Buying and Selling Properties in UAE

Buying and Selling Properties in UAE

Buying and Selling Properties in UAE

Buying and Selling Properties in UAE

With Dubai’s property market getting more attention from all corners of the world, everyone wants to buy a house in Dubai. Dubai is undergoing an exponential rate of development. The city of palms is enticing in every sense and with the development it is undergoing, the demand for property in Dubai is on fire. Whether or not for investment or resale, buying a house can be all beneficial.

From investment point of view as well as from living point of view, Dubai is secure. With a considerably huge proportion of expats in the population of Dubai, it would be easy to get a property rented out. For those who are considering living there, Dubai can unfold a great range of luxury.


“What to do if I want to buy a house in Dubai’

One of the most frequently asked and searched questions is ‘what to do if I want to buy a house in Dubai’. Especially, people who are buying a property for the first time or those who are new to Dubai’s property market and sale procedures may feel it to be complicated and difficult. So, for everyone who has been wondering ‘what to do if I want to buy a house in Dubai?’, here is he brief of the process that one must follow if they have to buy a house in Dubai.

Want to buy your house in Dubai? – This is how you can!

Some basic requirements for buying a property in Dubai is that, firstly, the buyer needs to be 21 years old. Also, all the identity proofs and documents of buyers need to be in place for a smooth and quick process. In case the buyer is a Non-GCC national or an expat, he or she must hold passport and other necessary documents for verifications.

The first and foremost thing that a buyer needs to do is simply finding the property that holds their best interest and fits their budget and requirements. Property seekers have got a lot of alternatives to find an appropriate property for sale in Dubai. There are numerous reliable property sites that enlist thousands of houses, villas, apartments and plots for sale. Buyers can simply scroll through various sites and figure out the ones that are best for them. Another way for finding houses that fit your requirements in hiring a real estate agent. Real estate agents will be in contact with numerous house owners who want to sell their houses. Just that buyer must be sure about hiring a reliable property broker.

Once the buyer figures out the house they want to buy, they can approach the seller or owner stating, ‘I want to buy your house’. If buyer has found the house online, he or she can simply get the email id or contact and message house owner, ‘I want to buy your house’ to let the owner know the buyer’s interest in buying their property. They can state their quote or basic introduction along to catch attention of the seller.

Once all the terms are finalised, buyer and seller can enter into agreements on the finalised terms post which they can proceed to confirm the transfer at the Dubai Land Department. The transfer deed is to be obtained at the Dubai Land Department. The purchase amount is to be paid at the time of transaction. For an average purchase, this is the final step in the process of house purchase in Dubai.

Want to buy your house in UAE- why?

In this course it is important for buyers to pin point the exact reasons why they want to buy house in UAE. This is because the decisions on which property to buy can be heavily influenced by the reasons behind the purchase. If the buyer is considering the property purchase for investment, they might want to consider such houses that can yield high rental income. Since the expat population in the region is high, buying few one room set houses can be relatively much beneficial in comparison to investing in luxury properties as the former are easy to rent out.

On the other hand, if buyers are looking for residential purposes, they may have typically personal requirements and budgets to care for. So, before setting out on property search, buyers need to know exactly why they are buying the property.


Considering sale of property after purchase

For the buyers who are considering buying a house in Dubai and want to sell it in future or those who are just wondering, ‘will it be difficult to find someone who want to buy my house in UAE if I decide to sell it later on’ it is pretty clear that it won’t be difficult. Selling a property or house in a Dubai can be quite simple a task. With a decent inflow of people every year, visiting Dubai for employment and numerous investors looking to find a property in Dubai for investment purposes, it is quite clear that there is, and will be, a consistent or increasing demand for houses in Dubai. So, buyers can assure themselves that ‘there will always be people who want to buy my house in UAE’.

No one will come forward saying ‘I want to buy your house’ if buyers do not make the necessary publicity. A positive aspect here is that there are many easy ways to spread awareness of a property for sale. Enlisting on some of the popular property sites on web is a method that is absolutely common now. Investors across the globe frequently check sites to stay updated about properties for sale in Dubai. So once enlisted on a few sites, property owners can easily get the house sold. Also, the property can be sold through real estate agents as well. Real estate agents can not only help in purchasing the properties, they can equally aid in finding people who want to buy your house in UAE.

So hope this has helped all the buyers to figure out how can you sell or buy your house in UAE.


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