Checklist Before Committing To Any Seller That “I Want To Buy Your House”

I Want To Buy Your House

Checklist Before Committing To Any Seller That “I Want To Buy Your House”

Buying, a house is a dream come true for most of the people, most people buy a house with an aim to make it a home. Buying a house is one of the biggest milestones in personal as well a proof that the professional life is also on the right track. There are lots of emotional attachments to the house and subsequently, innumerable memories get associated with the house. Finding a correct house is the first step in the journey. The most frequently asked question that most of the buyers ask is ” what to do when wanting to buy a house”. This article would help the buyers answer the most common of the questions like, what to do if I want to buy a house? And will also help the customer to buy your house. This article aims at giving the customers a step wise guide to finding and buying a dream house.


Knowing one’s financial worth

In case someone comes across a classified by a person about a good house and the contact information is mentioned, before the phone is picked to say ” I want to buy your house”, it is a good idea to know the financial worth. This can be a two easy and simple step procedure. In step one, the customer obtains a pre-qualification and in step two the customer decides on the mode of payment. Step one before the customer commits to the owner that ‘I want to buy your house’ is obtaining a pre-qualification is nothing but the process by which the customer obtains the numeric value of the loan amount that the customer is eligible for. This is generally a days process with the firm from where the loan is intended to be taken. Step two before the customer says “I want to buy your house” is the decision on the payment style, this would depend on the choice of modes of payment, when a customer decides to “buy your house” they need to consider the money upfront, the ongoing cost, choice of going in for a low-cost arrangements, rent and own a house options etc. Hence before the buyer commits to the seller that ‘I want to buy your house‘ it is important to know the financial worth of the buyer, vis-a-via their personal ongoing cost.


Desirable qualities that every buyer should wish for in the house

A house by itself may be good, however, there are many associated amenities and comforts that make the house worth increase multiple time. Here is the list of desirable qualities that would make the house a dream house to stay in.

  1. Location: The first thing that needs to be checked before any buyer commits ‘I want to buy your house’. The location of the house plays very important role and must suite to the needs and wants of the buyer. Location may be as posh as possible or as remote as possible, however, if the location does not suit the occupant it is of no use. Thus whenever any potential buyer is thinking about “what to do when wanting to buy a house” location should be on the top list.
  2. Neighborhood: Akin to the location factor is the check of the neighborhood. Buyer before committing to the seller that “I want to buy your house” must do a background check on the neighborhood. No decent person would like to stay in a troublesome neighborhood. Hence whenever anyone comes across the article saying ” who wants to buy my house”, the potential buyer before committing “I want to buy your house” must find out that the neighborhood is nice and friendly.
  3. Safety: The buyer must check the crime index of the location house that is situated in. no sensible buyer would ever commit that “I want to buy your house” if the crime index of the area is high. The crime index can easily be obtained from local cops or in most of the nations is available online. One must always endeavor to ” buy your house ” in a near crime free area as much as possible.
  4. Schools/colleges: Unless the reason for the statement “I want to buy your house” is that of post-retirement resettlement. The buyer must check the availability of good schools and colleges in the near vicinity. There is no point in “buy your house” with no schooling facility for kids and the children travel hours together just to attain a decent education.
  5. Recreation facilities and parks: The potential buyer must, “buy your house”, keeping in mind the recreational areas in the locality. Everyone needs physical activity and recreational activity to wind down from the hectic schedule of day to day work. Thus one of the answers to the call of “what to do when wanting to buy a house” is obtaining the knowledge of parks and recreational areas in the near vicinity of the house.
  6. Distance from emergency services: God forbid that any human being on this planet earth requires to use the emergency services like, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, etc. however it would still make lots of sense to have a prior knowledge of the distances of the emergency services, before the buyer replies to the call with ” I want to buy your house”.
  7. Distance from home and office location: Another one of the factors that make a home a dream home and one must check before answering the sellers call with a reply of ” I want to buy your house” is to check the distance of the house from the place of work/office. Not only this should be checked for the house owner also for the spouse’s office and work location must be kept in mind.
  8. Shopping store: The convenience store, the grocery stores or be it general shopping areas, must be checked for their worth and distance before committing to the seller that ” I want to buy your house”.
  9. Family and friends: It is a good option to check how many family members/friends are there in and around the location of the house.

This is the 9 point checklist that would make the buyers house a desirable place to live in and turn it into a sweet home. Thus it would be a good idea to tick as many points as possible before committing ” I want to buy your house”.


Final inspection

assuming the future buyer now has completed the above-mentioned steps, therefore now they would have found themselves a decent home with the desired facilities and within their budget at the appropriate location. However, still, it is not the time to reply to the call of “who wants to buy my house” with ” I want to buy your house”.

Last step but a very important step is the through and physical check of the entire house before committing “I want to buy your house”. There are many ways to carry out these checks, one of them is to higher a professional who would prepare an appraisal for the future buyer. An appraisal is a report made by a team of professionals and qualified persons, whose job is to estimate the actual net worth of the house based on all possible factors taken into account.

The report also has the detailed condition of the house. Thus this report helps the future buyer to exactly know and analyze the health and condition of the house. However, the potential buyer may have to shell out some cash in order to get the appraisal report made.


There is the second option available and that is to do the physical check by themselves. In this, the main focus should be on the areas which are not visible or are hidden since these are the areas which get neglected and also are difficult to maintain and repair.

Some of these areas and installations would include the pipes and plumbing, electrical wiring and electrical systems, roofs and walls that need repair, the condition of water storage tanks and irrigation systems if any or any other system that is installed.


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