Buying a Studio flat in Dubai, Deira: A few points to Consider

Studio Flat in Deira

Buying a Studio flat in Dubai, Deira: A few points to Consider

Over the last decade, studio apartments have gained immense popularity among the young professionals because of their compact built, well layered plan and affordable price tags. Also termed as condos, studio flats or bachelor-style apartments, these are one room living units, usually small in size having the bed, kitchen and the living space fit within the four walls. The only separate enclosure is the bathroom.

As the conventional family structure is gradually replaced by nuclear units especially in an urban landscape, a one-roomed apartment has become the ‘it’ thing for bachelors and young couples who seek a home in close proximity to their workspace. The trend is evident across the globe – from India, the Middle East and all the way across the Pacific in the United States. And the Studio flat in Dubai, Deira is perhaps one of the best in the market today. Evident by their growing demand by the hour, who would not want a beautiful  home of their own where the rent is cheap and the utility bills are very low?


Difference between a Studio flat and a Typical Flat

A studio flat is very different from any convenient flat, especially with respect to the structure, space, built-in-area and the price tag. The key differences are mentioned below briefly…

  • First of all, a studio apartment consists of only one room, the room is bigger than any room found in a typical apartment but the overall size of the apartment is much smaller than its conventional counterpart. In case of regular apartments, the number of rooms depends on the buyer needs, the more common configurations being 1BHk, 2BHK, or a 3BHk.
  • The price tag or the rent is significantly lower in case of studio flats.
  • They are very efficient for singles and newlywed couples whereas a typical apartment is suitable for family.
  • Space is a big problem for studio apartments. If the owner has some extra stuff there would be no space to put it in. A typical apartment with a number of rooms has a lot of space.
  • It might be a problem to accommodate an extra guest or two in a studio apartment because of the scarcity of space and limited privacy.

So, it can be said that even though the popularity of studio flats are sky-rocketing with its alluring designs and a plethora of advantages, there are a few things to think about before making the final plunge. However,  having a decorated bachelor pad of one’s own feels good and down the line, it might turn out to be a great investment.


Buying a studio flat in Deira

Deira is part of the city of Dubai and was at one point in time, the commercial hub of the megapolis. But in recent years it has been losing its importance because of the recent developments like Dubai Marina, Dubai Hills etc.


The buildings here are older than the new posh localities of New Dubai, so the area in general is quite pocket friendly. There are a handful of villas, though it is not the norm here – apartment buildings are more common.  But these buildings lack the usual amenities like clubs or swimming pools but there are a few newer buildings and hotels with swimming pools and gyms which can be used by non-residents.

The Deira area of the city is old, very old. It was established around the 1960s, and the planning of the city is a little similar to the skyscraper-filled new Dubai. But if with the first glimpse it will look like a typical Middle East city with very narrow roads, schools and hospitals and local vendors selling everything from spices to gold.

So, when it comes to studio flat in Dubai, Deira, they are cheap and easily available. There are a few buildings here that only houses studio flats as there are a lot of young working people who have shifted to the city in search of better opportunities.

Before buying a studio flat in Dubai, Deira; the buyer has to ensure that he knows about the amenities

A studio flat in Deira is quite cheap with easy access to markets and grocery stores with a great choice of delectable street food. But big malls with branded stores are few and far between, so this would not be a good choice for those who seek to have a giant shopping center at their  doorstep. The locality is well connected to other part of the city by a well-knit transport network.


Transport medium of Deira

Before buying a studio flat in Deira, the buyer should know about the mode of transportation.  In an area like Deira, it will be very helpful.

Basically, the entire city is connected by metro and trams. The public buses are also available. There are no more than 3 green line and mostly seven red line metro stations available all over the city, which helps the residents of a busy city like Deira to get one place to another.

There is a station called the Union Square, where two of the metro lines meet and from there it takes only 8 minutes to get to the Airport Terminal 1 and 10 to 11 minutes to Terminal 3. And if anyone wants to visit the Dubai Marina, it takes about 1 hour to reach the place.

An added bonus are the ferries: they are nothing but small boats made of wood, used to take people to the other side of the creek. This is a very efficient mode of travel if the individual is traveling by foot.



So, if a buyer asks about a studio flat in Dubai, Deira or a studio flat in Deira, then it is safe to say that this area of the city is not really the hot and trendy place tourists flock to see. But it has its own charm! People who dwell here are common working professionals or small businessmen for whom vintage pubs and star-studded hotels are ill-afforded luxuries. A studio flat in Deira is a very cheap, but a buyer should visit the property or at least look at it carefully before buying it.

There are lots of real estate agents and property dealers available who only deals with the properties in Dubai, Deira.


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