Business Bay Apartments – Choosing an Investment Property

Business Bay Apartments

Business Bay Apartments – Choosing an Investment Property

Business Bay Apartments

Central office to some top-rated companies based in the MENA zone, the Business Bay worth merely the reputation. The business town is intensely well-designed and suitable for all manners of businesses. The city also incorporates residential land uses and has the business bay apartments which offer a good view of the Dubai Water Way and Dubai’s central city.

If you purchase one of the apartments for sale in business bay, Dubai you will undoubtedly benefit from the high need for residential apartments from businesspeople working in the business district. The cost of renting a studio apartment in the business Bay could be as much as AED 80,000 per year, further adducing to the Bay’s fame.

Presently, business bay apartments for sale went for around AED 2.7 million, while the rent could be as much as 6.2%, as such the Business Bay is a very affluent neighborhood.

Choosing a Property in Business Bay

Business bay apartments for sale located in a neighborhood that offer a fantastic and incredible workplace and even a superb location to reside. Almost anyone who has sufficient money can buy an apartment in the Business Bay, which is dominated by specially built structures comprising office buildings and residential apartments.

The business bay apartments are unique, and they could even be described as homes that are perfect enough to be featured in a sci-fi film. Given the swift growth pace and humongous potentials to attain a status of a city that draws population from all walks of life for business transactions, doing work and recreating, Business Bay has got all the necessary concepts.

Apartments for sale in business bay Dubai are merely the most prevalent types of houses in a lot of the skyscrapers that are predominant in the Business Bay district. We have more than ten towers in all with all kinds of apartments from studio homes to 1 bedroom flat, two-bedroom flat and three-bedroom flats ready to be sold.

Of course, there are some business bay apartments for sale that give diverse scenic views of Dubai’s central business district and the renown Burj Khalifa and some other vital places in Dubai. Additionally, they are also unique in their architectural design and interior finishing.

Perhaps you are considering pairing up in your apartments with some other people, or yours is a large family that needs spacious apartments, there are excellent and roomy 4-room flats in the Bay, only that you need to be confident that you are not running afoul of Dubai cohabitation rules when pairing up in a flat.

Business bay apartments for sale are situated in a locality that boasts several hotels with very prominent ones like JW Marriott Marquis and Oberoi. The Bay also has some business bay apartments for sale, which are good investment properties because their value is likely to increase when Dubai hosts the World Trade Fair in 2020.

Indeed, Dubai is a very popular tourist destination, so just about any investor buying the Dubai business bay apartments can only hope for positive returns.

Is it Worth It to Invest in Business Bay Apartments?

Of course, it surely is worth the while to invest in Business Bay apartments.  Perhaps you are an expatriate who desires to own a flat in Dubai; you may proceed to purchase an apartment in the Business Bay district as the area is marked as freehold. You can buy the apartment to reside, or you can operate it as an investment property.

Since residential apartments are very much needed in the Business Bay, it is straightforward to fill the gap by purchasing apartments for sale in business bay Dubai in the locality. If you are an expatriate who does not have a UAE stay visa, once you are buying an apartment in Business Bay whose value is more than 1 million AED, you will automatically be given a visa. Although the regulatory commission will have to look through the process before granting the visa, it adds to the benefits of purchasing a real estate in the Business Bay District.

Dubai’s Business Bay is as well an exclusive location as it is a little bit far from the Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s central city, as such the price of business bay apartments in the locality is not at all expensive. The hustle and bustle of Dubai’s downtown are not present, but it still has sufficient bubbling activities to give the feel of a lively neighborhood.

Besides, it is properly linked to Al Khail and Sheikh Zayed RD; a few minutes drive away to the world’s biggest shopping center and tallest building. Also, it is also close to Safa Park and Palm Jumeirah, and after all, location is an essential factor in determining the value business bay apartments for sale.

Why Should I Purchase an Apartment in Dubai Business Bay

It is a Self-sufficient City

Buying an apartment for sale in business bay Dubai is directly investing in the most crucial part of the Middle East. The residential apartments, office buildings, and other business zones that constitute the Bay are self-reliant on their own even before coming together as the Business Bay.

Located very close to the world’s highest building, Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Business Bay is an attractive investment location for big commercial establishments seeking spacious offices and youths, married people and organizations who are in need of business bay apartments that can give the best scenic view and in a good neighborhood.

Ease of Moving In and Out

Dubai Business Bay is accessible from all parts of the city, bordered by two biggest motorways in Dubai; the Zayed motorway and Al Khail motorway. The business bay apartments for sale in Dubai are very close to the airport, Dubai Media City and Dubai Marina. It is also close to the rail station so that commuting in and out of the apartment is quite easy.

Possibilities of Getting Profit on Apartment Bought

A lot of the renowned enterprises that are working within the MENA zone have their head offices in Dubai Business Bay. As such, the neighborhood has been designed to contain the demands of both the people residing in the locality and those working there as well. The neighborhood’s occupancy rate is excellent, so buying business bay apartments will undoubtedly yield a significant profit on the investment.

Available data show that Dubai is currently the 23rd city that has the highest number of offices in the whole world, and the business bay is among the primary locations that offer business office spaces for entrepreneurs.

When you purchase an apartment for sale in business bay Dubai, you will most probably have a working-class or at least a newly-formed family as occupants. As the Expo 2020 bid has been made, efforts have been made in fostering Business Bay, as such, it is a place that can be invested in for specific rewards.


Business bay apartments are residential flat located in the predominantly commercial nerve of Dubai city. Due to the massive influx of people who move in and out daily to do business in the neighborhood, coupled with the high demand for houses and office spaces, it is a suitable investment location.


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