Dubai Sports City Apartments For Sale – Tips on Making the Best Deal

Dubai Sports City Apartments For Sale

Dubai Sports City Apartments For Sale – Tips on Making the Best Deal

Dubai Sports City Apartments For Sale – Tips on Making the Best Deal

Perhaps you are a home buyer in Dubai who loves an active lifestyle; you might want to consider buying the Dubai Sports City apartments for sale. This dynamic city features standard sports pitch and sporting equipment that makes it a lovely residential neighborhood where you can see residents jogging and cycling all through the day.

Of a fact, buying a home either to live in or as an investment property is a huge capital commitment. Most people tend to live long years in the house they purchased, so it is relevant to examine what makes Sports City apartments an excellent location to buy a home in Dubai.

About the Dubai Sports City?

Dubai Sports City has a land area of approximately 4.6 million sq. ft. Freehold towers situated along the renown Mohammad Bin Zayed Way. The development is made up of medium-height apartment homes, large villas and diverse sporting facilities with a golf pitch and cricket court.

Sporting Facilities in the Dubai Sports City

You will like the Dubai Sports City apartments because the city is one if the real estate hub in the United Arab Emirates. There is an aggregation of off-plan development, which is competing to bring middle-income purchasers and investors whose cash range is from 0.5 to 1.2 million AED.

The facilities of the Dubai Sports City keeps growing. It is currently linked to Dubai via two key openings. The sporting facilities are yet to fully mature and in the next couple of years major international sporting events can be held there.

Cricket Field

If you buy one of the Sports City apartments for sale, you will have unhindered access to a 25,000 capacity cricket field where you can sit and watch international cricket competitions and concerts.

Multiuse Open-air Pitch

This multipurpose field is billed to contain about 60,000 spectators where sports like soccer, rugby, and javelin will be played. Aside from these, residents of Sports City apartments Dubai will have exclusive access to a rugby game pitch and indoor field.

International Regulatory Agency

Additionally, the Dubai Sports City has an 18-hole golf-pitch and a lot of sports institutions for cricket, soccer, table and lawn tennis and golf pitch. Also, the International Cricket Council that regulates Cricket sport all over the world has its headquarters in Dubai Sports City.


How to Buy Sports City Apartments For Sale in Dubai

Purchasing an apartment that is sold again in Dubai Sports City is just like what obtains in other neighborhoods- Dubai Marina, Deira or Jumeirah Lake Towers.

You will look for an apartment and make a formal offer, usually through the real estate agent. Should this proposal be considered, you will be asked to make a down payment. Again, you will be levied an estate transfer charge and estate agency fee.


How to Select an Apartment to Buy in Dubai Sports City?

Do you want to purchase one of the Sports City apartments in Dubai, and you do not know how to go about it? Here are some tips.


Research about the Location

It is necessary you conduct an analysis that can assist you in precluding possible future problems. However, the Dubai Sports City is one of the free zones you can buy a freehold apartment from. Nonetheless, it is essential that you look for individual advice from those who are already living in the neighborhood before purchasing any Sports City apartments for sale.


Know the Type of Apartments to Purchase

Another relevant factor to consider to make a good deal when buying an apartment in the Dubai Sports City is the type of home you want to purchase. You can buy already completed Dubai Sports City apartments from estate agents or purchase off-plan apartments from real estate developers.

If you are considering buying off-plan apartments straight from property developers and negotiate the price solely, it is paramount that you seek legal counsel before appending your signature. Ensure that you completely understand the timescales and the date the development is expected to be completed including any financial implications on your part.

If you have decided to buy off-plan one of the Sports City apartments for sale off-plan, be ready to make a down payment of about 10 percent of the purchase price and then subsequent payments on agreed dates until the building is completed. All this ought to be indicated in your deal.


What is the Price Range of Apartments in Dubai Sports City?

The asking price for Sports City apartments for studios is usually between AED 450,000 – 550,000, albeit there are a lot if apartments whose rate is not up to this, especially in apartments that are yet to be completed or that will soon be commissioned.


Price of Studio Apartments in Dubai Sports City

You can also get to buy a few studio apartments in the luxurious skyscrapers like the Matrix Towers or Cabal Residence with bigger square foot whose prices can range between AED 700,000 and 750,000. Alternatively, if you want to rent Dubai Sports City apartments, be prepared to pay as much as AED 38,000 to 48,000 yearly.


Price of 1-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai Sports City

Perhaps you are the middle-income earner, or you have a small family size, and you are good with one bedroom apartment, the asking price for a single bedroom flat is between AED 650,000 and AED 850,000. Present rent on them is between AED 55,000 and AED 68,000 per year.


Price of 2-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai Sports City

Are you interested in a 2-bedroom Sports City apartments for sale? 2-bedroom flats in Dubai Sports City currently trade for somewhat AED 1,000,000 to AED 1,300,000, and this varies with the apartment itself. Presently, the rental value for a 2- bedroom Sports City apartment Dubai hoovers around 75,000- 100,000 per year.


Recent Trend in Sports City Real Estate

The property market for Sports City Dubai apartment for sale has been quite steady with prices of apartments going up by just 2 percent in the last one year. However, the rents have nosedived. For instance, the rent on a studio apartment in the Sports City has reduced by 16 percent in the last two years. Note that the rent billed on a studio apartment in the year 2015 was AED 50,000, but in recent, it has slumped to AED 43,000. The implication of these for home buyers is that it is the best time to purchase Sports City apartments Dubai.



Dubai Sports City is a neighborhood primarily designed for all manners of sporting activities in Dubai that incorporates residential living in the city to make it livelier when games are not on.  Getting the best deal on an apartment in this prestigious city takes a good knowledge of the types of property available and the locations you can get them from as well as the prices. That is what this article is posed to reveal.


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