Hotel Apartments in Dubai Sports City – For Sports Lovers

Hotel Apartments in Dubai Sports City 2

Hotel Apartments in Dubai Sports City – For Sports Lovers

Hotel Apartments in Dubai Sports City – For Sports Lovers

Are you looking to get a comfortable hotel apartment in Dubai sports city? As one of the leading financial hubs in the world, Dubai is a host to a large number of business and leisure visitors who come here on a regular basis for business and leisure. Due to this, there has been a rapid growth in the Dubai real estate sector in the last decade. Besides, Dubai is one of the hottest destinations for real estate investors with investment in billions of dollars from around the world, making sector one of the biggest in the world. Moreover, the government gives particular reference to the real estate sector as it contributes substantial revenue to the economy. Investors are offered incentives to attract more investments in the industry from all over the world.


Are Hotel Apartments in Sports City, Dubai the Place to Be?


Hotel apartments in sports city offer a lifestyle of unlimited sporting action. The Dubai sports city provides world-class infrastructure in it for all kinds of sports, no matter the one you like to enjoy. You will be able to live the passion for any games that you fancy. You would find a tour of this city in your Dubai city tour. From volleyball to cricket, baseball, soccer, martial arts, field hockey, gymnastics, the Dubai Sports City has got you covered. When you lodge in hotel apartments in sports city, you would have proximity to all these facilities.


Facilities in the Dubai  Sports City


The sports city complex offers a fantastic 18-hole championship golf course. You will able be close to the most advanced and most modern stadia in Dubai. You can experience the excitement of Olympic style netball, swimming, boxing, handball and more, all year round in one spot only in Dubai. The Dubai Sports City is an ongoing project, part of a 2 billion square feet project by Dubailand project that is being built with an investment of AED 18 billion. This place is where reality meets fantasy. It has become the first and breathtaking adventure, entertainment, leisure, and tourism location in the world. The Dubailand and Dubai Sports City have been designed for the pleasure of all categories of sports lovers no matter the age group, gender, world regions and activity preferences. Tour the Dubai Sports City during your city tour when you stay in hotel apartments in sports city.


Sporting Activities in Dubai


Sporting in Dubai is a favorite activity and a well-known feat. Hotel apartments in sports city enable you to have proximity to many international level courses and complexes. As a tourist, you can have access to many activities or sit back and watch your favorite game. There is also an opportunity for you to get involved in any of these exciting sports. People of every age can find various activities. There are bowling alleys, cinemas, and indoor games.  Recent trends have shown that outdoor Dubai sports are also gaining popularity. However, you would also discover traditional sports to enjoy, such as camel racing, horse racing, and falconry. Vacationing at hotel apartments in sports city Dubai presents an overabundance of Dubai activities, Dubai sightseeing options, Dubai shopping and Dubai nightlife entertainment.


Dubai Racing


One of the favorite pastimes in Dubai is racing. Boat racing, camel racing, and even car racing are a favored pastime of the Dubai locals. However, horse racing is still the most popular, with various equestrian clubs around the city. These clubs offer basic lessons and training as well as trail rides and show jumping for experienced riders. Horse racing has no doubt become a world-class event. The city’s main track can be found in Naad Al Sheba which is home to the famous Dubai World Cup, the most prestigious horse race in the world. You will also get to enjoy the Dubai camel racing if you vacation in the hotel apartments in sports city Dubai. Though an old tradition sport, the camel racing is still popular among the Dubai locals. It usually holds from October to May and is held on Thursday and Friday afternoons on the Al Hadlga Road 10-kilometer-long race track. It provides visitors an opportunity to observe local emirates in their traditional surroundings.


Dubai Golf


Of all the favorite sports in Dubai that have been mentioned in this article, golf is the most favorable sport in Dubai. It is the golfing world’s best-kept secret and has now been discovered as one of the foremost golfing destinations in the world. You will also find many several world class golf courses around the city. The famous emirate Golf Club is at the top of the list of these golf courses as the Dubai open classic, one of the most important classes in the European Open holds there.


Dubai Activities


Are you looking for a vacation in one of the hotel apartments in sports city? There are various water sports activities in Dubai as well as well as some of the best beaches in the world. You can also enjoy diving, swimming, boating when the sea temperatures are a bit high.


You will be surprised at the many selections of sporting activities that Dubai has to offer. The UAE’s superb climate and modern facilities provide the ideal environment for enjoying outdoors.  If you find the practical side of sports appealing, then you should take advantage of one of the countless sports activities that are on offer in Dubai. From camel racing, mountain climbing, to golfing, a world-class selection of sports activities is available in Dubai. You will be overwhelmed by the number of events and live show you can witness in the Dubai sports city, including the Grand Prix Power Boating Championship, and the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament.


Still wondering why you should get a hotel apartment in sports city Dubai? This jewel of the UAE has been often referred to as a city within a city, a destination for an extensive array of activities in a multitude of world-class international sporting events and state-of-the-art sports venues. It also hosts to top-notch sports academies and provides a platform for youth development along with different recreational sporting facilities. Commercial and residential developments combine naturally together with all the related amenities.


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