A Guide to Where You Can Find 1 Bedroom Flat To Buy in Dubai

1 Bedroom Flat To Buy in Dubai

A Guide to Where You Can Find 1 Bedroom Flat To Buy in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has been competing with many countries across the globe to set up real estate for investment for quite some time. This has been to promote the state’s economy. As most of the super security attract more investors who would contribute to the gross domestic product of the country.

It’s now amazing to find out that Dubai is at the top of the list in front of many countries leading in real estate investment. Many investors have been motivated to seek more investment opportunities being sure they will earn great profits as they serve the global community diligently. That’s why this content is prepared to guide you where in this country, especially in Dubai will you find 1 bedroom flat to buy.

There are numerous places where you will access 1 bedroom flat to buy. Luxurious places devoid of insecurity issues. Places where a cool environment is set for recreation and family time to rejoice for individuals. Children would have their play area. Adults will switch to other facilities such as swimming pool, gym, racing pavilion and many other activities. Whenever you acquire full ownership of the flat, these are the privileges you’ll receive.

Now, this question needs to be answered here. Where in Dubai can one find 1 bedroom flat to buy? Real estate investors are thirsty to know how to access the apartments. You being one of them, you now need to know where and how to acquire. One of the sites among many other magnificent places is MAG properties. But the whole guide will be finally streamlined in this article specifically on how to go about this.

After a change of law in property ownership in this country in the year 2002, MAG Property has been one of the precious apartments that were planned by real estate developers. It had a focus on hosting an avalanche of foreign citizens and investors who immigrated to the country as expatriates. Truly, it was successful. Many of them took an advantage of the apartments and settled comfortably.

Now, more apartments have been set. They are available both new and reused apartments. The standard conditions have been adopted to ensure they suit the current developments in real estate as well as meet technology requirements. The government of this country has levied very negligible tax levies to encourage investors to invest in real estate. An opportunity to market the facilities and gain superiority over the other nations of the world.

MAG property offers several unit apartments including modern studios, single; 1 bedroom flat to buy. Fully refurbished one-bedroom apartments with a collection of amenities. To offer clients a stunning and an overwhelming experience for their families. Every kind of service facilities is available within the same setup.

As it’s with this apartment, others renowned apartments take the same course or may even exceed the service limits. For the case, you need to vet between the quality you anticipate for and cash available for the single/one bedroom flat to buy. They all present spectacular views from the external point, likewise the internal outlook. The artistic work applied to give the eye a nice touch on visualization.

Here are the advantages of 1 bedroom flat to buy in Dubai.

  1. Extensive outdoor leisure -spaces and landscaping.

As described above, different facilities for leisure and recreational activities are available. This range from swimming pool, Gym, racing pavilion, to theatre rooms. The diversity is purposed to host multiple nationals culture and age groups accommodation. Be children, adults, or English, French, Spanish or African race, are accommodated. None of the groups are forgotten in this category. You only choose what best match your tests and preferences.

  1. Featuring studios accompanying 1 bedroom flat to buy.

These are the facilities for talented individuals. Any kind of talent can be performed in this artistic space. Designs have been tuned to meet user’s demands. In line with the current technology to give a feel and sense of rejuvenation in talent performance. Do not forget archive records. As the space is specifically meant for art performance. Archive materials have been incorporated to offer relevant training to individuals.

  1. Flexible adjustable payment plans at affordable prices to buy 1 bedroom flat.

Monetary value unavailability should not bar you from your dream 1 bedroom flat to buy. Various adjustable payment plans are disclosed and made known to the flat buyers. The only confusion comes when you do not have legal documents to validate transactions. You should, therefore, look for all documents before you proceed with the legal process. 1 bedroom flat to buy are available in plenty and thus real estate developers are forced to be flexible. Because when one fails to agree with the clients, the buying agreement is transferred to another developer. The process shall be continuous until you reach out to the final billing agreement. That means you’re able to bill an agreement with affordable prices.


High tech security is assured. The government forces and machinery have been put in place to ensure the safety of its citizens is guaranteed. National identity verification is one of the criteria employed to curb irregularities in security system and illegalities in the convocation areas. Software technology incorporated play a very big role.





Here is a procedure for one bedroom flat to buy. You’ll need it to acquire your possession.

  • Have all required legal documents.

This has been the policy since 2002 to control irregularities. The government of United Arab Emirates introduced a new international passport to guide property buyers. Especially from other nations of the world. This new document requires a little confirmation of monetary value you have for acquisition. The value demanded verification is at least, $ 272000. This amount shall not be deducted from your account but be used to guide the release of the passport.

  • Determine full cost for 1 bedroom to buy based on the determined selection.

Lawyers are the experts who confirm the whole legal process to follow and record the overall costs. They shall enumerate all costs one by one, on each item to get the full expenditure. Anyone can jump in the exercise as they may serve as middlemen just to cause you to incur more costs. So be keen on whom to select to execute the role. Also, the expert should be registered by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) of United Arab Emirates.


  • Get a mortgage in Dubai

This gives security to acquire the property with an ease procedural way. It also communicates to the real estate agent or property developer that you’re are fully committed to buy the flat.

  • Submit reservation form to safeguard the Apartment:

The form gives all information about your identity, occupation, and monthly earnings that will help to speculate your capabilities to acquire one bedroom flat. It’s this information that will hold standstill the property until the time you fully buy.


  • Pay reservation deposit for the apartment.

Helps to keep the flat fully in your custody and wait for full payment to acquire finally.

  • Complete the Formal Sales and Purchases Agreement form;

Bills agreement to possess the property.

  • Transfer the deeds


At a times you may be forced to sign a memorandum of understanding. After which you pay an initial deposit and finally have your 1 bed flat to buy, and purchase to have it in your possession.

Finally, all information about 1 bed flat to buy in Dubai, shall be accessed on this website; https://dejavuproperties.com

They have all information you need about purchase and selling of your flat. 1 bedroom flat to buy in Dubai easily accessible.


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