Buying Guide for Flats in Jumeirah Lake Towers

Flats in Jumeirah Lake Towers

Buying Guide for Flats in Jumeirah Lake Towers

One of the most happening and talked about places in terms of business, trade, and entertainment in the entire world today is Dubai. Jumeirah Lake Towers is a billion-dollar investment with some 80 towers each of them filled with offices for rent, residences for sale and rent. The flats in Jumeirah Lake Towers or flat for sale in JLT Dubai whichever one prefers, are of different sizes according to one’s needs. However, the only constant thing in them is the comfort and luxury. All of the towers are high rise towers with the highest one having 66 levels. The highest tower is named Almas tower as it is situated in the center of the Jumeirah Lake Towers and is present between the East and West Almas Lakes.

Jumeirah Lake Towers has three artificially constructed lakes and has a total area of around 730,000 sq. m.

Some of the best and most well-known properties which have flats for sale in Jumeirah Lake towers are as follows:


Goldcrest Views 1

This is basically a lakefront development that is self-contained and is a high-rise project in Jumeirah Lake Towers. The cascading waterfalls, the beautiful landscapes, and the artificial lakes all make this a very attractive property to acquire and live in.

This entire project comprises of hundreds of flats in Jumeirah Lake Towers that are highly luxurious and interiors that can be matched only by the likes of top hotels across the world. However, they are also designed keeping in mind the privacy and comfort that one requires in one’s own home. All the flats in JLT have wonderful views of the entire area. All the service areas, elevators, and staircases have been deliberately placed along the central core of the building so that all apartments have wonderful, unobstructed views from their balconies. Living in one of these flats in flats for sale in JLT or studio flat in JLT will give a resort like feeling. One bedroom, two bedroom and studio flat in JLT are available. Penthouses are the most luxurious of all they have to offer.

The carefully and beautifully crafted fins of the building approach each other and reach towards the sky giving the building an elegant look. The contrasting colors and the rich textures give this building an astoundingly gorgeous appearance. The entire front side of the building is decorated with the horizontally designed balconies and this makes it stand out among other flats for sale in JLT Dubai.

Some of the most famous buildings like the American University of Dubai, Dubai Media and Internet City and The Dubai Marina are close by to this property.

There are a lot of facilities provided by this property for the benefit of the residents. Some of these are swimming pools, steam and sauna baths, healthcare centers, recreational and sports centers, Jacuzzi, pool for kids etc. The security and safety of the residents are paramount and therefore, CCTV cameras are installed everywhere along the corridors and entrances and 24-hour on-duty security personnel guard at all the entrances. High-speed elevators are also present to cut short the travel time from ground floor to the top floor.

Shopping areas like retail stores, shopping malls and grocery stores are pretty nearby as with all flats in JLT.


Jumeirah Bay X1

The Jumeirah Bay X1 may be one of the flats in Jumeirah Lake Towers, but it stands out due to the beautiful architectural design which is greatly appealing to the eyes. The lakes, the waterways and the lush green gardens surrounding the building make it one of the most attractive properties, not just in Dubai, but in the entire world. It is located in the free zone district and has access to the Dubai Metro Station and Sheik Zayed Road that connects it to the rest of the city and the main landmarks.

Jumeirah Bay X1 promises luxury and comfort of the finest levels. It has planned and well-designed studio flat in JLT as well as one and two bedroom apartments. There are duplex apartments with single or twin bedrooms available too.

Facilities and services provided by Jumeirah Bay X1 include garbage disposal facility, car parking and valet parking services, swimming pools for both adults and kids, state-of-the-art gymnasiums and fitness center. Other than this it has some essential things like 24-hour security system and high-speed elevator system. Cafes and restaurants offering all kinds of delicious cuisines are available for the residents of Jumeirah Bay X1.

Shopping complexes and groceries stores are available for daily needs. Retail stores are also available for the convenience of the residents. Day care centers for children are also available for the convenience of working parents. Famous shopping complexes like the Dubai Marina Mall, the Mall of Emirates, Dubai Pear Mall and the Battuta Mall are in close proximity to this property.


The Palladium

The Palladium is also one of the best-known properties with flats in Jumeirah Lake Towers. With an awesome location along with all the luxury and comfort that is being provided, the Palladium has become very desirable among people wishing to live a life of unmatched luxury and comfort at a reasonable price point. The name, Palladium, comes from a precious and rarely found metal which is known as Palladium. The Dubai Metals and commodities center or the DMCC is nearby.

The Palladium is nothing short of astounding with a beautiful architecture found rarely in high-rise buildings.  In total, like all other flats in JLT, the Palladium has almost half a million sq. m. of area. This area is also occupied by some cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. These are mostly present in the lobby area. Due to its brilliantly designed architecture, the Sheik Zayed road is visible from all the flats in this tower. The Palladium is truly of international standards and can compete with the best of the rest of the world.

Services available for residents of these flats for sale in JLT Dubai are car parking facility, valet parking facility, 24-hour security personnel and security system, swimming pool with automatic temperature control for maximum comfort, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna bath, healthcare centers, gymnasium with state-of-the-art modern equipment.


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