All About Jumeirah Lake Towers

About Jumeirah Lake Towers

All About Jumeirah Lake Towers

JLT is the community where the elite of the city of Dubai spends their time. It is a cluster of 87 high rise towers surrounded by 4 artificial lakes with a marvelous view and great services. The dream behind the construction of JLT community is to create a society where living and working can happen simultaneously.

There is no need to worry for the residents about the environment of the community. The residents get top of the class resources and amenities like swimming pools, gyms, spas, game rooms, entertainment centers etc. The office buildings of the community are excellent and they get 24-hour security.

Purchasing a JLT apartment for sale is every person’s dream. People from all over the world come to this community just to buy a lavish apartment and get a taste of the elite lifestyle.

A great community is incomplete without its own shopping center, the shopping center of JLT includes not only shopping malls but also grocery stores, cafes and retail outlets. A huge amount of area was used to develop this community fitted with top of the shelf facilities and services for the property owners.

All that being said, the JLT is the elite society of Dubai, and investors from all over the world are nesting here because of the elite lifestyle this community is providing. Also, the resale value is excellent here due to reasons described above.


What to consider before buying apartments for sale in JLT Dubai?


JLT Dubai is a community where people can live and work in harmony. All the day and night, the restaurants and cafes are open and the gardens between the clusters provide the connection between the areas. There are a lot of additional features like fountains, lakes, gardens, sculptures etc.

Buying JLT apartments for sale is an extremely good choice, but the buyer has to have a lot of money as the elite lifestyle does not come cheap.

The families with children can survive here pretty well, playgrounds and English speaking schools are in the vicinity.


Steps to buy JLT apartments for sale

  • The purpose of the purchase

Even before the buyer draws up an investment plan, he has to think about his investment, as to why he is buying the property. Is it just to rent and gain a good amount of money? Or to live in that beautiful property and lead an elite lifestyle.

  • The proper area and the nature of the property

Well, when buying property in JLT, there are no other options but apartments. But there are lots of different luxurious apartments to choose from. Also, JLT provides commercial properties, if the buyer is looking to purchase a property for official purposes then it is also available.

Fortunately, as the buyer is looking to buy apartments for sale in JLT Dubai, then he has deep pockets and he can also differentiate the towers depending on the views. The 78 cluster of buildings are surrounded by the 4 manmade lakes, so the apartments will have gorgeous views of the lakes and the adjacent gardens. The rest of the 8 towers will have the view of Jumeirah Islands.

  • Register with the agent

After thoroughly inspecting the property, the next step of the process will be to register with the agent by calling them or by visiting them in their offices, which is more efficient. Here the buyer can discuss the other aspects of the property and the proper requirements to buy a property of such value.

  • Finances

It will be very safe for the buyer to collect all of the finances before even thinking of buying a property. This will confirm the amount of money the buyer can provide during the purchase. As when it comes to buying JLT apartments for sale, the sum of money needed to make the purchase is very big. Also knowing the amount of money the buyer posses will influence the search for property.

  • The property of dreams

After the understanding with the agent and acquiring all of the requirements the agent will provide the buyer with a list of properties which fits the criteria provided by the buyer. The agents will also keep the buyer up to date with various emails. phone calls and SMSs.

  • Inspections

The agents will always be available when the buyer is free to view the potential property, mostly it is on the weekends but the agents will accompany the buyer to ensure that everything is available as per their client’s needs.

  • Time to make an offer

After a lot of property viewing when the buyer has finally identified the most suitable property, it is time for him to make an offer. After a lot of ups and downs, the buyer and the agent will finally settle over a price suitable for both of them. Only then they will draft a proper agreement with proper RERA regulations.

  • Deposit

The buyer can hire an advocate to go after the legal agreement or the buyer can see through it by himself. Only after all the parties come to an agreement, the form is signed and the required money will be deposited to the Escrow.

  • The Final step

The last stage of the process is to transfer the ownership from the seller to the buyer, and this will only happen via the Land Department of Dubai. They will also get a fee for the purchase, and the agent will get his/her commission. After all of these are done, the buyer comes out with the legal ownership of the property.



Finally buying a JLT apartments for sale or apartments for sale in JLT Dubai is an excellent lifestyle choice. As discussed before, the purchase process is very easy, but if it still seems very complicated hire an agent. Although they will take a hefty commission at the end, they will get the job done very easily.


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