Dubai Sports City: Studio Flat in Sports City

Studio Flat in Sports City

Dubai Sports City: Studio Flat in Sports City

Dubai Sports City: Studio Flat in Sports City

The Dubai Sports City, also known as DSC, is an enormous development in Dubai, a mix of leisure, recreational, sporting and business facilities.  Everything centres around sport – you find some of the best golf courses, soccer stadiums, cricket pitches, swimming pools, horse stables – at Dubai Sports City, and then there are many residences all around.  International sporting competitions take place in Dubai Sports City and DSC has really put Dubai on the map for sport.  Of course, Dubai has always been on the map for leisure, the ocean, sightseeing, amazing shopping, great eating and great architecture.  Sport is just another notch on Dubai’s very clever marketing and development strategy.


Why buy property at Dubai Sports City


There is a wide range of property for sale in Dubai and the property in Sports City is pretty special.  Imagine living in an area, a community as such, that has golf course views? Imagine living in an area close enough to a world-class cricket stadium where you can just wander over and go and watch the cricket.  Imagine if you are a parent and your child loves playing sport.  There are sporting academies at Dubai Sports City for kids of all ages, and for adults too.  The residential buildings at Sports City are in various zones, have sport on their doorstep, but also schools, a university, colleges, gardens, swimming pools, shops of all kinds and fantastic restaurants.  Property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties can show you a wide range of property for sale in Dubai and you will see exactly why you would want to buy property here.  If this all seems very ‘family’ orientated, it is not.  If you want to buy a studio flat in Sports City there are plenty available.  A studio flat in Sports City Dubai is in huge demand.  Either for singles, for students, for sportsmen and especially for investment purposes.


Why is buying property in Dubai Sports City an investment?


Any property you buy in Dubai Sports City, especially a studio in Sports City, will have a good resale value.  Property in the area is in demand, either for residential use or to rent out.  While many singles, retirees, professional businessman and sportsmen are looking for a studio flat in Sports City, many people are also looking to rent out a Dubai Sports City studio.  You only need to look at property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties to see how many studios are wanted.  Plenty.  There are always people looking to rent in Dubai Sports City, coming to watch the golf or the tennis, and there are plenty of people who buy a studio for sale in Sports City, specifically to rent it out.  Property here is a great investment, not just a good investment, in particular a studio flat in Sports City. You can find property for sale in Dubai and then rent it out, either short or long term, to generate a hefty income.



What is the lifestyle like at Dubai Sports City?


The development is amazing.  There are three different residential zones with tons of high rise buildings, studio flats, villas and luxury apartments.  Then there are all the sporting facilities and stadiums and academies.  And then there is the retail and commercial zone.  In all the zones you will find great restaurants, the best shops and also ordinary shops (one must buy groceries you know) and the ordinary things you need for day to day life.  If you own a studio flat in Sports City your flat may be quite small but your apartment block will have a garden and probably a swimming pool and then the development itself has lakes and gardens, walkways and pathways, bike paths and all those fabulous restaurants.  The lifestyle here is good, whether you are in a studio flat in Sports City or a full-on luxury apartment.  There is a lot of property for sale in Dubai and you can use property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties to help make your search easier.  You want the apartment or flat that is perfect for you, and you will find it if you go about searching the right way.


How do I search for the right property in Dubai?


If you are looking for a studio flat in Sports City and a studio flat for sale in Sports City start off by doing research online.  Google your search, which would be studio flat in Sports City and see what pops up.  Narrow down your search by putting in your budget and any special requirements – close to a school, close to a cricket academy, close to a coffee shop!  Then you may want a realtor to help you, or you may want to chat to people who already own a studio flat in Sports City.  Ask questions, find out how much they paid and when they bought, and ask about the lifestyle.  Sports City Dubai offers a fabulous lifestyle, luxurious and stylish, perfect for families but also for singles, perfect for rental investments and perfect if you want everything on your doorstep.


Where exactly is Dubai Sports City?


Remember Dubai Sports City is huge!  It is on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near the Dubai Motor City.  It is not far from the Dubai Marina or Dubai Marina Mall, but it does have its own fabulous malls too.  You can get anywhere you want from Dubai Sports City, easily and seamlessly. If you own a studio flat in Sports City  but travel a lot, your studio flat in Sport City Dubai will offer you a real ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle, be easy to maintain and easy to rent out too.  It is near all the major highways and metro and road systems, it has everything you could possibly need, it is popular with locals and foreigners, and property here is still well priced.  Have a look at the internet, look at the photographs of a studio flat in Sports City for sale, compare prices, get help with your paperwork if you need help, and buy!  Property in Dubai is in demand, it is luxurious, stylish, elegant and who wouldn’t want to invest in Dubai?


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