Buying Villas in Dubai – How Does it Work?

Buying Villas in Dubai

Buying Villas in Dubai – How Does it Work?

Hello! Are you a resident in Dubai who has been staying for a long time and you want to buy up your apartment, or you are an expatriate who just arrived in Dubai and would want to know about the villas in Dubai and of course, how you can make the best purchase? Here is a guide for you.

What Do I Need to know before Investing in Luxury Villas in Dubai?

The first thing to do is decide on the type of villa you want. Is it a bungalow, semi-detached or big mansion villa? Then comes the location. That is especially important if you are an investor or developer who wants to maximize profit on the investment, undeveloped locations command low prices while a ripe area could up the property value as much as twice.

It is equally necessary that you employ the services of professional real estate agents. Buying the best villas in Dubai will undoubtedly cost a fortune, so it is not a bad idea to consult an expert with specialized information on the real estate dealings in Dubai.

Aside from assisting you in locating the best real estate villas, they will introduce you to companies with whom you can get the best real estate deals for your purchase. Besides, if you, the buyer, is not a resident of Dubai, and you want to buy beautiful villas in Dubai, it is exacting that you visit Dubai and spend some days there. Should you be purchasing a resale home, make sure you inspect as much as you can.

However,  if you plan to buy from a developer, ensure that you verify that they have a good reputation in the housing market. Visit and examine other properties handled by that same real estate investor that has been completed before you decide to transact with him.

Villas in Dubai

Now that you have got an idea of what you need to know before going to purchase a Villa in Dubai, buyer needs to understand the basics of the purchasing process as well.

As a general rule, you first must be more than 21 years of age before you can legally acquire real estate in Dubai. Then, once this barrier has been crossed, you may proceed to approach the seller by tendering a verbal bid. If the seller assents, then you may have to source for financing for the purchase.

There are myriads of options in getting the finance to purchase luxury villas in Dubai. You can either obtain a home mortgage from banks or buy it straight up with cash. Then you might review the sales contract and ensure that there aren’t any lesser interests on the property, you can then make payment for the property.

However, if you want to buy the best villas in Dubai, there are varying, and of course, differing sets of procedures to follow, and this is determined by the seller you are dealing with, either a property developer or from a “reseller.”

The steps will inevitably differ, and this takes us back to the issue of finance. In some cases, the seller of the villa might ask the buyer that you must have the mortgage approval before assenting to the sales deal.

Beautiful villas in Dubai– What are the forms of ownership?

In Dubai, there are three primary forms the ownership and they are related to the various architecture of the home or land ownership arrangement.

You can acquire the freehold villa, and indeed, this is the most prevalent and most preferred form of estate purchase. This is because you are at liberty to resell, let out and devolve to your heirs as you may after purchasing it. You do not want to acquire villas in Dubai and discover later that you have limited rights to it.

However, you should know that you are likely going to get a freehold interest in a villa that is yet to be fully completed. Nonetheless, it is impossible you get a ready-made villa via a freehold arrangement as well.

Another way you can get to buy your real estate villa is to purchase it as a usufruct property. Under this arrangement, it primarily a long-term rent, where you can use it as you like but not damage it. Let’s say you acquire luxury villas in Dubai as a usufruct property, you own and operate it for some years, before transferring it back to the owner of the land.

The third option under which you can get to buy a house is to purchase it as a common hold property. Here, a developer has built several real estates; you merely buy up an interest in one or more of them. This term is not very much applicable to villas in Dubai though, as it is more appropriate in regular condominiums and tenement buildings. Here, you will be paying for the upkeep of the building and the joint areas.

If I must get the best villa deal, how do I select the right property in Dubai?

Are you keen on getting the best villa in Dubai? Here are relevant things to do. To start with, you must understand that traffic is significant. The traffic in Dubai can be hectic. Take for instance if you are thinking of buying a villa along the Sharjah – Dubai, you must be mindful of the commuting stress. If the location of the real estate is going to require that you travel before getting the central business district, you may want to first check the ease and distance.

Also, location matters. Regardless of whether you’re buying villas in Dubai to live in or as an investment, it is important you consider the location properly. If you select the right one, the value of the property will definitely be raised. You may consider buying in locations such as Al Barsha, Garhoud, Dubai Marina to purchase your villa.

Another thing you need to consider is the parking. Should you be buying an already developed villa or estate, you might not be thinking the parking as a priority. However, in Dubai, buying real estate that has no forms of roofed car park can be a wrong move. This is becoming the outdoor temperature can rise to unbearable levels such that parking cars under it are undesirable. The vehicles can wear out quickly. So it is essential to look into this.


Buying villas in Dubai can be very easy provided you have all the necessary information on the property types available, whom to contact for the best deal possible, the locations that are excellent for investment and the traffic type. Moreover, home buying companies such as Déjà Vu Properties can make your investment in villas in Dubai.


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