We Buy Houses Any Condition in Dubai – Real or Scam?

We Buy Houses Any Condition

We Buy Houses Any Condition in Dubai – Real or Scam?

We Buy Houses Any Condition

The process of selling a house can be straightforward, regardless of how bad the property market is at that particular time that you want to sell. Whether this is your first time of attempting to sell your house or not, you will have lots of questions on your mind, such as should I consult companies that advertise “we buy houses any condition?” Will the services of a Realtor be required? What is the legal process involved? How much will these companies buy my house? Is it possible to buy another house from these same companies at the same time? These and many other questions are likely to be going on in your mind when you are considering selling your house.

Companies that buy houses in any condition

Companies that buy house in any condition are those firms, corporate establishments, companies and individuals who specialize in the real estate market and either buy houses or sell same to making a profit in such transactions. Most times, they approach potential home sellers that “we buy houses in any condition “if they see prospects in such a property.

“We buy any house any condition”- Are they Real?

These companies are seeking homes to buy for investment purposes. Some of them post inscriptions that read “we buy houses any condition” on the mailbox and other open public spaces. There are legitimate ones out there as there are also fraudulent realtors. However, before engaging these people, whether online or otherwise, here are some things you ought to know:

Know the Market Value of Your House

It is pertinent you know the value of your home and be patient about its sale. Have your home appraised; it does not cost an arm and a leg, and you would discover in the end that it is worth the investment. When the market is very robust, the sale price can be about 10 to 15 percent more than the appraisal value. When the market is down, however, the sale price may be just around the appraisal figure.

Get Your Home Inspected

Another thing you need before seeking those “we buy houses any condition” firms and individuals is to inspect your house. This is necessary and will help in avoiding complications whenever someone wants to buy your home. Although the seller will still inspect, the flaws spotted when inspecting the house before the sale can be rectified beforehand.

“We Buy Any House Any Condition”-What are the Advantages?

Perhaps, you have been considering selling your house to those “we buy house any condition,” companies, you will most likely want it done as soon as possible. That is one of the main advantages of these home buyers. They pay cash, and you will not need to do any significant upgrade before you sell your home. Homebuyers are very much interested in a functional-arranged and aesthetically-pleasing home, so you would need to impress them by making sure your home is in excellent condition. However, if you sell to “we buy house any condition” investors, you can avoid any major repairs. Moreover, the transaction is usually fast when you deal with genuine home cash buyers.

What “We Buy House Any Condition” Investors Want

As homebuyers are investors, they buy up homes that have the prospects of returning profit for them upon reselling it, and as such, they look out for some things before buying a house.


Homebuyers are very mindful of the location of the property. Homes in proximity to parks, good road network, local facilities and good schools attract them.


Homebuyers also look at the price value of the property. While most of them are always quick to strike a fair deal and will not want to over-pay, they will be inclined to raise their pay if the house in question is truly unique, especially in a highly competitive market where demand for housing is very high.

Extra features that can help you get a better deal from “we buy houses any condition firms”

Additional features like a garden that affords sunlight in summer, lounge with fireplace, and a garage with automatic door, amongst others are details that buyers might not have expected to see. While cash buyers would still buy your home even if it lacks these features, they usually attach more value to such houses that have all the necessary facilities. Even when homebuyers profess “we buy houses at any condition,“ they have their undisclosed luxury wishes, and all these sure adds some glamour to the property and gives it a better appeal to buyers.

As earlier said, companies that buy houses at any condition are business outfits, and their sole aim is to maximize profit in their dealings. Therefore, a home that has an appealing outdoor look and new interior décor is more likely to generate better profit and attract home buyers than an old.

You Can Evaluate Your Home Online Here: Valuate Your Property

Do you want to get the best the value for your home? It is imperative to have a realistic expectation to get the best price possible in real time. It is not uncommon for home sellers to price their home too high. When that happens, they would have to wait for a long period before they get a buyer.  We offer an easy and fast process of selling your home. No matter your location or district in UAE, you can get an online evaluation instantly followed by an on-site evaluation by a professional offer consultant.


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