Luxury Apartments in Dubai Marina

Luxury Apartments in Dubai Marina

Luxury Apartments in Dubai Marina

From Tokyo in the eastern shores to San Francisco in the far west, every modern city of the world has a few handpicked luxurious properties where the rich and the famous of the land reside – a world apart from the cacophony that surrounds the mundane urban landscape. With niche design, fantastic infrastructure, and exclusive feel, Luxury Apartments in Dubai Marina undoubtedly ticks all the right boxes to be considered as one of the most desirable real estate in the country.

Though the top-of-the-shelf price tags might raise a few eyebrows, the high-rise apartments stand tall in the glittering Dubai skyline with its extraordinary views, quality built, and luxurious lifestyle that it offers. Top-of-the-line yachts await everyone to set sail on weekends. Strategically located at the Marina, the property boasts of exclusive access to the Jumeirah Beach Residence, a high-class community providing access to the beach (with all associated amenities) round the year.

So, anyone willing to buy the few Luxury apartments for sale in Dubai Marina has to have some serious funding as the price of the properties are pretty high.  Although the Marina real estate consists of various towers but let’s be honest everybody wants an apartment with the greatest view possible, but here good view means an increase in the property value. But then, one would get to dwell among the elite of the city, which means a big and rich community with unlimited access to expensive lifestyle. Some also seek for a good quality apartment and a decent enough maintenance fees that does not burn a hole in the pocket.

A few simple tips to buy luxury apartments in Dubai Marina are elaborately discussed below….


  • Choose the location wisely

For a prospective buyer looking for Luxury apartments for sale Dubai Marina potentially offers the best of both worlds. There was a time when owning a place in the Dubai Marina would entail a worry-free life, but now with the increasing population of the city, places like Dubai Marina and JBR are flocked by tourists and locals alike. Most of the people who own an apartment here want to avoid traffic and enjoy the luxurious benefits of the society. So, it will be best for the new owner to select a good apartment in a tower which will at least provide them an easy access to the outer areas of the community.

JBR is actually a cluster of six towers: Murjan, Amwaj, Rimal, Bahar, and Sadaf. Getting an apartment at Murjan is a very good idea for the Islamic residents as a mosque is available inside the community. Also in terms of excellence, the second and the third Murjan towers are the best in JBR.

When it comes to the Dubai Marina, the Trident Grand, Botanica, and Al Bateen can be classified as the best available option if the residents want to evade traffic. In Dubai Marina, one of the best locations is undoubtedly Marina Quays. It is situated right on the beautiful Marina and provides easy access to the city tram line. Of course, for a place with such hype, the price is pretty steep. But if it is Marina Quays that a buyer longs for, getting a 2BHk apartment in the Emirates Crown wouldn’t hurt. The size of such apartments can be up to 2,600 square feet where the biggest 2BHK apartment in the Dubai Marina is only 1,600 square feet.

  • The Surroundings

Anyone longing to buy luxury apartments in Dubai Marina must know about the surroundings.  Although the area situated in the middle of new Dubai, the nightlife of Dubai Marina is designed for the singles for the city, resulting in a considerably lower number of family units. This stunning and urbane artificial marina is filled with trendy restaurants and various lounges for late night partying.  The center of the marina consists of over 150 high rise buildings, which makes it one of best locations of the city of Dubai.

Dubai Marina is by far one of the most valuable places in the city. It offers exclusive services available within the vicinity of the marina. If someone is planning buy luxury apartments for sale Dubai Marina, then they can also experience the amenities here as well. There is the Marina Mall, Pier 7, the Dubai Marina Yacht Club, the luxurious Marina Walk and loads of other exclusive venues. And all these amazing places can be accessed through 24-hour available taxies and through public transports like trams.

  • The riverside living in an energetic society

The residents of Dubai Marina lives a very active life as The Marine Walk is one of the best places in Dubai for running or jogging, with the most lucrative restaurants in the city dotting it. There is a very famous Lebanese restaurant named Reem Al-Bawaadi and exclusive cafes like Café Bateel. The world famous coffee shops like Starbucks and Costa can also be found. The city of Dubai looks absolutely stunning at night, especially the marina. The skyscrapers make the marina more attractive after the illumination of the buildings in the evening, the beach can be found only a few minutes away, perfect for sea lovers.

The comfort and the luxurious lifestyle of the waterfront living are limitless. Gyms, spas, and pools are all within easy access in these high-class societies. Also, various types of gyms and spas are available for the residents of the society, in the vicinity, making it a perfect location for fitness enthusiasts. Nightlife is vibrant and colorful – in tune with the perfect cosmopolitan environment that the apartments provide.  The walkway itself is marvelous and it is the best way to view the marina — a few kilometers long, it provides an excellent view of the marina.

So, any prospective buyer must ensure that he gets the best deal while buying the luxury apartments in Dubai Marina. The Luxury apartments for sale in Dubai Marina are expensive no doubt, but the views, the facilities, the activities and comfort of waterfront living makes it worth every penny.


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