considering the quality available here, the price is justifiable. It is by far one of the best apartments in Dubai Marina!


  1. Park Island


Last but not the least, the Park Island is a 4 tower residential development featuring 1 BHK, 2 BHK and even 3 BHK units ranging from 700 to 4000 sq. ft. in size. The towers are named as Blakely, Fairfield, Bonaire, and Sanibel respectively.



One can expect swimming pools, du connectivity, play areas, barbeque areas, gardens, 24×7 security and maintenance, designer finishes, well-equipped kitchens, spacious rooms and a whole lot more.



At an average, for a 1 BHK unit it starts around Dh 8000000 and goes upwards of Dh 2100000 for a 3 BHK unit.

Rentals are available here as well and start at Dh 60000 for a 1 bed apartment and goes upto 210000 for a 3 bed one.


Overall, the apartments here offer a very spacious layout, with great interiors and a stunning view of the Palm Jumeirah. Unlike other locations in Dubai Marina, one can expect quite easy access during the weekends. There are salons, cafes, various retails outlets and supermarkets as well.



So, here are the 4 best apartments in Dubai Marina in terms of luxury, convenience, amenities and price. If anyone is looking to buy the best apartments in Dubai Marina, he or she should check these developments for sure!


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