Dubai Marina: Property Buying Guide

Marina Property for Sale

Dubai Marina: Property Buying Guide

Dubai Marina is home to dazzling residential high-rises, beautiful beaches and vibrant urban lifestyle. It is a man-made waterfront and by far one of the most beautiful waterfronts out there. The modern amenities, the healthy dose of luxury and the state of the art facilities attract visitors and expats from all across the globe. With buying, selling and renting made easier in UAE, the construction boom happened in no time and people started flocking in to buy properties to live and invest for the future.

When it comes to buying a property for sale in Dubai Marina, it’s pretty hard to go wrong! The stunning views, the horizon, the beaches and high-rises make it a very desirable place to invest on a property or a house. When somebody sees a Marina property for sale, they instantly drop any other property buying plans he or she had in the past.  Such is the popularity of the place and rightfully so!

The area offers state of the art facilities and infrastructure with modern and urban lifestyle to the residents. Apart from this, the area is also adjacent to the Jumeirah Beach Residence, (famously known as the JBR), which means all year round access to the beach. It offers equal amenities and options for both singles and families alike.

However, with various towers and apartments to choose from, one might confuse himself or herself on how to choose the best as per the requirement. Everyone wants to invest in a good quality apartment while going for a decent maintenance fee option. Though it is imperative that one will find good quality apartments for sure, getting a low maintenance fee apartment is a tough task.  So, how can someone buy the right property for sale in Dubai Marina? Here’s how:

  • The location is everything

Choosing the apartment with respect to the location is a great way to find the best properties. If someone wants good connectivity to the main city, properties well-connected to Dubai Marina is the best choice. Marina Quays has superb connectivity due to the accessibility to the tramways. Similarly, due to the popularity of the place and surrounding areas like JBR, these places are a tourist attraction nowadays. And this, in turn, makes the whole area a bit more crowded than usual. So when it comes to avoiding the traffic in Dubai Marina, or if someone wants to steer clear of the bustling crowd, they have to choose something that would help in easy access going in and out of the area. For that, the Trident Grand, the Botanica and the Al Bateen are good options to start the search for a Marina property for sale. For the best view, The Elite Residence is a good bet. Though almost all the towers and buildings offer a fairly good view of the Palm Jumeirah,  the view gets better higher up. But for this, there is an extra premium! Al Bateen offers a good view of the Dubai Eye. An average Dubai Marina 2 BHK unit ranges between 1,400 and 1,600 sq ft in size overlooking a picturesque view of the open sea, beautiful beaches, and dazzling high-rises.


  • Know the service charges

When it comes to service charges, one of the lowest rates offered is in the Emaar 6 towers in Dubai Marina. The rate is more or less around AED 13/ square feet. A strong owner’s association makes this possible. There are many places with low services charges but Emaar 6 wins this by a good margin.

Service charges are a vital thing while property hunting anywhere in the world. It should be one of the things to definitely consider while planning to buy a property for sale in Dubai Marina. Service charges or maintenance charges can easily burn a hole in the pocket. Though if someone is looking for a property in Dubai and more so in the luxurious Dubai Marina, he or she should be prepared to pay good amount of charges! As there is a popular saying “Quality comes at a Price.”


  • The advantages:

Investing or living in one of the most luxurious communities in Dubai has its own advantages. The level of luxury and the lifestyle is by far one of the best that is out there in the world right now. Al Bateen in Dubai Marina offers private beach options along with unhindered waterfront view along with unmatched amenities right there inside the complex itself. With luxurious hotels and enterprises surrounding the area, the level of luxury and the perks are absolutely unmatched.

So, while choosing a property for sale in Dubai Marina, one need to chalk out the perks that the area offers and then go for it! Assessing or visiting the place can be a good start. This will ensure that one will see the reality with his or her own eyes and that would make things a bit easier too!


  • Opting for off-plan options

With new developments planned and new constructions already on the way, going for new off-plan properties can be a great solution while searching for a Marina property for sale. Going by, the advantages of owning an off-plan property, going for one would be a great investment option, that too, in Dubai Marina.

The Marina Gate, the notable project that is to be completed soon will be a brand new locality, with improved infrastructure and overall environment. There will be 3 towers giving access to Marina berths while Dubai Marina being the door-step to the Marina Gate.



Another good option while searching a Marina property for sale, is to go online. Yes, online property searching has a lot of advantages. First, it offers a lot of options and second, one doesn’t have to hire an estate agent initially. There are proper listings with the price, benefits and exact blueprint of the property.

So, finding a Marina property for sale is not very tough. However, the proper know-how is really necessary. These tips will surely help one find the best deals that suit his or her needs and requirements!


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