Why Buy Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina

Buy Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina

Why Buy Serviced Apartments Dubai Marina

Dubai is gaining exposure day by day. With more and more people visiting Dubai for business and leisure trips, the popularity of serviced apartments is growing exponentially.

It is imperative that Dubai is increasingly getting popular equally as a travel and business hub. With more people visiting than ever before, the number of people making short and long visits to Dubai continues to increase, and the demand for short stay apartments is high.

Self-serviced apartments are basically short stay apartments offering all types of amenities one would find in a hotel – and that includes kitchen and home appliances, household items and everything.



Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Short stay apartments have some great advantages and they are as follows:

  • There are multiple properties available to choose from when it comes to serviced apartments. From studio apartments, bedroom apartments to multi-bedroom villas!
  • Extremely good rates when compared to hotels.
  • A typical serviced apartment offers everything one needs kitchenware, appliances etc. It’s a home away from home experience. One can find everything a hotel offers and even better.
  • Weekly housekeeping services are included in the rates of well-known serviced apartments.
  • When it comes to Dubai, there are a lot of available options to choose from. Finding a suitable apartment in the preferred location is easy. One can find Marina serviced apartments easily.
  • Due to the fact that, most of these apartments are used by businessmen, they are located close to the main business hub, supermarkets, clinics, malls, clubs etc.
  • If one wants to book serviced apartments Dubai Marina area, he or she can easily do that through online booking options. It is secure, easy and very reliable too!



How to Choose a Serviced Apartment

Choosing a serviced apartment is a tricky task as there are a lot of options to choose from. So, how choose the right apartment? Here are some tips that one should follow:

  • Location

The location is vital while choosing the right serviced apartment. If someone is looking for a short-term rental option then it is advised that one should look for an area with good transport options and good connectivity to the main city center.  One should also look at the available amenities before coming to a conclusion. This can save one from a lot of hassles in his or her stay at that place.

  • Cleaning Services

As service apartments work like hotels, there are weekly cleaning services offered in many of the apartments. This is a great benefit and it is very helpful as well! Always look and check before booking an apartment.

  • Available amenities

Always check the amenities before booking a serviced apartment.  This is one of the most vital things one should keep in his mind. So, before booking an apartment, one should check the services and facilities available. Almost all serviced apartments in Dubai offer ultra-modern amenities including fully furnished apartments, swimming pools, health centers, gyms and good connectivity etc.


  • Online booking

The option to book online is a boon! With the help of online booking, one can book his or her short-term stay easily and well before the arrival to Dubai. There are many websites which list serviced apartments and one can get help and the required know-how of the apartment being online and without any physical checks.


Serviced apartments Dubai Marina


In Dubai, the minimum stay is usually one week for a short rental. There are many serviced apartments located all over Dubai for leisure and business travelers but if one wants an extremely luxurious stay with great waterfront view and good connectivity to the business center then serviced apartments in Dubai Marina area is a great proposition.

So, now the advantages of serviced apartments Dubai Marina

There are a lot of advantages if one chooses to go for serviced apartments in Dubai Marina area. They are as follows:

  • Marine serviced apartments have a great location in terms of waterfront view and overall convenience. One can find the Dubai Metro and the tramways in a matter of time. The connectivity is also good as it is very near to the business hubs of the city.
  • Dubai Marina is a prime location. Be it, expats or foreigners, anybody in Dubai would surely love to stay at this place and experience the lifestyle for once in their life. The exclusivity factor is huge.
  • Serviced apartments Dubai Marina are top quality. It is very hard to match the quality of serviced apartments here when compared to other places. The amenities, sheer luxury, and overall service make this place a great option for a short-term or long-term stay.
  • There are studio apartments available in the form of 1 BHK, 2BHK, and 3 BHK apartments. There are even villas and penthouses for rent as well.


Where to Find Serviced Apartments in Dubai Marina Area?

When it comes to finding serviced apartments Dubai Marina area, there are a plethora of choices to go for. And all of them are fully-furnished, equipped to the brim and available for rent on a weekly, monthly and even for yearly basis.

In Dubai Marina, one can go for the Nuran Marina Service apartments for a wonderful stay just beside the waterfront with an amazing view and all modern amenities at disposal.

As it is a prime location, the place is full of cafes, hotels, landmarks, restaurants, retail outlets, and nightclubs, etc. The chic urban lifestyle can be experienced here! And when it comes to convenience, it also takes care of that as it is quite close to the business center, the famous Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, The Palm Islands etc.

One can also look at the selection of exclusive serviced apartments available in Al Majara, if he or she is keen on Marina serviced apartments.

Anyone can start their search for serviced apartments in Dubai Marina through online websites available. There are many websites with a proper listing of available apartments along with amenities and price.


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