If You Are Looking For A Studio Flat In Dubai Deira The Time To Buy One Is Now!

Studio Flat In Dubai Deira

If You Are Looking For A Studio Flat In Dubai Deira The Time To Buy One Is Now!

If You Are Looking For A Studio Flat In Dubai Deira The Time To Buy One Is Now!

Dubai Deira is one of the most fascinating parts of Dubai.  It is ‘old Dubai’ which means that while the apartment blocks have been refurbished, the area is still filled with the wonders of Dubai.  It is an area that is rich in culture and history.  You will find the remarkable Gold Souk in Dubai Deira, as well as the Spice Souk, Heritage House, the Women’s Museum and the Al Ahmidya School. The streets are filled with local people, the area is exciting and interesting and the apartments are well priced and fantastic.  A studio flat in Dubai Deira is always surrounded by something exciting and interesting and if you are looking at property for sale in Dubai, look in Deira.


Who lives in Dubai Deira?


Everyone lives in Dubai Deira which is what makes it such an interesting area.  It’s alongside the Dubai Creek and there are the old market traders alongside young business people, there are the traditional local people alongside western cultures, everybody here lives side by side in a real community spirit.  The area has also gone through a rapid change and while it still retains its old charm and culture, there is also some new and shiny.   People who choose to live here are people who have lived here forever, people wanting to experience the ‘real Dubai’, people looking for great bargains and affordable accommodation, young, up and coming, interesting, newly married, professional and retired people. If you are wanting to get into the property market a studio flat in Dubai Deira is an excellent place to start. You can use a good property finder in Dubai like Deja Vu Properties to do your research.


Why buy a studio flat?


Studio flats are more popular than ever before, and this is not just in Dubai.  In New York, Cape Town, London, San Francisco, Hong Kong and all the big global cities, studio flats are in huge demand.  A studio flat is small and easy to maintain.  A studio flat is a good investment in that you will always be able to sell it at a later stage.  A studio flat in Dubai Deira will always be in demand and if you want to rent it out, you will easily find a tenant.  Studio flats are brilliant for lock-up-and-go and for people who travel a lot.  And a studio flat is perfect for size.  A studio flat in Deira usually consists of a bedroom, a separate lounge and dining area combined, a kitchen and a bathroom. Some have balconies which have amazing views of Deira.  A studio flat in Dubai Deira, and there are quite a lot, will command a decent rental.  Studio flats are the way of life for many young and especially young up and coming people, people either studying at university or working in the area.    Studio flat living is pretty hip and also smart.  A studio flat in Dubai Deira is a smart investment.


Is the Dubai Deira area convenient?


This is one of Dubai’s most famous areas and so it has visitors from all over the world. Nobody visits Dubai without going to the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk.  Nobody visits Deira without going for a trip over the creek and the creek in Dubai is really beautiful.  It divides the city between old and new, between charming and contemporary, although that is not to say some of the Dubai Deira buildings are not contemporary.  The area has undergone change and so you find new alongside old. It is filled with charm.  And it is filled with convenience.  You can travel on the water, over the creek, you have all the highways nearby, and it is easy to get anywhere and to do anything.  The area is hugely popular with tourists and there are hotels and resorts. If you have a studio flat in Dubai Deira you can easily rent it out, either long or short term.  You can even buy one and use it as an Airbnb.


What are prices like in the Dubai Deira area?


Like anywhere, prices vary according to your location, view, size, and style.  Dubai Deira has a lot to offer and if you are looking for property for sale in Dubai, you can see how many different styles of accommodation there are.  Dubai Deira, being older and historical, offers some excellent prices and if you look at property finder Dubai these prices will be confirmed.  A studio flat in Dubai Deira is obviously going to be one of the better buys because a studio flat is small and so your price will be lower.  Remember, there are also luxurious studio flats and penthouse studio flats and super luxurious and contemporary studio flats.  Prices differ but in general, a studio flat in Dubai Deira will be well priced.  If you compare property for sale in Dubai and look at villas, apartments and studio flats, the studio flats are generally in huge demand and generally well priced too.  A studio flat in Dubai Deira is an investment. Look at a studio flat in Deira and compare to prices of a studio flat in the Dubai Marina.  There is a big difference in price.


How do I research studio flats in Dubai Deira


The internet is still your best tool.  Almost all property for sale in Dubai is online and you can look at images and prices.  You do need to do your homework and if you are going to a realtor, make sure you choose a realtor with a good reputation.  Check out a good property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties and also read reviews from other buyers and get their feedback.  When doing research, talk to other people who live in a studio flat in Dubai Deira.  They will tell you what prices to expect to pay, what you can expect as rental if you are going to rent it out, and also what to expect from a point of lifestyle. There are tons of restaurants, shops, markets and boutiques in the area, as well as the usual schools, clinics, libraries, parks and recreation facilities.   A studio flat in Deira is a great investment and the area is interesting, exciting and super central.


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