JLT Apartment for Sale – Real Estate in Dubai

JLT Apartment for Sale

JLT Apartment for Sale – Real Estate in Dubai

JLT Apartment for Sale – Real Estate in Dubai

Are you keen on buying one of the JLT apartments for sale? Many residents of Dubai would love to live at the lake towers because of the scenic water view it offers an aesthetic appeal to the design of the towers feature.

Be it that you want to buy a studio apartment or 2-bedroom flat in the Jumeirah Lake Towers, here are some tips that can help you.

Why Buy one of the “JLT Apartments for Sale”?

Purchasing a property in Jumeirah Lake Towers means buying a real estate in a nicely situated community in the middle of the new Dubai. As with its adjoining neighborhood, the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers is a highly inter-connected mix of pleasing waterfront locality and renowned business nerve. The chief distinction is that homes and offices in the Jumeirah Lake Towers are somewhat cheaper to buy.

What Are The Specific Locations I Can Buy Property From in Jumeirah Lake Towers?

Perhaps you have been considering purchasing a studio apartment for sale in JLT Dubai; it is essential to know that Jumeirah Lake Towers is among Dubai’s unreserved zone communities and ideal for sole business people seeking to buy an office or an apartment close to their workplace.

You can check for open apartments at Green Lakes Towers, Saba Tower, Concord or Wind Towers for nice residential apartments for sale in JLT Dubai. If you like office apartments, you can check spacious flats at the Almas Tower or the Tiffany Towers for an open studio apartment in the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Each Skyscraper sports a distinctive look owing to contributions from diverse developers.

What will it Cost Me To Buy a JLT Apartments for Sale?

Presently, there exist up to 79 identified skyscrapers in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, which are partitioned into 26 zones and each band is named by the letters of the English alphabet starting with Jebel Ali cluster and ending around the Rashadiya.

Most JLT apartments for sale in Dubai are of different prices, with the average starting from 750 AED per foot for a 2-bedroom flat while studio apartments can cost as much as AED 1,400. If you want to purchase an office for sale in JLT Dubai, be prepared to pay some AED 350,000 to as much as AED 35,000,000 in the popular Almas Tower.

What Are The Prospects of Buying Apartments in JLT Dubai?

JLT regularly emerges among the highly lucrative neighborhoods when it comes to rental yields as well. So, if you want to invest in real estate by buying2-bedroom apartments for sale in JLT Dubai, you are on the right track, as the average rent charged on residential apartments at present is around 7.5% in a year. In fact, studios in the Jumeirah Lake Studio can command a rent of AED63,000 and a yield of 9.7% profit in a year.

Why JLT Apartments For Sale are Suitable for Investment

Nice Location

You need to consider buying a home in Jumeirah Lake Towers because it is nicely situated close to the heart of Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed way and in the middle of two metropolitan areas – the Jumeirah Lake Towers and Damac Real Estates.

Adaptable for Office and Residential Use

Be it that you want to buy two bedroom apartments for sale in the JLT Dubai or you wish to purchase office space for your business, you can be sure that your kiths and co-workers will appreciate living or stay in the Jumeirah Lake Towers than just any other location, especially the congestion-plagued Dubai Marina.

Possible to Sublease

Similarly, the rents you get to pay in Jumeirah Lake Towers is way lower than what obtains in the Central parts of Dubai and other ‘happening’ areas, and this gives you the leverage to sublet it to foreigners that are traveling to close economic nerves like the Dubai Marina, and Media City.

Proximity to Popular Spots

It is commonsensical to purchase apartments for sale in just Dubai because you can subsequently let it out to expatriates traveling to Internet City which us a 10-minute drive from the JLT or the Central Business District and the Business Bay. Abu Dhabi is just 45 minutes drive from the JLT.

Environment-Friendly Surrounding

Talking about life in Jumeirah Lake Towers, the green concept is adopted. It is a well-designed neighborhood with stylish, cool lake lined flowers and level-surface public walk place where community members can walk, exercise and jog. The public walk place is bubbling with interethnic eateries, sports, and other indoor games center. Lastly, you may want to buy JLT apartments for sale because all the apartments are well-furnished with swimming pools, gymnasium, saunas, and dependable security.

What if I Rent An Apartment Instead or Buying A Studio Apartment For Sale in JLT Dubai?

You Pay Less Price and Get Amazing Features

Renting an apartment, at the Jumeirah Lake Towers will offer you all the benefits you can get in Dubai Marina at a cheaper cost. The neighborhood is very near Dubai’s favorite Sheikh Zayed way and the renowned commercial places like the Dubai Marina, Internet, and Media Cities. At the Same time, JLT is a bubbling business nerve on its own and a good neighborhood to live and work in.

Accessibility to Dubai International Airport

If you rent rather than buy JLT apartments for sale, you will be living or work in a location that is close to two railway stations, and this implies that you can reach the international airport and Mabel Ali from the Jumeirah Lake Towers. You can get apartments to rent at Green Lakes and Amanda Towers. You can as well rent homes in Saba Towers or Jumeirah Bay in the JLT.

Amenities and Facilities in the 2 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in JLT Dubai

The residential apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers have parks and close by, with organized open spaces and covered play areas. It features recreation areas for all ages with green concept employed to ease of stress and bring residents close to nature. Schools are close by, so you needn’t worry about dropping your kids off every morning.

If you are looking for where to buy JLT apartments for sale at any part of the neighborhood, you can check the Greenlake Tower, Bonnington Tower, Dubai Arch, Movenpick Hotel Residences. The community has the cafés, restaurants, The Mall of Emirates, the Emirates International School, Jebel Ali Hospital, beauty spas, travel bureaus, veterinary shops, usually situated in the tower rostrums.

What are the Alternatives in JLT Apartments For Sale in Dubai?

Jumeirah Lake Towers features mostly skyscraper apartment homes, which could have studios or residential flats. Right size and price difference, and this make each tower to be unique and different from the other. You can choose to buy up a studio apartment for your business enterprise or buy a residential apartment to live in and rent out for a fee.

Also, there are different types of residential apartments for sale in JLT Dubai. You can buy a 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom or even single-bedroom flat, the choice is solely yours.


The Jumeirah Lake Towers is an excellent neighborhood where investors and residents can buy apartments for put up for sale. It has several appealing features and exciting facilities which makes it great to live or invest in. If you are looking to buy one of the apartments for sale in Dubai, seek no further, JLT is the right location.


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