Investment Property For Sale – How Can I Sell My Property Fast?

Investment Property For Sale

Investment Property For Sale – How Can I Sell My Property Fast?

Perhaps you have got a commercial investment property for sale, or maybe you just want to develop a real estate property to sell it and realizing a profit from the sale. This is a guide to assist with what you need to do, to sell your real estate development as fast as possible.

You must know that to get a good sale on your commercial property investment building; you ought to have some foundational tips on ways of selling it. Let’s quickly run through these tips before thinking of putting up your investment property for sale.

What you need to know before finding buyers for your investment property

To begin with, it is necessary that the subject commercial building is advertised on popular and real estate-oriented portals. Otherwise, most commercial developers might not even know you have got one to dispose of.

Watch the price you place on it

Ensure that the price tag on the property for sale in Dubai investment park reflects the genuine market value. The truth is if you put too much price on your property, you might not get a buyer in real time.

Be objective enough so that many people will view your real estate immediately you take it to the real estate market, and obtain many bidders wishing to tender their bid.

Evaluate how many people checked on the property and request for feedback from the window-shoppers. This will assist you in comprehending people’s disposition to your property in the real estate market and know if there are pressing needs to address.

Take good photographs

Also, you need to ensure that the pictures of your property you took are showing the best part of the building. People get attracted to pictures of what they see, so it is essential that the pictures are good enough to attract potential buyers. The property must be at its best when the photos are taken. Otherwise, it will lower its value to buyers.

Explain every detail

Right on the advertising website, where you have put up your commercial development property for sale, you do well to tell the potential buyers things about the property. For instance, you’re obliged to tell them that they will not be evicted should a new landlord takes over.



Keep the property neat and tidy

Ensure that the home you want to sell is not dirty, neatly organized and does not need any repairs. The first impression they say last longer. It is therefore essential that the frontage of the property be in shape with a neat garden, recently painted walls and more.

Proven methods of getting buyers for investment properties for sale

If you have been wondering how you can get a buyer whenever you put up your investment property for sale, these points will help you out with the procedures.


-Selling via the real estate agent

Do you have a property for sale in Dubai investment park? The very first thing to do is to get a professional real estate agent. A licensed estate agent will have a fair knowledge of the market value of houses in that region.

To find these real estate agents, you may need to go online and search for real estate agents that have most of the sales in the neighborhood, go with the very one with the highest sales. Inquire from the real estate agent how they plan to sell the property. Their marketing strategies and their plans.

You might meet a handful of real estate agents who will inflate the value of your property or those who lower their charges, go for those who best comprehend your aims and genuinely want to assist you in making a sale.



If you have got a commercial investment property for sale, you can sell it by auctioning it. This is a speedy means of selling your house, because, if a bidder is interested, it can sell that same day you auction it.

Conventionally, people are of the opinion that auctioning reduces the price of the building than other means. However, this is not always true. If you sell via auctioning, you will do well if you reach out to the neighborhood auction office to communicate with the auctioneer. You should be able to get relevant information on how similar properties have fared in recent times.

However, you must know that there’s no assurance that your property will sell that very day, so prepare a backup plan.




-Selling it as “for sale by owner.”

Nothing stops you from posting a notice on your door or at the front of the property that you want to sell it. Although many people who are not interested in the property may contact you, and you may need to check out for them yourself, but it is not impossible that you make a sale via this means.


-Selling to property investment companies

Another alternative open to you whenever you want to put up your investment property for sale is to sell it to real estate development companies. There are quite a few real estate companies that are in the business of buying properties for a quick sale for cash at reduced price.

Most of these real estate firms may not even have the money, but will only act as intermediary and transfer to the genuine buyers. It is advisable here that you deal with renowned commercial property investment companies, and you can request for their portfolio to ascertain their genuineness.


Whenever you have a real estate property for sale in Dubai investment park, you need to consider many things before you begin to find buyers. How clean is the surrounding? The building well maintained? If you are looking to sell your home fast in Dubai, Déjà Vu Properties is your best bet. You can avoid the complicated process of selling your home with our innovative technology.


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