Cost and Benefits of Arabian Ranches Properties

Arabian Ranches Properties

Cost and Benefits of Arabian Ranches Properties

Arabian Ranches Properties

If you have not had an idea of what life in Arabian ranches is like, then you have probably not experienced luxury at its peak. Arabian Ranches is a community that is situated in the center of the desert. Quite unlike some other areas in Dubai, Arabian Ranches is a “freehold” area. This means it is a community that is open to investment by both citizens and non-citizens of the UAE. This community covers an area of about 1652 acres and is characterized by luxury apartments. Many of them being villas, single-story buildings, and townhouses.

The location of this luxury community away from the traffic as well as the hustle and bustle of life in the city makes it a perfect place for those that have always dreamt of uninterrupted luxury.

Arabian Ranches are in 12 phases. They are;

  • Savannah
  • The Sahel
  • Mirador
  • Al Mahra
  • Mirador La Collection 1 and 2
  • Terra Nova
  • Hattan
  • La Avenida
  • Alvorda
  • Palmera
  • Alma
  • Al Reem

Irrespective of the phase of Arabian Desert that you decide to reside in, there are lots of facilities that will be at your disposal. Some of them include;

  • A Picnic area
  • A Gym
  • A Swimming pool
  • A Golf Course
  • Children Play area
  • Park
  • BB Set-up
  • recreational areas
  • Polo club.

As a result of the many facilities that are available to residents of Arabian Ranches, the cost of living is also different from other neighborhoods in Dubai. This article focuses on the benefits as well as the value of Arabian Ranches. If you are looking for a buy property for sale in Arabian Ranches Dubai, then it is essential to know the cost as well as the benefits of Arabian Ranches.

Benefits of Arabian Ranches

Luxury at its Peak

Arabian Ranches Properties are a first-class luxury community in Dubai. It is a gated community that is perfect for individuals with families. This part of town is the first choice community for all individuals that come into Dubai to work. The reason for this being the presence of top-notch sports centers like a polo club and the Equestrian Centre. This facility although better known as sports centers offers more than sports to residents of Arabian Ranches. In addition to horse riding lessons, they also provide top quality restaurants as well as private parties.

The facilities mentioned above are not the only luxury facilities that Arabian Ranches have to offer residents. This community also has a Golf Club which was designed by none other than Lan Baker-Finch himself, winner of the prestigious British Open. This 18-hole golf course is the center of attraction for golf lovers of all ages and is access to arguably the best golf course in Dubai. While at the golf club, you can go on break and give yourself a treat at the international cuisine which is open for every member of the golf club.

Arabian Ranches Properties are Family-Oriented

Luxury is not all that Arabian ranches have to offer. They are also very family-oriented and as such will be very beneficial to expats that have their families are living with them. Older children that reside in Arabian Ranches can be enrolled at Jumeirah English Speaking School. Here they can obtain both primary as well as secondary education. While the older children attend JESS, the much smaller children can get enrolled at Raffles nursery which is located in the Sahel community. That is not all about education in Arabian Ranches. Students that are out of secondary school can attend the American University of Dubai which is less than 20 minutes’ drive from Arabian Ranches or attend Dubai knowledge village which is just 20 minutes drive from Arabian Ranches.


Arabian Ranches is a gated community and life is considered private in gated communities as compared to communities without any gate. The fact that Arabian ranches are gated also helps you with a sense of protection. Gated communities are just so amazing because apart from the feeling of privacy that they provide, they also help prevent feelings of isolation. With this, you can maintain a level of privacy from the outside world as well as a very cordial relationship with your neighbors

Arabian ranches are not just one of the best communities for expats in Dubai; they are also one of the most private communities. Public buses are not allowed into Arabian Ranches. Beyond privacy, Arabian Ranches have also successfully handled issues of traffic. There are three access points in this community. As a result of these access points, traffic congestion is not an issue to be worried about in Arabian Ranches.

Cost of Living in Arabian Ranches

A luxury lifestyle is not for everyone. In the same way, living in Arabian Ranches is only for a select few that can afford to bear the cost of rent in an Arabian villa. Arabian Ranches properties for sale cost more than other luxurious villas in most parts of Dubai. This is perhaps because of the demand for this part of town by foreign nationals as it is the best place available to foreign nationals.

Villas in Arabian Ranches are known to offer many comforts. Some essential amenities that they are known to make life in this community stand out to include swimming pools, spacious balconies which provide magnificent views of the Golf Club, basketball courts, tennis court, playgrounds for children as well as extra rooms for maids. This level of comfort and luxury will cost some money. This implies that it is imperative to have a crystal clear idea of the cost of living in Arabian ranches before deciding to become a resident.

Averagely, the rent that is paid for a two-bedroom apartment in Arabian ranches can be about AED 125,000 and can even become as expensive as AED 600,000. Usually, three-bedroom apartments can be bought for AED 155, 000 per year, while four-bedroom apartments come at a rate of AED 240, 000 yearly. Finally, occupants of five-bedroom apartments should be ready to pay AED 250, 000 per year. Although these prices are considered quite outrageous, you are probably going to get value for your money.

To Sum Up

What better place to settle your family than Arabian Ranches properties. The well-maintained lawns, the top quality villas are second to none and are perfect for raising your children.


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