“Buy A Flat Or House”? – Read to find out!

Buy A Flat Or House

“Buy A Flat Or House”? – Read to find out!

Buying a house is perhaps the ultimate dream for most of us. There are so many circumstances under which a person may decide to buy a house. These circumstances might be marriage, increase in financial status, an increase in family size, availability of liquid cash, etc. Once a buyer decides to buy a house he has to undergo the whole process of buying the house which starts with pre-planning stage and ends only when the buyer gets the possession of the house. Often buying house or flat, it is a tedious and a very complicated process. The very first question that pops up in a buyer’s mind is what kind of property he wants to buy i.e. whether to buy a flat or house? In real estate market, various kinds of properties are available like flat, bungalow, penthouse, holiday home, etc. There are a variety of flats starting from 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, Studio apartment, luxury apartment and many more. The situation is same with bungalows. Hence confusion of whether to buy a flat or a house is very much genuine.

Once decision regarding whether to buy a flat or house is taken then comes the next question of which flat or house to buy and from where? Nowadays with the help of technology a buyer can always refer to internet and can find out answers to the questions like whether to buy a flat or house? which is the best kind of flat or house to buy available in the market, the amount required to buy house flat, and many more. Another solution lies in the hiring an experienced and a qualified realtor. A realtor guides and counsels a buyer in deciding whether to buy a flat or house, in which locality a buyer should look for a flat or house to buy and from where to get finance to buy house flat. The advice received from a realtor can save the investor from making wrong investments.



Major factors affecting the decision of whether to buy a flat or house are:




While purchasing a house as per basic norms, the buyer always wants to buy a flat or house at the best location possible. Depending upon the budget, family requirements, facilities and security the buyer decides, whether to buy a flat or house. For instance, property rate in metro cities are generally very high, hence in such cases, a buyer may decide to buy a flat rather than buying an independent house or bungalow. Owing a flat is generally cheaper as compare to owing an independent house at the same location.

However, choosing house from the option of flat or house to buy based on the location is beneficial in terms that the buyer can have an independent house at his favorite location. It is not necessary that every location has a society.



If a buyer chooses to buy a flat, then this means he has the option to move in right way. In case of flats, the buyer must pay lump sum amount at the time of purchase and later pay EMI. In case of flats maintenance cost, security, and cost of other facilities are born by entire society whereas in case of buyer who chooses to buy a house must bear maintenance cost on his own.


Another factor that affects the decision of buyer whether to buy a flat or a house is the available facilities. Generally, flats come with added facilities like pool, club, tennis court, security, parking, water system, fire safety mechanism, etc. whereas in case the buyer decides to buy an independent house then he needs to put in extra effort as well as spending extra money on acquiring these facilities. There are chances that buyer will not be able to get these facilities.

Buying a house has benefits of its own. In case of an independent house, a buyer needs to pay for the facilities as per his requirement. It saves him from bearing unnecessary costs.





Mortgage is another very important factor that affects buyer decision of whether to buy flat or a house. Mortgage is quite easy in case for a flat when compared to an independent house. Whereas in case of an independent house, the bank does strict scrutiny and then releases the loan.  Mortgage is a very important factor when deciding to buy house flat, as it’s very difficult for a buyer to have the entire amount at his disposal while purchasing a property. Hence financing is very important and crucial in case of buying real estate.

Maintenance cost:

In case of flats, maintenance cost is shared by all the residents living in the building. In case of the individual house, the maintenance of the house is owner’s responsibility.


A buyer may decide to buy a house from the option of whether to buy a flat or house when he is looking for privacy. In case of flats, privacy does get hampered as there are number of people living in same society, whereas in case of the house, the buyer will be independent, and his privacy does not get compromised.


Finally, the decision of whether to buy a flat or a house will always be in buyer’s hand. To Buy house flat is generally a one time and a very important decision; hence buyer should decide after carrying out lots of research. Taking advice from the professionals in deciding whether to buy a flat or house is always advisable.

There are various online sites available where a buyer can log in and get the entire process of buying a house in a hassle-free way. Déjà Vu Properties is one of the best sites for buying and selling of the house. Déjà Vu Properties is one stop solution to all the problems of buyers as well as sellers. Selling of the house or flat was never that easy. With just one click seller will be free from all his property concerns as Déjà Vu Properties takes care of everything.


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