An Expat’s Guide to Buy Ready Villas for Sale in Dubai

Buy Ready Villas for Sale in Dubai

An Expat’s Guide to Buy Ready Villas for Sale in Dubai

If you are considering moving to Dubai from any part of the world either to set up a business, to work or for holiday purposes, then there are chances that you have thought about ready villas for sale in Dubai. Unlike some 15 years ago, before foreigners were permitted to buy properties in Dubai, it is now quite an easy task to buy properties in Dubai. As a result of the high population of expats in the United Arab Emirates, there are many ready Villas for sale in Dubai. However, not every foreigner knows what properties are worth buying.

This article was written to guide foreigners that are looking to buy ready villas for sale in Dubai. It contains tips that can help you get value for your money while purchasing properties. That said, these are the things foreigners should know before buying ready villas for sale in Dubai.

Get a Ready Villa in the Right Neighborhood


Location is a significant factor when buying ready villas for sale in Dubai. As a foreigner, if you must enjoy your property, then you should choose the right environment. There are many reasons why it is essential to buy a villa in the right neighborhood. However, one of the most important reasons is the value of the property in the nearest future. Usually, villas that are situated in excellent areas appreciate much faster than those in not too good environments.

If you are looking to buy ready villas for sale, then you should consider buying a villa in one of these neighborhoods

  • Dubai Marina
  • Garhoud
  • The Greens
  • International City

Consider Parking Space of the Ready Villa for Sale in Dubai

The temperature in Dubai can be as high as 50 degree Celsius in summer. This is very effective at making cars deteriorate very rapidly.

if you are looking to buy a ready villa for sale in Dubai, then parking space should be one of the biggest things on your mind. If the villa that you are about to buy does not have a covered parking space, then buying it could be a major mistake.



Traffic should be put into Consideration


If you are going to be on the move always, then you should take out time to move from one point of the city to another. This will help you have an idea of what the traffic situation is like and how you can handle the situation.


Get a Perfect Understanding of What the Property Market is like


The property market in various countries, as well as cities, differ. This just implies that the having an understanding of the market condition in another country does not mean that you will know the property market in Dubai. Therefore, as a foreigner who is looking to buy ready villas for sale in Dubai, carrying out research cannot be underestimated. With a perfect understanding of market conditions, you can decipher the right time to buy ready villas for sale in Dubai.

Get to Know the Approximate Cost of the Villas in Dubai

As you go on to search for a ready villa for sale in Dubai, it is vital that you know the approximate amount that these villas are sold for. Also, you should know what part of town has a higher price tag attached to properties.

It should be noted that the prices of ready-made properties will differ because of specific factors. Some of them are the amenities in the apartment, the part of town the apartment is located, the cost of maintaining the condo and how old the property is.

Have a Knowledge of the Type of Property that you are buying

There are three types of properties that can be purchased by foreigners in Dubai. These three properties have different characteristics. As a foreigner who is looking to buy ready villas for sale in Dubai, it is essential that you know the type of properties in Dubai.

The property types in Dubai include

Freehold Properties

This is the ideal type of property that can be gotten by foreigners. As soon as you make your payment for a freehold property, it becomes yours entirely. This means you can rent it out, sell it or pass it to your children or whomever you choose as an inheritance.

Although ready villas for sale are not always sold as freehold properties, sometimes they are. If you are interested in buying a freehold ready villa for sale in Dubai, then ensure that you do so from a real estate developer who has excellent credentials.



Usufruct Properties

This is one of the three property arrangement that is in existence in Dubai. This property arrangement is merely a lease that is valid for a long time. It is usually valid between 10 – 100 years. The number of years that this will contract last is entirely dependent on the purpose for which it was leased. Typically, properties that are leased for commercial purposes are valid for longer than properties that get hired for private purposes. As the owner of a Usufruct property, you are free to do what you want with it except of course destroy it.

Commonhold Properties

This type of property has many things in common with freehold properties. Just like freehold properties, commonhold properties can be rented out, sold, and also passed on as an inheritance. However, unlike freehold properties, the owner of a commonhold property is not in charge of the surrounding environment. As a result of this, maintenance fees have to be paid to the developer of the property.

Get to Know the Legal Requirements for Ready Villas for Sale in Dubai

The fact that this point was not mentioned first does not in any way mean it is any less important. Once in a while, disagreements arise between buyer and seller of properties. This, therefore, makes it essential for you to know the legal requirements of ready villas for sale in Dubai if you must pull through.


The above tips are some of the many tips that can help foreigners get the right villa for sale in Dubai. When stuck too carefully, you are most unlikely to make a mistake while buying a property.


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