Live Your Dream, Buy a Villa in Dubai

Buy A Villa in Dubai

Live Your Dream, Buy a Villa in Dubai

Live Your Dream, Buy a Villa in Dubai

Has this phrase been popping up recently? Buy a villa in Dubai, buy a villa in Dubai… it seems to be the next big thing, seen all over social media as the next life goal. Not just a house, but a villa. Not just anywhere, but in Dubai. Whether you live in Dubai and are in need of a holiday home, are looking at relocating or simply looking to add to your property portfolio there is nothing quite like a villa. A structure perfected over centuries to incorporate all aspects of relaxation and luxury, all in a place you can call your own.


Why a villa?


The original concept of a villa came from Rome. Initially used a home away from home, which could easily be accessed from their owner’s major town of residence. Many Villas were divided into two parts; the villa urbanist, the main section where owners would reside during their stay and the villa rustic, where the permanent staff would reside. This standard setup from the very beginning is what created such a demand for villa, set upon gigantic plots of land allowing for a picturesque view and absolute privacy from prying neighbors. From the very first villa to now, there have been a few adaptations. Now not only with Roman inspiration, many villas are styled with Spanish, Tuscan and Venetian inspiration. Villas now encompass a feel of luxury and wealth, incorporating luxury features such a pools, clubhouses, gardens etc. Most villas are styled to feel like a hotel, allowing their owners to relax as if they were at their very own hotel. With one guest… them! The style and luxury appeal with the flexibility to satisfy your luxury needs, be it a splash pool, an extravagant garden or an entire clubhouse for guests or family members. The possibilities are endless. The villa aspect alone is enough for some to buy a villa in Dubai.


Why Dubai?


Villas are growing increasingly popular and are making debuts in countries all over the world. In Dubai, however, villas have become a commodity. Simply google property for sale in Dubai to find the perfect villa! With Dubai’s highly sought after stable economic standing, many people all over the world have relocated to Dubai. Not only is it financially stable, it also allows for a lifestyle many can only dream about. Should you buy a villa in Dubai, you can also enjoy the many perks Dubai has to offer. The extensive shopping malls which include, not only every shop you can imagine but also wonderful activities; indoor skiing and snowboarding or outdoor camping under the stars in the desert. A world of shopping activities and amazing experiences alone has many prospective buyers signing the dotted line without hesitation!


But wait there’s more! The sunshine never stops in Dubai, making it the ultimate holiday destination any time of year. No need to plan ahead and check whether applications, on a whim you are able to jet off to Dubai, with no concerns about rain, sleet or snow. Even if there are mountains of snow back home. Dubai is one of the safest countries in the world, allowing you the ultimate peace of mind regarding not only your property but your loved one’s safety as well. To buy a villa in Dubai would allow you access to the amazing infrastructure available in Dubai; hospitals and education ranked one of the highest in the world! Having access to such an infrastructure would allow anyone to strive towards career goals without worrying over medical issues or economic strife. Children receiving a better education are open to more opportunities, therefore able to do more with their lives. To buy a villa in Dubai would not only increase the present quality of life a person may experience, but also the future quality of life for future generations.


Still not convinced?


If there is still a slight hesitation when wanting to act on the urge to buy a villa in Dubai, perhaps the luxurious lifestyle and fantastic support offered by Dubai is not convincing enough. What would persuade someone to buy a villa in Dubai? Who is not enthralled by the idea of sipping champagne at lunch before skiing down the indoor slopes? Someone more practical perhaps, who is careful with their funds and simply do not see the opportunity that comes when one buys a villa in Dubai. As mentioned above, Dubai has an extremely stable economy, with a 5% GDP growth each year and a strong currency, this shows us that Dubai is one of the most financially stable countries in the world. Dubai is also one of the few countries that do not tax income, nor does it apply VAT (Value Added Tax) on goods or food. Therefore indicating that to buy a villa in Dubai may work out cheaper than buying property elsewhere, even if it’s simply cheaper due to lack of VAT on food.


Not only may your living expenses be lower in Dubai, but when taking all of these factors into account another aspect comes to mind. To buy a villa in Dubai is an investment. Whether the whole family is being shipped to Dubai permanently or temporarily, whether you will utilize the villa or simply rent it out. Regardless of what you do with the property, the return on this investment is almost guaranteed. How many other investments offer a life of luxury without the concern of losing money? Very few to say the least.


So, when that little phrase ‘buy a villa in Dubai’ pops up again, try a good property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties. Do not dismiss it as mental chatter, fads or wishful thinking. Rather embrace it as divine guidance. A sign from above that perhaps the lifestyle that seems so out of reach, one that seems is only available to the elite and powerful, is not only an option for you but an opportunity to invest. An opportunity to invest not only in property but also in family. To buy a villa a Dubai not only allows monetary investments to grow, it also allows families to grow together, providing a brighter future for your legacy.


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