Jumeirah Park Houses For Sale: Your Dream House Is Here!

Jumeirah Park Houses For Sale

Jumeirah Park Houses For Sale: Your Dream House Is Here!

Buying property has always been a dream of every individual. Everyone yearns to buy a house to live with family and call it their home. Recently buying and selling of property has become a hot topic of discussion. One must know the right strategy and work on various aspects before actually investing their hard earned money in buying a property.

1.Property Finder Dubai: Tips and Points to Remember…

There is a certain amount of investigation needed before buying a property. There are different kinds of property buying. There are rental flats, houses, individual houses, apartment styled house, under-construction property, pre-constructed property or a property that is 10 years old. The list goes on. A good real estate broker guide in finding the right property and take care of each and every process from the day one meets them until the property is registered in their name. Just inform the purpose of buying a property and the type of property. This helps in filtering the options when one is looking for Jumeirah Park houses for sale. There are two-bedroom apartments, single-bedroom apartments, individual house, farm house and many more. By informing the type of property one is looking to buy, it saves a lot of time and energy for the buyer, seller, and the broker.

The purchasing process is simple, especially in Dubai. Property for sale in Dubai always comes with a very simple and straight forward process and it doesn’t involve hidden costs. Once the purchasing process is understood by a buyer, it lifts even the tiniest of fear that prevails in the heart. Property buying is actually an investment of a huge sum from the hard-earned money of an individual. Hence, before investing such a large sum, it is wise to fully understand the process of buying, before making the payment or even taking the decision of buying.

There is a different process for different kinds of buyers and sellers. There are residents or non-residents of Dubai and the process of buying from a resident or a non-resident may vary. Also, the buyer himself could be a resident or non-resident and the process may be different for both. Buying your dream home from the Jumeirah Park houses for sale is not going to be a task though. Just follow guidelines and you will get to your dream home.

2.Get to know the Purchasing Process of the Houses in Jumeirah Park

There is numerous Jumeirah Park house for sale and buying process is surprisingly easy. There are two ways of buying properties in Dubai. One is buying off-plan and another is a resale option. When you approach a real estate broker, he will guide you through the process of off-plan. This is the usual process and the easiest of all. There is just a reservation fee involved here that costs from 5 to 15% based on the budget of the property. When buying under-construction property in this category, it is better to include construction completion dates and also mention some compensation to be made in the event of delay in finishing the construction within the stipulated time.

To buy houses in Jumeirah Park in the off-plan category, one needs to submit their passport. There will also be a reservation form given to the buyer. It has to be filed and submitted which outlines the terms and conditions. It is better to photocopy this form, before submitting the original. This form contains the terms and conditions which is essential for any future reference in case of emergency or issues. Hence it is ideal to photocopy the filled form. If it’s a private seller and a resale property, then Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is made with terms and conditions. This is signed by both the buyer and the purchaser.

All the property for sale in Dubai will be registered with a reservation fee of a certain percentage. The Jumeirah Park houses for sale and buying can also be done through re-sale option as well. This comes under the secondary market; whilst the process is quite complicated, it is quicker when understood well.

3.Understanding Financials and Essentials of Property Finder Dubai…

Houses in Jumeirah Park can be purchased through the Secondary Market. This is ideal for those who are looking at buying a property quite urgently. Seller in need of money urgently is an ideal fit for those who seek to buy Jumeriah Park houses for sale. The mortgage values are to be understood here. In Dubai, maximum mortgage period is 25 years. Mostly, people go for 15 year plan. If the monthly repayment doesn’t exceed 35% of buyer’s monthly net income, then this way of purchase is the best one; provided one need urgently. A property finder Dubai guides the buyer. Some important documents are…

  • passport copy of both buyer and seller of the property and it must have the visa page and copy of Emirate ID card
  • Salary certificates and bank statements for proof
  • MoU form duly filled and signed
  • Title Deed paper of the property
  • No-Object certificate from the developer if it is an under-construction property for sale in Dubai.

Under the column of Jumeriah Park house for sale, it is mostly a villa and individual apartment. The area is quite lavish and hence one has to know the various costs of buying a villa.

Property buying is just not about giving a certain amount of money to the vendor. The expenses can be for various factors that are associated along with the property. Understand some of the expenses that come along with buying houses in Jumirah Park. These are necessary to know and help in finalizing the total cost involved in the purchase. There will be

  • land transfer fees which are connected to the land
  • if applying for a mortgage, fees will be collected
  • community service fees
  • with respect to electricity and water, there will be fees collected

When a person looks at the buying Jumeirah Park houses for sale, it would be easier to buy without any hassle.


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