Buy Dubai Villa – How to Make a Genuine Purchase

Buy Dubai Villa

Buy Dubai Villa – How to Make a Genuine Purchase

Buy Dubai Villa

Have you just resolved to buy Dubai villa after discovering how advantageous a landed property in Dubai can be?

In recent times, Dubai has come to be an appealing location for foreign investors and expatriates alike. Moreover, thanks to the new property laws,  foreigners have the privilege to transact in Dubai property market. As it stands, it is quite easy to buy a landed property, if you have the money.

To a foreigner, buying a villa in Dubai may appear to be a mirage and of course, entirely involved a process, one that is laced with so many barriers that can frustrate a first-time buyer. Nonetheless, you needn’t see it with that spectacle. It is not as complicated as it appears.

If you intend to buy Dubai house, this article is a guide to help you make a reasonable purchase either as a first-time buyer or even as an expert.

Buying a villa in Dubai for Expats

Are you a foreigner in Dubai who has always dreamed of buying Dubai villa? It will interest you to know that property purchasing process in Dubai is relatively straightforward concerning most other countries of the world. However, there are certain things to know before making a purchase.

Firstly, you need to comprehend the home buying process in Dubai. Here, the property can be bought directly from a developer or from a private seller who is reselling it. As an expatriate, if you are buying straight up from a developer, you will be asked to table your passport alongside a reservation form where the terms and conditions of the deal will be spelled out.

After that, you need to reflect on why you want to buy up the property. Are you buying it for owner occupation or as an investment to yield an expected return in future times? Decisions on this will have a telling effect on the type of property to be purchased.

Also, as an expatriate who wants to buy Dubai villa, you need to have the property surveyed. Professional Estate Surveyor will help you determine the actual cost of the property and this will eliminate the possibilities of ripping you by fraudulent developers.

Things to note if you want to buy a villa in Dubai Palm Island

If you are going to buy Dubai villa and you so desire it to be on the Palm Island, then you must be prepared to spend some money. Nevertheless, these come with its rewards, both tangible and intangible ones. For instance, it may gladden your heart to know that you will get to see breathtaking views, a beautiful scene created by blue waters, large and spacious gardens and opulent interiors.

The homes on Palm Jumeirah are especially symbols of luxury. The Palm Jumeirah happens to be the very first artificial island in Dubai. It is shaped like a palm tree and spans a massive 6.5km into the Arabian Sea. It is flanked by the renowned Atlantis resort, and it is presently a dream home to thousands of people. This luxurious island has hotels, apartments and luxurious villas. You will like to stay there. Also, other properties you will find at Dubai Palm Island are Balqis Residence, Signature Villa Frond, Viceroy Signature Residences, Garden Homes Frond, Kempinski Residence, Dream Palm Residences among others.

The bottom line is that buying a villa in Dubai Palm Island will offer you luxuries, but you should be ready to spend some money.

“I hope to buy a villa in Dubai Palm!” Then carefully consider the process

Do you Want to buy a villa in Dubai Palm? Then you need to know that the Dubai palm is an economic nerve with an evolving property culture which originated from the massive constructions in the whole city in recent past. It appears new buildings are emerging daily, more gigantic and sophisticated than the previous ones. Most expatriates and visitors alike see Dubai Palm as a place they can invest in landed property for myriads of reasons, which straddles the location and the likelihood of capital expansion.

The property market in the Dubai Palm surely has many types of property to fit most desires and purses. If you want to buy Dubai villa in the palm, you can get houses directly from homeowners, and you can as well go as far as purchasing million-dollar properties from big-time property companies. The choice is solely yours. In all, you need to understand your purchasing power and the necessary government prerequisites to scale even before committing your capital at all.

For instance, Dubai Government has a threshold deposit criteria and as well as a ceiling on the gross loan concerning your income. All this will have a telling effect on the property type you can opt for in Dubai palm. Also, to get a mortgage to buy property in Dubai palm from banks, you will be asked to tender your passport, proof of residence,  proof of address, salary certificate and statement of account for some three to six months.

In most cases, these mortgages must be serviced between 15 to 25 years, and payment must be made in installment on a monthly basis, and your mortgage can only be granted if it is not more than 35% of your monthly income.

Do You Want to Buy a villa in Dubai Marina? Here are helpful tips

You have decided to buy Dubai villa and need to know something about the market condition in Dubai Marina? You should know that purchasing properties in Dubai Marina can be quite tasking and it is a decision that should be thoroughly scrutinized, lest you regret it afterward.

Firstly, you need to do a little research. Do some research work on the places you would love to live in the Marina and then, the type of property you will want to buy up. It is imperative you spell out details of what you want in the house, say the number of bedrooms, how significant the kitchen must be and other details.

Besides, buying a villa in Dubai Marina demands that you figure out the type of home you want to buy? Is it going to be a tenement building, a condominium, a flat, mansion or an entire neighborhood? All this exists in Dubai Marina, so you need to choose which you want to buy.

Moreover, you need to consider your budget. Houses in Dubai Marina are of the luxurious sort, and they cost a fortune. You need to plan and evaluate your purse before closing in on anyone property type. With these guidelines, you should have a smooth transaction when you want to buy Dubai villa.


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