Palm Jumeirah Apartments – Innovative and Unique Architectural Designs

Palm Jumeirah Apartments

Palm Jumeirah Apartments – Innovative and Unique Architectural Designs

Palm Jumeirah Apartments – Innovative and Unique Architectural Designs

Dubai is known as one of the most developed city in the World. Millions of people visit Dubai every year. It is considered as one of the most visited tourist destination. The city is known for its innovative infrastructure buildings. This includes world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. Other major landmarks include Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab and the various malls all over the city. With the increase in the popularity of the city, the number of property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties helping buyers looking for property for sale in Dubai also keeps on increasing.

One of the best examples of the Dubai’s architectural innovation and use of modern technology in construction is the World famous Palm Jumeirah. Because of the designing, engineering and the construction, it is famous as the eighth wonder of the modern world. Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island, one of its own kinds. It is developed by the Dubai’s famous construction developers Nakheel. Palm Jumeirah is a cluster of islands. Nakheel developers have constructed this epic beauty in shape of the date palm tree. This iconic development can be divided into three sectors: the trunk, 16 leaves and, the crescent.

Palm Jumeirah has always been very popular among buyers looking for property for sale in Dubai. Palm Jumeirah has lots to offer in terms of residential accommodations. This includes several luxurious apartments, villas and townhouses. Being a permanent resident or staying temporarily at such a renowned place is a feeling of pride and honor.

Palm Jumeirah apartments are located on the trunk part of the structure. The palm Jumeirah apartments are very popular among buyers because of their location, designing and, the luxuries provided by the developers. In terms of real estate industry, Palm Jumeirah apartments represent class, style and, luxury. Apartments on Palm Jumeirah differ from each other on basis of basic designing, area and, number of bedrooms. Apartments on Palm Jumeirah range from being a studio apartment to the apartments having 1-4 Bedrooms. As a result, Palm Jumeirah apartments can be the perfect home for young professionals, couples, small families as well as large families. There is a Palm Jumeirah apartment available for every kind of family.

Special attention is given to make sure that the residents of Palm Jumeirah apartments can live a comfortable yet luxurious lifestyle. There are various kinds of facilities as well amenities available for the residents of Palm Jumeirah apartments. Moreover, the residents of Palm Jumeirah apartments enjoy extra benefits because of the fact that The Palm is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Dubai city. Palm Jumeirah is hub for some of the best International hotels, world renowned clubs, shopping outlets, dining places and, cafes. Moreover, various activities are arranged throughout the year to attract tourist from all over the place. Residents of Palm Jumeirah apartments can enjoy the benefits of all these facilities.

Designing of the apartments on palm Jumeirah depends on the building or tower featuring them. To attract buyers and to add uniqueness to the palm Jumeirah apartments, all the towers and buildings having palm Jumeirah apartments are built on basis of one or other theme. To add to the uniqueness factor all the tower and buildings have been given unique names. This gives buyers checking out property finder Dubai like Deja Vu Properties looking for property for sale in Dubai an additional factor to select the apartments on palm Jumeirah. Buyer can select a theme of his own choice which narrows the search, and hence it becomes easier for buyers to select the perfect apartment from selected palm Jumeirah apartments.

Location of palm Jumeirah apartments gives an additional benefit to its residents. This benefit is a promise of a spectacular view. View of the entire palm Jumeirah apartments includes:

  • JBR
  • Skyline of Dubai Marina
  • Fronds/leaves of Palm Jumeirah
  • Other remarkable and iconic structure of Dubai city like Burj Al Arab

Location of the apartments on Palm Jumeirah, in terms of the floor, is a major criterion for determining the price of the Palm Jumeirah apartments. Higher the floor clearer will be the view hence higher the price.

There has always been high demand for Palm Jumeirah apartments. The buyer interested in Palm Jumeirah apartments includes local as well as foreign buyers. In fact, there is high demand for Palm Jumeirah apartments for rental purpose also. Potential tenants include young professionals working in nearby business hubs, foreign nationals who have come to Dubai for better job opportunities, mid-way travelers and tourists.

Residents of Palm Jumeirah apartments find Palm Jumeirah a perfect place to stay. Palm Jumeirah is made keeping in mind all the needs and wants of the people. Be it shopping outlets; daily home needs like grocery, bakery; luxurious facilities like spas, clubs; swimming pools, gyms; schools; park (Palm Jumeirah Park); other entertainment centers Palm Jumeirah has all of it. Hence, residents of Palm Jumeirah apartments find staying at The Palm a convenient stay as everything is available in the neighborhood itself. Palm Jumeirah has come a long way since the time of its construction.

Most of the buildings featuring Palm Jumeirah apartments have sufficient parking space for its residents. Palm Jumeirah apartments towers have their own security systems to maintain the safety and security of the residents. Buyers looking for available property for sale in Dubai have an option to select from either fully furnished or unfurnished apartments. Unfurnished apartments a generally have a lower price.  Unfurnished Palm Jumeirah apartments provide liberty to a buyer to get the interior decoration done as per their own taste and preferences. Unfurnished Palm Jumeirah apartments are the perfect choice for buyers who buy these apartments as a source of second income or who have purchased these apartments for investment purpose. Buying such apartments helps investors save lots of money.

Being a famous tourist spot care has been taken to make sure that The Palm is very well connected with other parts of Dubai. The road system is well developed. The Palm is also connected to other parts of the city via monorail. Easy accessibility of The Palm is another reason for the popularity of Palm Jumeirah apartments among the buyers. The palm is centrally located as a result all the major destinations of Dubai are quite nearby.

Palm Jumeirah apartments are known for their unique style, architectural beauty and, quality finishing.


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