Palm Jumeirah Apartments in Dubai – Best Homes To Buy?

Palm Jumeirah Apartments in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah Apartments in Dubai – Best Homes To Buy?

Palm Jumeirah Apartments in Dubai – Best Homes To Buy?

Perhaps, because the Palm Jumeirah is the first artificial island to be built in Dubai, that’s why most home buyers are looking for Palm Jumeirah apartments to purchase. Indeed, the Palm Jumeirah is an exclusive island that looks like a big Palm tree and spans 6,500 meters touching the Arabian Gulf.

The Palm Jumeirah is a lively island that features luxurious apartments and offers an exciting lifestyle and class for its residents. It is divided into units of residential apartments, hotels, and luxurious duplexes. The demand for Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale is on the increase in the recent past because of its unique location and scenic view it gives the residents.

Finding the best home to purchase might pose a daunting challenge to buyers as regards the price of apartments, types, and locations to buy them in the Palm Jumeirah. You are not left alone in your search as we seek to help you discover the ideal apartment for you in the Palm Jumeirah.


What Are the Locations of Apartments in Palm Jumeirah that I can Buy?

Do you want to purchase the Palm Jumeirah apartments and you want to know all the locations you can get them from in the Palm Jumeirah neighborhood?

The Palm Jumeirah is a laudable development that is artificially constructed to fan-out like the Palm in the close by the Persian Gulf. It is a real estate destination for property investors from all walks of life. It is the location of the most popular beach spot and best residential apartments.

Palm Jumeirah apartments have an island that will amaze you with the various alternatives and the comfort of over 4000 homes. The Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale beautifies the trunk with 17 branches and the bands of the tree with its opulent hotels.


Signature Villas

The signature villas have deluxe apartments that are developed in 2006. They are deemed as opulent apartments, and you can get to buy the freehold interest in them. Apartments in the Signature villa are the most known units in Jumeirah island. The chief qualities of this villa are their big size and a plot area of 1200 sq. M and the house of 650 square meters.

When you enter these apartments, you’ll discover an ambiance that corresponds with those of the best quality housing you can ever think of. Signature villas feature one of the Palm Jumeirah apartments with floors finished with marble, inbuilt wardrobe and top-quality materials. The bedroom is furnished with exclusive bathroom and also has air regulating and illumination regulator.

There are several types of towers in the Signature villa. There is the central galley, the Garden Lobby, Grand staircase amongst others. The Jumeirah Palm apartments in this villa have a section which was built in the conventional eastern way, while the other ones were designed in the European fashion. Each one of them wears an incredible look and elegant furnishing.

They have double garages, a swimming pool and straight access to the beach. If you buy an apartment in the signature villa, you have the privilege of altering it to suit your taste, redevelop and widen your plots by purchasing cup adjoining houses. This explains why Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale are usually dissimilar in design.


Garden Home Apartments

If you are considering finding the best home to buy among the Palm Jumeirah apartments, the Garden home is yet another excellent location to consider. Garden Home has opulent buildings constructed in 2007 with four to five-bedroom apartments and a lounge of about 460 sq. m.

The plot is as big as 650 sq. Meters and the apartments come in diverse architectural design, and you can buy them as a private home. The various designs are available in the Garden Homes that include Arabic, Mediterranean, Moroccan and Hebrew types of buildings.

Presently, the Jumeirah Palm apartments in the Garden home have both contemporary and vintage home designs. You can buy a fully furnished apartment with slight superficial renovation to suit your taste as a completely-furnished home purchase.


Canal Cove Row Houses

You can also get to buy Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale in the canal cove townhouses. This location is among the costliest alternatives for residing in Dubai. These apartments can be found in the heart of The Palm Island and sports three to four-bedroom apartments with private entrances.

The Palm Jumeirah apartments in these townhouses are aggregated in groups of six to 12 apartments in each of the buildings. Zones are sharing the joint, cozy beach and small open space. They have well-outlined, and carefully-designed interior and such structures are amazingly comfortable and will make the best holiday apartment to purchase.

Additionally, individual apartments in Canal Cove neighborhood sports different playfields for children and sports, swimming pools, relaxation areas, and grills.


Shoreline Apartments

The Shoreline Apartments are also one of the locations Palm Jumeirah with a completely furnished two-bedroom flat with maid’s room and excellent sea views. You can get the Palm Jumeirah Apartments in the Shoreline Homes with houses arranged along the east of the Palm Jumeirah.

Buildings in Shoreline Apartments sports some of the best and most admired apartments. Five particular beach view club serenades the residents of these apartments, and they have access to health centers, bug swimming pools, gymnasium, beaneries, and play areas.

The Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale offered in Shoreline apartments have terrace, ground floor parking, Internet WiFi, in-built wardrobes, air heating systems, completely furnished kitchen and gym. They share children’s recreational area, parking, open gardens, eateries, and corner shops.

These are some of the locations in Palm Jumeirah you can get to buy an apartment or rent one. Aside from the conventional villa apartments, the Palm Jumeirah offers individual deluxe buildings. The following locations are well-known areas. Club Villas, Grandeur, among others.

In addition to the typical The Palm Jumeirah Apartments villas, the Palm offers unique luxurious houses. The following areas are the most popular ones: Club Villas, Balqis Residence Kingdom of Sheba, The Grandeur, Viceroy, Kempinski Palm Jumeirah.


Prices of Apartments in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The cost of purchasing apartments in Palm Jumeirah varies concerning how big the building is, the furnishing and location. If you want to buy luxurious Palm Jumeirah apartments in top places like the Signature Villa, be prepared to pay at least five million dollars. Alternatively, if you’re going to buy the high-end Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale with incredible sea views, they can go for as high as 10 million dollars.



Buying an apartment in Palm Jumeirah costs a fortune because the location is offshore and competition is high for properties there. This article features the areas where you can get the best Palm Jumeirah Apartments at low prices without jettisoning the luxurious sea view that the location offers.


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