The Palm Jumeirah Dubai Villas – Tips When Buying Homes

The Palm Jumeirah Dubai Villas

The Palm Jumeirah Dubai Villas – Tips When Buying Homes

The Palm Jumeirah Dubai Villas – Tips When BuyingHomes 

Are you a first-time homebuyer or who is looking to purchase one of the Palm Jumeirah Dubai villas? However, you do not have enough cash, yet you are determined to realize your dream? Alternatively, perhaps you do not have much experience in the real estate business, and you do not know the pitfalls to avoid in buying real estate at the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, here are useful tips that can help you.


How to Purchase Villa Palm Jumeirah Dubai with Little Cash

Of course, purchasing an apartment in the Palm Jumeirah can cost a fortune. Nonetheless, it is possible with the perfect blend of expertise, innovation, and idea; you can purchase Dubai Palm Jumeirah villa for sale using other people’s money.

Do you doubt this? Here are tips that can assist you in purchasing Palm Jumeirah villas without using your cash.


You Can Leverage on Hard Money

Hard money creditors are private entities who lend money for property development based majorly on the cost of the apartment. Though creditors have been harsher with their minimum requirements in recent times, you can still get to borrow the total asking price for the Palm Jumeirah Dubai villa if the investment appears right enough.

Hard money lenders want to be assured of a return on the investment before issuing out loans, so if what you want to borrow is only AED 50,000 for a villa that you will sell for AED 100, 000 – you can bank on hard money entirely. However, have it at the back of your mind that creditors have their supposed values, so don’t speculate unrealistic returns of the value of villa for sale in Dubai Jumeirah.


Use Equity on Present Home

If you want to buy Dubai Palm Jumeirah villa beach and you do not have enough cash on you, you can use the equity on your present home to borrow loan from financial institutions to purchase the choice Villa.

Such loans are called home equity loans whose interest could be fixed or variable. With fixed interest, the rate will be very high while the variable interest rate is kept low but can change at any time.

This is indeed a cheap means of sourcing money to buy Palm Jumeirah Dubai villas, and you can get the interest from the taxes.


Look for Private Lenders

Aside from hard money creditors, you can borrow money from affluent individuals who desire to get a higher return and widen their investment portfolio. You can use this money to buy Palm Jumeirah Dubai villas, and you repay the debt with its interest from the profit you realize.

Private lenders are individuals who chose to broaden their investment horizon by diversifying from the conventional stock market or saving up their cash. Many property investors might be asking for a 12 to 20 percent of the profit you realize on the Dubai Palm Jumeirah Villa for sale that you bought.

If it happens that you cannot meet up with the payment, they can hold the property from you. This provides a guarantee for the lender and the much-needed funds for you. It is indeed a win-win situation.


Lease Alternative

Another means of purchasing a villa for sale in Dubai Jumeirah when you do not have money is to adopt the lease-option approach. A lease-option is a technique used in the landed property to purchase apartments from landlords even without becoming the legal owner.

Instead, you can enter into a long-term lease with the homeowners or property development companies and agree to purchase the villa at an agreed price later on. The homeowners have no legal right to sell the villa before the period expires, and you have set a rate at which you will buy in the future. You can then let out the Palm Jumeirah Dubai villas and collect rent or look for a buyer and sell to at a profit.


Purchase ‘Subject-to’ Villas

Purchasing a Dubai Palm Jumeirah villa using a “subject to” approach has to do with conveying the title documents from the homeowners to you without you having to refund the initial mortgage that the erstwhile homeowners owed.

Although the financial institution might not like the idea of being owed, in as much as monthly deposits are made to the bank, you are covered.  This approach to purchasing villas Dubai Palm Jumeirah is risk-laden, but in as much as you have an alternative plan, it is quite good enough.


Combine Two or More Approaches

Another way of sourcing funds to purchase palm Jumeirah Dubai villas is to combine and match just any of the above-stated options. For instance, you can borrow from hard money creditors and partner with other real estate investors to fund the mortgage after effecting the repairs. Alternatively, better still, you can combine the lease-option and still source for the fund from private borrowers.


Leverage on Existing Property

Another way to invest in Palm Jumeirah Dubai Villas is to leverage on other properties you own. If you have an existing property overseas or in the UAE with no mortgage, it is possible to release equity and refinance to finance your down payment.  That is quite a useful way to make your investments work for you. For instance, if you own property that is tenanted in the US while you are working in Dubai, you can apply for a mortgage up to 75% of the value house. The funds can be in USD or AED and repatriate it to Dubai to use as a deposit. You can now take an additional mortgage in the UAE against the new home buying venture. However, endeavor to check with your mortgage consultant or bank before using this option.



Villa Palm Jumeirah Dubai is the very first waterfront development to be completed in Dubai, and one that has luxurious villas where most people will want to be. However, it is not impossible that you do not have enough money to purchase one of the luxurious villas, there are ways you can source of fund to make your purchase and repay the profit.

This article discusses the various sources of getting money to finance your home purchase in Palm Jumeirah Dubai with little cash.


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