Should You Buy Flat In Dubai Marina? The Answer May Surprise You!

Buy Flat In Dubai Marina

Should You Buy Flat In Dubai Marina? The Answer May Surprise You!

Where is Dubai Marina?


The Dubai Marina is one of the most sought-after areas in the Dubai property market and if you want to buy flat in Dubai Marina you should do it soon.  There are some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers in the vicinity, it is one of the most affluent residential neighborhoods of Dubai and is an exciting urban mix of residential and commercial, with flats, shops, hotels, markets and of course, all the extraordinary cutting-edge skyscrapers.  The area is also known as New Dubai, filled with astonishing architecture, a beautiful Marina, fabulous beaches, the magnificent ocean, the well-known Dubai Marina Mall and a great walkway and fabulous nightlife.


Why would you buy flat in Dubai Marina?


If you want views, you should buy flat in Dubai Marina.  If you want urban, but combined with water, beach, walkways, bright lights and glitz and glamour, you should buy a property in the area.  Also, if you want an address that is unrivaled in Dubai, you should buy flat in Dubai Marina.  Some of the best real estates in Dubai are in this area.  An apartment or flat is the choice of accommodation for young up and coming professionals, smaller families, established families, retired couples and foreign visitors.  The area is filled with entertainment for kids, teens, and adults, the community is friendly and there is something here for everyone.  The Dubai Marina is always filled with people, both local and international, young and old, single or in families, and it can be busy and bustling but if you live in the area, it is also quiet and peaceful.


Its a lifestyle choice, to buy flat in Dubai Marina


Flat lifestyle is the choice for many these days.  A flat in Dubai means that your upkeep is low.  You can literally leave your flat, lock up and go.  You don’t have to worry about security.  If you are looking for an easy lifestyle, then look to buy flat in Dubai Marina.  Living in a flat means that somebody else must worry about maintenance and upkeep.  You can lead a life of ease, living in a tall building with a beautiful view, taking in all the beauty, the bright lights and the modern lifestyle of Dubai, without having to worry about anything.  And if you are looking for a weekend place or a foreign investment, you should buy flat in Dubai Marina. There is something very attractive and exciting about living in a flat in the Dubai Marina, owning something in the heart of an area that is in great demand.


What is in Dubai Marina neighborhood?


The answer to this is everything.  If you buy flat in Dubai Marina you literally have everything on your doorstep.  You will have the best views in all of Dubai, you will have the harbor and the Marina filled with magnificent boats and yachts and you will have shops that are both functional and fancy.  Choosing to buy flat in Dubai Marina also means that you can walk to any restaurant, coffee shop or delicatessen of your choice.  You can meet friends easily in the neighborhood, wander around together, then sit on the top floor of a Dubai flat taking in the spectacular Dubai view.  And you can also take your kids to a playground and sip on hot coffee while they play on the swings and slides.



Is it an investment to buy flat in Dubai Marina?


The answer is a simple and unequivocal yes.  Real estate in the Dubai Marina is some of the most sought-after real estates, not just in Dubai but in the world.  You could buy flat in Dubai Marina to live in, but you could buy a flat in the Dubai Marina to rent out as an investment.  You will always get your money back here, whether you are thinking of a short-term or a long-term real estate investment.


Remember, like any area or suburb, there are many components to the Dubai Marina.   Prices to buy flat in Dubai Marina vary depending on the size, view and which part of the Marina you are in.  Most flats, apartments or complexes have swimming pools, gardens, some have kiddies play areas, some have restaurants or coffee shops below.  There is a huge range to choose from and you are sure to find something in your price range.


How convenient is the Dubai Marina?


Very.  If you buy flat in Dubai Marina there are restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, the Marina, walkway, boats, and parks in the neighborhood. It is also easy and seamless to get on to any of the major roads or highways and there are schools and colleges close by.  Whether you are a small or large family, young or old, with or without children, to buy flat in Dubai Marina couldn’t be more convenient.


Imagine having a fabulous view while you are eating breakfast, taking the elevator down to the ground floor, walking along the Dubai Marina walkway, sipping coffee overlooking the Marina, picking up groceries along the way, doing a little shopping, pushing your child on a swing and then walking home for a swim!   You can do all of this if you buy flat in Dubai Marina, plus a whole lot more.



Where do I start if I want to buy flat in Dubai Marina?


The most important thing is to chat with a professional realtor, one who knows and understands how to buy flat in Dubai Marina.  You may have an idea of what you want, how many bedrooms and which area but you may not know what the real estate market is like right now.  You also need to be aware of the legalities and this is where a professional realtor comes into the picture.  You might want to contact  Déjà Vu Properties who will take the hassle out of the home buying process.  If you are looking to buy flat in Dubai Marina, chat to Déjà Vu Properties.  They will do everything for you from start to finish and ensure that your investment is a good one.


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