Dubai Hills Villas For Sale

Dubai Hills Villas For Sale

Dubai Hills Villas For Sale

So, what are Villas?

Villas are a type of lavish country house. In the old Roman times a Villa was actually a Roman- upper-class country house but since then the idea of a Villa has developed significantly. After the time when the Roman Empire was long gone, a Villa actually meant small farming houses, where farmers actually stored their stuff.  After that, in the Middle Ages the meaning of a Villa changed again, then a Villa meant an upper-class country house. So, now in modern ages, a Villa means houses of different shapes and sizes on the countryside.


About Dubai Hills

The estate of Dubai Hills is constituted with various different neighborhoods, built around an exclusive 18-hole golf championship course. The real estate contains various parks, gardens, and beautiful walkways. Each of the community has its own character, like Park Point that provides great apartments and the Dubai Hills, which is a community that provides exclusive Villas for a living. Each of the Villas is an architectural marvel and provides the buyer with an expensive lifestyle in the heart of Dubai. Anybody can find Dubai Hills Villas for sale and can buy one without much fuss.


The main goal of Dubai Hill estate was to provide sustainable facility to live which will include every essential facility for the families or couples living there, like schools for the kids, a medical center, parks, lounges, supermarkets etc.


What to do in Dubai Hills?



There are many activities that can be performed in Dubai Hills. The whole community is 45 kilometers long, so there is space for nature trails, cycling, running and jogging etc. It is a very attractive place for the nature lovers. There are also gyms, spas, health clubs, salons etc, all of these amenities are available just a minute away. There is also a big Tennis Academy, a soccer pitch, and a swimming pool in case anyone does not like Tennis. There is also the center of attraction, the huge championship golf course, and a walking range. Also if there are any individuals who do not know how to play golf, there is a state of the art training academy here to help them.



The Dubai Hills estate includes various fashion boutiques and outlets for various branded products. There are also many classy malls and shopping hubs available on the estate. There is a big supermarket, where each and every household product is available, alongside various restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes. There is a restaurant called Al Fresco, they provide world class cuisines. In some distance there are the Dubai Polo Club and the Equestrian Clubs and fine dining options are also available there.


What steps to be taken to buy Dubai Hills Villas for sale?


The Freehold law of 2002 has made it very easy for the foreigners to buy, sell or rent any property in Dubai. It does not matter if the property is residential or commercial, if it is purchased with legitimate papers and money, then the owner gets all the power of the property.

But buying any property in Dubai is very easy. The acquisition process is fairly simple and if help needed then hiring a real estate agent will do the trick. So, there are a few things to know while purchasing a Villa in Dubai Hills for sale, they are briefly discussed below….

  • If someone is purchasing any kind of property anywhere in Dubai, they should first figure out the function of the property, like if the property will be used for renting purposes to raise some capital or it is just a luxurious residence for the buyer.
  • The location of the property needs to be figured out before starting to look for properties. Dubai is a very big city and there are various high-class communities available in the city. So, if an area is chosen beforehand then zeroing down on the right property will be very easy.
  • All throughout Dubai real estate, and especially when it comes to Dubai Hills, various kinds of residential properties are available, like Villas, Penthouses, apartments etc. So if a buyer can figure out the kind of residence he is looking to buy, then search for the right property becomes very easy.
  • If the buyer is searching for Dubai Hills Villas for sale online, then the search will be a bit difficult. Although there are plenty of real estate websites on the internet and they provide great information on the properties. It is still better to come to Dubai and inspect it physically. It may be a little difficult for some people but there will be no regrets afterward.
  • If anyone is buying through a real estate agent, then they need to register with the real estate agent and provide proper documents.
  • Finances are the main part of any purchase, but when purchasing a Villa in Dubai Hills for sale the buyer needs to be very particular about his finances. In these purchases, the down payment tends to be very high. So, sometimes that causes a very big problem.
  • Now, after all the finances and registrations are done, the agent will make a list of properties for the buyer that meets his requirements. If he chooses a property from that list then the search is finished but if not, then the agent starts looking for potential properties, and continues to inform the buyer via email or phone.
  • After choosing the property the agent will take the buyer there for up-close inspection.
  • If everything goes all right, the buyer and the seller will come to final agreement on the price and a legalized agreement paper will be drawn, to make it final.
  • Now, for the following process sometimes the buyers tend to hire someone to look through the agreement then after that person looks through the papers, the buyer makes the down payment to the Escrow.
  • The final step has to be done in the office of Dubai Land Department, they transfer the ownership of the land to the new owner, and for that, they take a little and after paying the commission of the agent; the process finally ends.


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