A Look at the Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai

Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai

A Look at the Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai

Most people still know Downtown Dubai as Downtown Burj Dubai. It has been created as a part of a large-scale mixed-use area that is under development in Dubai. Some of the city’s most well-known landmarks are a part of this area. Landmarks like Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, The Address Downtown Dubai hotel, Dubai Fountain, Souk Al Bahar etc. are present in the center of Downtown Dubai. The area is bounded by Sheik Zayed Road on the northeast and the Financial center road by the north-east and is separated from Zabeel 2 and Trade Centre 2 by this.

Most of the low rise residential buildings and apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai are found in the Old Town complex. This area houses many cheap apartments in Downtown Dubai.


The Apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai Apartments

There are many spacious, luxurious and beautiful apartments for sale in the address Downtown Dubai. However, being luxurious and beautiful does not mean that they are super expensive. There are a lot of cheap apartments in Downtown Dubai that can be afforded by the mid-income group. Here are some apartments for sale in the address Downtown Dubai:


The Lofts

Among all the Downtown Dubai apartments, the Lofts termed as ‘The Centre of Now’ is Emaar’s 500-acre dream project. It is a super-spacious apartment complex in the heart of downtown Dubai. It not only consists of luxurious studio apartments but also large 2 or 1 bedroom apartments that suit one’s needs without any compromise in quality of living. The floor-to-ceiling features have been developed by experienced architects and they enhance the sense of space and light. There are tons of luxuries to be enjoyed by the residents which include swimming pools, lush green and well-maintained gardens, leisure decks and even private courtyards. Not only this, but it is also situated nearby the most famous landmarks of the city.

The apartments have access to the best shopping malls, including the Dubai Mall and have a very clear connection to the rest of the city. It is also closely located to the Souk Al Bahar, Arabesque architectural; shopping mall, and the Armani Hotel with its world-class hospitality in the Burj Khalifa. The Burk Park is also nearby and can provide residents with a sight of greenery that they can enjoy with their families in the evening and during celebrations.


South Ridge

South Ridge apartments in Downtown Dubai have been designed exceptionally well and it is no surprise that they are in very high demand among expats. There are six-storey apartment complexes that overlook the awe-inspiring and totally mesmerizing landscape of Downtown Dubai.

South Ridge apartments consist of one, two and even four bedroom apartments. For people willing to spend extra for something even more exceptional, it has penthouses. Amenities in the housing complex include swimming pools, pools for children, state-of-the-art gymnasiums and squash courts. It also has in-house golf-simulators and a badminton court for sports activities. It is of little surprise that South Ridge has become one of the trendiest of places to live in Downtown Dubai. Not only this, it has relatively cheaper apartments in Downtown Dubai. It is also located close to the Dubai Mall and the Souk AL Bahar. The Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa are also close by. The central hub of Downtown Dubai, the Opera District is also next door. It is well known for the festivities and New Year’s Eve celebrations.


Imperial Avenue

Downtown Dubai is the center of business, culture, and luxury in this era. Imperial Avenue housing complex brings out the best in Downtown Dubai. Imperial heights have address Downtown Dubai apartments for sale at a reasonable price and offer the best of luxury and comfort in return. Cheap apartments in Downtown Dubai might sound unreal at first but these apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai are really designed keeping in mind the needs of the middle-income group.

Imperial Avenue has a lot of unique amenities like solar panels for water heating, which reduces electrical and maintenance costs to almost zero, high-speed elevators to cut down the time wasted in traveling to and from the top floors to the ground floor. It also has greywater treatment plants which act as a sustainable source of water. Every apartment has drinking water and LPG lines to cut down on the costs. It has been designed using 6D Building Image Model process which cuts down maintenance costs to almost nothing.


Standpoint towers

This apartment for sale in Downtown Dubai is located on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. There are tons of retail outlets and cafes that are bustling with people situated nearby the housing complex. These address Downtown Dubai apartments for sale have been designed with luxury and affordability in mind. One, two and three bedroom apartments have been designed by internationally acclaimed architects like Smallwood, Stewart and Stewart, Reynolds to meet all the needs.

This apartment complex is also very close to the Dubai Mall, city center, and the Burj Khalifa. The location is very happening, and modern amenities like state-of-the-art gymnasium, swimming pools etc. are present. This apartment complex is truly dynamic and cosmopolitan. It has also been designed keeping in mind the economic needs and, therefore, is within the affordable range of the mid-income group.


Downtown Dubai is one of the trendiest locations in the world and is the center of trade and luxury. Housing people from all parts of the world, it is very cosmopolitan in nature and is very dynamic too. Rightfully named as, “The center of now”, Downtown Dubai will remain as such for many years to come and, therefore, investing in an apartment in this area will turn out to be a fruitful decision. It is, however, a fast-growing region and empty spaces are getting filled up rapidly. Keeping this in mind, it is best to hurry because the entire world has its eye on this place.


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