Formula for Double Digit Returns

Formula for Double Digit Returns

Formula for Double Digit Returns

As much as everything excites you towards a real estate investment, never compromise on the fundamentals; which is to pick the right developer and right location; especially when a market has a lot to offer and is still in its nascent stages. The above two things will always give an edge of appreciation and always have more demand over the others.

  • Find a developer who offers affordable living with facilities of a dream living. A developer who can offer both will always help your property appreciate and will attract end users and investors both.
  • Invest in the middle segment (affordable housing) as this segment always works. There’s a simple philosophy attached to it. In a supermarket there is one general manager and 30 section/department heads. It means 1 high income individual against 30 middle income individuals. Mid-income group is the backbone of every country. Because majority of the population is created from low and mid–income groups. Mid-income group is bound to grow with the announcement of Dubai Wholesale City, Expo 2020, USD 1 billion fund invested in the E- commerce and investment in infrastructure and tourism, apart from the continuous growth in retail and trading will ensure new job opportunities in the next 5 year. Hence there will always be real demand and investor demand for middle segment. Own a home before investors reap all the benefits.


How actually you make double digit return:

Let’s take an example of Nshama Town Square 1 Bedroom Apartment:



Ahid Shaikh Mohammed
Deja Vu Real Estate


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