Buying and Selling a House-The Best Tips and Tricks in Today’s Housing Market

Buying and Selling a House

Buying and Selling a House-The Best Tips and Tricks in Today’s Housing Market

It can be very stressful to buy and/or sell your house fast for cash as it brings along all sorts of challenges. These challenges can range from sorting your finances and paperwork, finding the right agent, negotiating for your dream house to just finding the perfect house for you and your family. There will be highs and lows in the process of buying and/or selling a house.  If you are at this stage of your life and you are worried or simply overwhelmed by the process, but need to sell house fast cash, we have the best, smart and practical tips and tricks for both buyers and sellers that you could use to make your life easier when selling and/or buying your house in today’s market.

For Buyers

Below are the top tips and tricks for buying a house;

  1. Know the hidden costs- When buying a house, it is wise to ask your real estate agent for the complete list of all the closing costs estimates to avoid any surprises that come with hidden costs. Apart from the actual purchase price of a house, some of the hidden costs usually include legal costs, land transfer costs, title insurance and mortgage costs amongst other.
  2. Never skip the home inspection – Inspecting a house before buying is very important. In most cases, the seller will usually cover all the costs of any problems or repairs that might pop up. However, inspecting the house will guarantee that you get a house that is a good investment and meets your requirements and needs.
  3. Avoid love at first sight- Before putting in an offer on a house that you want to buy, it is wise to tour at least ten other houses to avoid buying a house that does not meet all your needs. In addition, always have a checklist in hand when walking through a house, write down all the pros and cons of each house. This is essential because, at the end of a long day of house hunting, it is the checklist that will come in handy when making the critical decision of which house to go for.
  4. Know the neighborhood first- To get an inside scoop of the neighborhood that you are about to buy your house in, it is important to actually take a walk in the neighborhood prior to buying that house. This walk will give you insights into the density of the traffic, how noisy the neighborhood is and what kind of neighbors you will have thereby making the decision of buying easier.
  5. Clean and tidy up your credit/ current account- To enable you to buy the house of your dreams, your credit ratings will be scrutinized. Having any defaults or missed payments on previous credits or loans can be against you. Additionally, all your records will be thoroughly scrutinized and banks will be looking out for any dubious spending such as gambling. It is therefore important to take care of all these issues to increase your chances of buying your dream house without any difficulties.

For Sellers

To cash house sale from selling your house, below are the top tips and tricks;

  1. Do all the necessary repairs- Making all the necessary repairs will be worth several multiples of the cost on the closing price of the house. Do all these as early as possible to avoid any wastage. For example, if you must repaint, this could make the walls damp and as much as it could look appealing to a viewer, a competent surveyor could pick on the dampness of the walls thus causing wastage as repainting will be needed after the necessary repairs of the damp walls.
  2. Pick a good agent- Having the best agent is very critical as they will either be your best or worst assets when selling your house. Going for the most expensive or the cheapest agent will not cut it. Do your research thoroughly and make sure they are competent, professional and can answer all your concerns and questions. Make sure they are licensed and knows all the unique features that will enable you to sell your house fast for cash to a viewer.
  3. Organise all the paperwork- To get the best deal when selling your house, it is important to carefully explore whether your property has any potential development, carry out a Building Energy Rating Assessment and ensure that all building certificates and planning permissions are well organized for any extensions and altercations.
  4. Understand and inform your pricing strategy- Always keep an eye on properties and places similar to your house. Google and view these properties, get the necessary brochures then use this information to guide in your pricing. This will allow you to have an idea of the pricing of similar houses thus increasing your chances of selling.
  5. Clean, clean and clean- Making a first good impression is very important. Therefore, to make your house appealing to a potential buyer, make sure you have a curb appeal by sprucing up your entrance and front garden. Make the house completely clutter free, trim the grass, fix the painting, replace old carpets and pick neutral light colors amongst others. Always make sure to let in as much light as possible into the house as most viewers love bright properties. Always make your house sparkle. The simple steps of cleaning and organizing the house makes a huge difference and enable you to sell your house fast for cash leading to a sold sign on your house.

Buying and/or selling a house is one of the biggest deals you will do in your lifetime. It is therefore important to always make the best deals and know the tips and tricks for the current housing market. Knowing these tips and tricks will make an enormous difference to allow you to buy and/or sell your house fast for cash and have your dream house.


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