Meydan Apartments for Sale – Business, Sports, and Lifestyle

Meydan Apartments for Sale

Meydan Apartments for Sale – Business, Sports, and Lifestyle

Meydan Apartments for Sale – Business, Sports, and Lifestyle

There is not a grain of sand or a tiny paper or containers. Nor are policemen seen, but it feels like one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world – Dubai. The figure facts that 2.5 million people of 200 nationalities live and 15 million tourists are received per year. It is a desert, but the city is as cosmopolitan and modern as New York. The numbers of property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties has also increased.

It is Dubai, the city of contrasts that went through an important crisis that made it stop living from the collection of natural pearls, fishing, and dates. Dubai is simply the Best of the West and East. And that is the reason why property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties always in search of property for sale in Dubai for their clients.

In Dubai, there are no half-baked things. Property for sale in Dubai is high in demand all the time. There is the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa which is 828 meters tall. It has the highest residential construction until last year the Princess Tower with 413 meters. It has the only 7-star hotel where the most expensive room is about the US $ 20,000, The Burj Al Arab. It has the largest artificial port – The Jebel Ali. It has the largest shopping mall – The Dubai Mall. It has the islands the largest artificial parks – Palm Islands and The World Islands. It has the largest closed theme park – IMG Worlds of Adventure. The world’s largest artificial ski resort Ski Dubai, and the list continues under the “most of the world” brand.

People see the construction of residential and commercial projects every time and throughout the year. And the reason is there is a huge demand for property for sale in Dubai. Apartments in Meydan are also one of the favorite locations for property finder Dubai nowadays. There are many Meydan apartments for sale in Dubai. Meydan Apartments for Sale are one of the hot searches by the property finder Dubai.

Meydan City Dubai is the destination for sport, lifestyle, and business which is taking shape in the heart of the Dubai city.

Apartments in Meydan:

Dubai city is always higher, faster, and further. Many people always look for Meydan apartments for sale. The fact that Dubai is a record holder in all areas, from the highest Ferris wheel to the largest shopping center, is not enough for the superlatives. The emirate is now working on a complex of buildings that should overshadow everything else. Dubai city is also expanding and they are increasing city’s boundaries. Meydan city is also one of the new development areas in Dubai.

Meydan Apartments for Sale is always in demand because of its rapid and consistent development. The Meydan City Dubai is the whole new project in the area of Ras Al Khor – Dubai. The development of the city was launched on the day of Dubai World Cup 2007. It has covered 40,000,000 square feet of area. It is officially launched on 27th of March, 2010. And since then the demand for Meydan apartments for sale are increasing. Surrounding area of Apartments in Meydan is developed along boathouse, skyscrapers towers, Movie Theater, concourse plaza, clubs, entertainment, hotels, and many more happening things.

Apart from the apartments in Meydan, this new city is also famous for The Meydan Hotel and Meydan Stadium:

Meydan Hotel:

The Meydan Hotel is known for being the first 5 star in the world. It is also a modern base in Dubai and provides with luxurious amenities such as sauna, jacuzzi and infinity pool. Guests can enjoy luxurious facilities and services, such as outdoor tennis courts and rooftop terrace, and views of Meydan Racecourse. Dubai Airport is also not far and it takes only a 20-minute drive away.

Since there are lots of attractions and there are so many things to do at the single place, many people looking for Meydan Apartments for Sale.

Meydan Stadium:

The Meydan Hippodrome is one of the finest stadiums of the UAE. It has a capacity for 60,000 spectators. It was opened on March 27, 2010, and was built adjacent to the 5-star Meydan Hotel. The racing season starts in November and ends on the last Saturday of March, with the celebration of the Dubai World Cup. That is the horse race with the largest cash prize in the world. A small tour is available to visit their stables and to explain how world-class racehorses are prepared to compete in one of the most important venues in the world.

Stadium serves as the conference and business center when the Meydan Stadium is not in use for the racing. Its track’s interiors are also used for filming location.

Some data of interest are its capacity for 60,000 spectators, a covered car park for 8,600 cars, a 1,750-meter sand track, and a 2,400-meter lawn. It is reserved for the most important races. There is a small tour available to visit their stables where world-class racehorses are prepared to compete in one of the most important scenarios in the world. This racecourse has the largest LED marker in the world.

There are many reasons why Meydan city has become popular in UAE. Meydan Apartments for Sale are one of the most searched real estate locations by buyers in Dubai.

The people who are traveling to Dubai, they will only be amazed by the spectacular buildings, replica cities, luxurious hotels and the huge shopping malls. Dubai city has many inhabitants from across the world that includes bachelors, professionals, students, and family. They are looking for property for sale in Dubai. And there are many reasons why this city has become so popular. It has the longest indoor ski hall and the tallest building, including a breathtaking viewpoint. It has already set the glittering metropolis of the Emirates as world records. Dubai is at the forefront when it comes to creating something. But what if the visitors have already surpassed all others? They just break their own records again. And hardly any time would be better than the Expo 2020, which will take place in just two years for the first time in an Arab country.


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