Downtown Dubai Hotel Apartment – A Brilliant Investment

Downtown Dubai Hotel Apartment – A Brilliant Investment

Downtown Dubai Hotel Apartment – A Brilliant Investment

Downtown Dubai hotel apartments are in demand.  If you are looking for a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment, either to buy or to rent, you are going to find a fantastic choice.  The Downtown area of Dubai is a bustling area, an area filled with business people, residents and tourists, and hotel living is a very popular choice.  The idea of living in a hotel apartment Dubai appeals to many because of the minimal upkeep. It appeals to many as they don’t have to worry about equipping the apartment or furnishing the apartment, the maintenance on a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment is low and the lifestyle is easy.  You may want to look at a good property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties to help you find the property for sale in Dubai, chat to people who already live Downtown, and look online.


Who is choosing to live in Downtown Dubai hotel apartments?


Hotel apartment style living is in demand around the world.  If you think of cities like New York and London, hotel apartment is the way of life.  This is exactly the same with Downtown.  People who are looking for property for sale in Dubai usually have a busy way of life, may travel a lot, travel in and out of the city a lot, and are looking for a ‘no-fuss’ option.  Downtown in Dubai is filled with restaurants, shops, coffee shops, and malls.  People can wander from their Downtown Dubai hotel apartment and easily get delicious food, delicious coffee, enjoy a walk, sightseeing or shopping, and then go back to their hotel apartment Dubai and literally chill.  A hotel apartment is all about lock-up-and-go and an easy lifestyle.  You will find local and international people buying a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment either as an investment or to live in.  Many people buy them and rent them out. There is always a demand for the Downtown Dubai area and for a hotel apartment Dubai.


Is Downtown Dubai safe?


The Downtown area of Dubai is so safe, and a property finder Dubai can attest to this.  It is an area frequented by locals and tourists alike and Dubai, the city, takes safety seriously.  A Downtown Dubai hotel apartment will always have good security, either with a security guard or with a fingerprint system, or a keypad system.  The area is safe to walk around, and if you are choosing a hotel apartment Dubai for an easy lifestyle, you will get the easy lifestyle.   Having a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment means you are choosing a lifestyle where you have an apartment that is either semi or fully equipped.  It means if you choose to rent out a hotel apartment in Dubai, it will be an easy rental. There are always people looking to rent apartments that are central, safe and equipped.  You will easily be able to find people who want to rent out your apartment, either long or short term.  You might be choosing to rent out your apartment as an investment and to get the income from the rental.  You will always get a decent rental and there is plenty of property for sale in Dubai.



Is a rental in Downtown Dubai a good idea?


If you are buying a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment to rent out to somebody else, yes, it is a good idea.  There are always people looking to live in the Downtown areaThe kind of people looking to live here is business people who work in the area and do not want to travel too far.  The kind of people looking for property for sale in Dubai are those who travel a lot and want to come in and out of the city as and when they please and have a ‘lock-up-and-go’ and easy to maintain apartment.  The kind of people wanting to live Downtown are also people who want to be central, in a good location, and with a wide selection of restaurants and shops in the area.  They are people who understand apartment life and the idea of easy lifestyle. If you use a good property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties and buy a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment you will be embracing a city life that is exciting and where you have everything close by or within walking distance.  And if you are choosing to rent a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment you will have the low maintenance, exciting and easy rental.


What are prices like in Downtown Dubai?


Downtown Dubai is made up of several different zones.  Some are more expensive than others.  The landmarks in the area are the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the Burj Fountains, and the Dubai Mall.  You can find a Downtown apartment that is close to these landmark places and you may find that the closer you are to any of these landmarks, the price is higher.  But given there are many zones to the Downtown Dubai are and there are many different styles of apartments and therefore different prices.  You can be high up with a stunning view and you will pay more.  You can be lower down without a view and your price will be less.  Either way, a Downtown Dubai hotel apartment is a very good investment because you can either rent it out and get a great rental, you can live in it and have a fantastic lifestyle and when you want to sell, you will get a good resale price.   A hotel apartment Dubai can be well priced, especially when you consider that the apartment is either semi-equipped or fully equipped.


If hotel life appealing to you?


A hotel lifestyle appeals to many.  You are not living in hotel per se, but living in a hotel apartment which means your apartment has pretty much all the facilities you need, you have the kitchen equipment you need, you can lead an easy and simple lifestyle while really being in the hub of things.  You don’t have to go eat out all the time, you can get food and cook, you can get takeaways, you can choose how you want to live.  The one thing you don’t have to do is rush around and buy equipment or furniture, it is all done for you.  This appeals to young, to old, to local, to foreign, to visitors and to permanent residents.  There are many Downtown Dubai hotel apartments for sale, the prices are good, and the area is central and well located.  You may well find this is the right kind of investment for you and for your family.


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