Hiring a Real Estate Agent Vs Selling a House Privately

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a Real Estate Agent Vs Selling a House Privately

When it comes to selling a house privately this never-ending debate of whether or not go for a real estate agent comes back into action. Everyone has their own perspective about it and it differs from the person next to them. If you have ever thought of selling your home privately then you would also have found yourself in this dilemma. There are many who are mesmerized with the services of real estate agent while there are also some people who put weight on selling your house privately.

While looking forward to selling your home it is better to have a clear approach rather than swinging in dilemma and the best way to get out of the doubt is to perform a detailed research on advantage and disadvantages. If you are planning to sell your house privately and are having second thoughts about it and let us have a look at various benefits of selling home privately as well as of hiring a real estate agent.

Pros of selling a house privately

  • Cut down the cost: The major benefit of selling your house privately is this that it cut downs the expenses by a significant amount. The whole resale value which you get by selling the house that also has a considerate amount of share of the agent. If you plan for private house sales then it helps in saving a lot of money.
  • Direct access to buyer: When you sell your house privately then there is no middle person involved between you and buyer and that is an advantage. Involvement of a middle person may lead to some issues especially if you are not comfortable in working with another person. This also eradicates the possibility of fraud or curbing of money as you will directly deal with the client for selling your home privately and the chances of miscommunication about the price or other issues will be minimal.
  • Better information about home: It is no doubt that no one has better knowledge about your home other than you. You have lived there for ages and are familiar with all the positive and negative aspects of your place. While selling your home privately another added benefit is this that you can better introduce the client to home by highlighting the major areas of the house which are sure to leave a positive impact on the buyer.
  • No trust issues in legal work: You are very lucky if you get a right real estate agent to sell your home as often the cases of fraud agents come into light. If you crossed your path with a cunning agent then you are at risk of losing their prized possession. Selling your home privately saves you from this big threat of getting trapped into legal issues.

Pros of having a real estate agent on your side

  • Saves the time and energy: Selling your house privately is a tedious and long-term task whereas if you have an agent on your side then you can save a lot of time and energy. You need not run from office or any important event if a buyer comes to your place. The time and energy required in marketing, negotiation and paperwork also get saved.
  • The assistance of expertise: If it is the first time you are preparing yourself to sell my house privately then the probability of you being not familiar with this sector is higher. There are many phases involved in selling house privately which are quite complicated and require the assistance and expertise of professional real estate agents.
  • Access to an increased number of buyers: No matter how well you propagate this information that you are selling your house privately it won’t match the number of conversions you will get the assistance of a real estate agent. More is the range of target audience higher will be the rate of conversion. So, if you are willing to speed up the process of selling the property then do get a real estate agent on your side instead of selling home privately.
  • No more panic attacks for Negotiation: Selling house privately and dealing with the professional agent of the buyer is a major turn off when it comes to negotiation. Professional agents are well versed with tactics to negotiate and the owner often fails in negotiating with them leading to a great loss. On the other hand, if one is having access to professional and experienced real estate agent then they no longer need to worry about the negotiation part as it will be the headache of the agent, not you.
  • Remain stress-free from Paper Work: As mentioned earlier yes there is a lot of risk in legal work with an agent but if you have performed the research and hired a genuine real estate agent then get rid of the stress of legal terms and paperwork. Paperwork requires critical observation, knowledge, and concentration so that nothing goes wrong and the agents have an expertise in dealing with all this making all your work up to the mark.

Now the advantages of selling your house privately as well as having the company of real estate agents both are in front of you to make a decision. Yes, selling home privately saves you from spending an extra penny but it also helps you in several ways that will make your penny worth spending. All that is required is a market research of real estate companies so that one does not fall in making an investment at the wrong place.

If you find yourself in the condition that you are good to go in selling your home privately then go ahead. But if it is your first – time experience in selling of property then do not stress yourself much with the thought of hiring a real estate agent. Hire one and you yourself will see the difference it will make if you would have sold your house privately.


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