Must Read For Anyone Who Plans To Own A Flat In Dubai!

Own A Flat In Dubai

Must Read For Anyone Who Plans To Own A Flat In Dubai!

Dubai Real Estate


Dubai real estate market is massive but owning a property in Dubai is easier and simpler than one would imagine. Buying and selling property in Dubai can be a relatively easy transaction as well as a very good investment, either long term or short term. When you talk to the millennials today and most of them already own a flat in Dubai.   Many people don’t know that property prices in Dubai are low compared to many other major global cities, making the city a very attractive option.  To own a flat in Dubai is an excellent choice and a very wise investment too.


Dubai is an active hub for both business and tourism. Dubai is a city that more and more people are choosing to live in, not just from the UAE but also worldwide.  People from London, New York, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Singapore and many more, are choosing to buy property in Dubai.  Some live in the city permanently, some use it for holidays or weekend getaways.  Many people own a flat in Dubai. Apart from the fantastic lifestyle and great weather, flats in Dubai are well priced and there is something for everyone.  You can choose to live in a luxury villa, a small home, or a flat.  Yet interestingly, more and more people are choosing to own a flat in Dubai instead of a large luxury villa or house and this is for many reasons, mostly investment and lifestyle.



Why choose to own a flat in Dubai?


Living in a flat has become a choice for many people because of the ‘lock up and go’ attraction.  The idea of owning a property that somebody else will maintain is a very attractive one.  Houses or villas are fabulous, but they do require upkeep.  To own a flat in Dubai means you can have an elegant and fabulous lifestyle without any fuss.  You can have a beautiful lifestyle, call someone else if the plumbing is problematic, and you can come and go as you please.  There is no maintenance and very little fuss and other.  And to own a flat in Dubai is still manageable from a budget point of view.  And of course, to own a flat in Dubai also means that your property will be in high demand.  Everybody wants to own a flat in Dubai.


Dubai is a beautiful and a very interesting city.  It’s been growing at a rapid rate and is filled with skyscrapers that are cutting-edge architecture.  Many tourists come to Dubai just to see the buildings. Many people come to Dubai purely to buy property.  New Dubai is filled with incredible buildings, with views of the ocean, Marina, and glittering lights. There are shops and boutiques, grocery stores, coffee shops, hotels, flats, apartments and everything, all in one.   Dubai has been very cleverly designed so that the urban areas are totally user-friendly.  This is why many people want to own a flat in Dubai. You can live on the fifth floor or the thirty-fifth floor of an apartment, enjoy the views and everything the neighborhood has to offer, and still have peace and quiet with the hustle and bustle nearby if you want it. You can live in a beautiful urban lifestyle but have everything you need close by if you own a flat in Dubai.






What about rentals, if you own a flat in Dubai?


If you own a flat in Dubai you can choose to live in it or to rent it out.  Many people are buying properties, as a family home or as investments.  Flats in Dubai are excellent investments.  There is always going to be somebody who wants to rent it out, often a corporate who has people coming in and out of the city, and holiday makers too. Tourists who come to Dubai used to come in and out in a few days but that has changed. Tourists come into the city for a week, often more, so they can shop till they drop, explore and relax. These tourists very often look for an apartment to rent.  Very often they leave thinking they should own a flat in Dubai! That’s how attractive the city has become.



Why should you own a flat in Dubai?


Owning property is always a good investment.  Why pay somebody else to rent when you can pay for something that will one day be yours?  Dubai properties are great value for what you get, and what you get is a lot.  If you own a flat in Dubai you get a great view, a modern and contemporary lifestyle, a simple but elegant lifestyle and a ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle.  There is nothing more glamorous than heading up in the elevator to your flat, making yourself a coffee, sitting on the balcony and looking out at the world as it goes by, enjoying ocean or Marina views, and then lazing on a couch at night with the glittering lights below you.  It sounds very New York, but it is all Dubai, contemporary, alive and fashionable.  Plus, you can own flat in Dubai whether you are on your own, newly married, an established family or retired.  Dubai has something for everyone, regarding size, lifestyle and price range.



Where do I start if I want to own a flat in Dubai?


Of course, when you buy property you need to do a little research.  If you know Dubai well, you will know which area you want to live in.  If you don’t know the city so well, ask a realtor for help.  And then, chat with the realtor about your budget and your expectations.  A good realtor and Déjà Vu Properties are excellent, will source the property for you, ensure you put in an offer that is neither too low nor too high and will ensure your property is a good investment.  Déjà Vu Properties will do the paperwork for you and take the hassle out of buying property.  If you want to own a flat in Dubai they will ensure you make a good choice and will help you with every aspect of buying the property.


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