Are Palm Jumeirah Houses Investment Worthy?

Palm Jumeirah Houses

Are Palm Jumeirah Houses Investment Worthy?

Are Palm Jumeirah Houses Investment Worthy?

“Astounding” seems to be an understatement when describing the Palm Jumeirah. As yet unrivaled, the Palm Jumeirah is popularly known as the eighth wonder of the world, and rightly so. It can be seen from the sky as a series of archipelagos stretching over five kilometers into the waters of the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Dubai.

These archipelagos are man-made and resemble a date-palm tree, with the main Trunk having 17 Fronds branching east and west into the waters, and an embankment the shape of a Crescent crowning the top of the tree on three sides.

The Palm Jumeirah satisfyingly fulfills its mission and purpose both as a premier tourist attraction and also a prestigious residential island.

Residences On The Trunk, the fronds and the crescent of the Palm Jumeirah

As a residential island, the Palm Jumeirah is an iconic treat in the Dubai real estate enterprise. The Palm consists of 3 principal parts. On each of these parts can be found prestigious apartments built to the highest of standards and furnished with first-class retail and leisure facilities.

  1. Residences On The Trunk

The Trunk harbors three large marinas for boat owners and lovers and also has lots of lavish stores, restaurants, hotels, and residences to choose from. Homes found in the Trunk include:

  • Oceans residences;
  • Shoreline apartments;
  • The Fairmont Palm residence;
  • Marina residences;
  • Tiara residences;
  • The Golden Mile.


  1. Residences On The Fronds

There are 17 fronds on both sides of the Trunk, and the residents here have the beach for a front yard. The residential projects on the Fronds include:

  • Garden homes (with 2-3 story buildings and 3-5 bedrooms);
  • Townhomes (2-story buildings with 3-4 bedrooms);
  • Signature villas (with 2-story exotic style units and 5-7 bedrooms.


  1. Residences on the Crescent

The Crescent is 11km around. Property that is found on the Crescent include:

  • The Grandeur residences;
  • Emerald Palace residences;
  • The Palm, Royal Amwaj;
  • Royal Amwaj;
  • Kempinski Palm Jumeirah Residences.


Investing In The Dubai Real Estate By Buying Palm Jumeirah Houses

The Palm Jumeirah beachside resort is one of the most enthralling of property developments in the world. Luxurious has never been more luxurious than at the Palm Jumeirah.

There are Palm Jumeirah houses for sale, and even more, projects are being developed and put on sale every year. Due to the fact that the Palm Jumeirah houses are undeniably a monumental turning point in engineering, more and more foreign investors realize that the Jumeirah Palm houses are well worth an investment in the Dubai property market.

Below we enumerate why we consider the purchase of Palm Jumeirah houses a worthy investment.

  1. A Steadily Thriving Economy with Advanced Innovations

The graph of the economic growth of a region determines whether or not you should invest money in real estate overseas because you would be investing not just in that piece of land or house but also in that country’s economy as well.

Dubai has been growing at an excellent rate, even with the recent oil crisis. Dubai cut its oil dependency to the point that oil accounts for only 5% of its income; its income is now generated mostly through tourism and real estate. Dubai has already become the 5thfastestgrowing economy in the Middle East and the world.

There’s always some innovation in real estate in Dubai, and so Dubai has become a center of attraction and commerce, drawing expats from all over the world. This is especially so with the approach of the Expo 2020. Not only is their growth, but it has been consistent over the years. Moreover, this is why now is the perfect time to buy Jumeirah Palm houses.

  1. Security And The Ministry Of Happiness

Property investment is only ideal when there is a dedicated effort towards ensuring safety and security. Crimes like theft, kidnappings, riots or public altercations are unheard of in Dubai. You can walk alone at night with no fear of being lynched. You can even leave your car door open to get something real quick, and you will find when you return that absolutely no one had tried to steal it or destroy it. The police are reliable and are very well paid.

Also, the government of Dubai has added a Ministry of Happiness to its cabinet. This ministry is set to measure the happiness levels of the inhabitants of the Emirates and to take decisive steps in maintaining that happiness as well as increasing that happiness.

Therefore, you can invest and buy the houses for sale on the Palm Jumeirah, and rest assured that the government is dedicated to growing just to keep you happy.

  1. UAE Residency

This is one of the best benefits when you invest in Palm Jumeirah houses. Property acquisition affords you the opportunity to obtain a residence visa in the UAE, which further opens you up to more significant benefits than foreign investors can access. One of the requirements for the UAE residency visa is that you must have purchased up to AED 1 million worth of a beach house at Palm Jumeirah without any mortgage or financial assistance.

  1. Low costs And Tax-Free Living

The standard of living in the Emirates is impressively low. There are no real estate taxes, corporate taxes, sales taxes or personal taxes. Compared to the western countries, houses cost less in the Emirates, and gross rental yields are higher. The average price per square foot of land in the Emirates is a whole lot less than in Western countries. If you buy Palm Jumeirah houses and put them on rent, you even get a good yearly ROI (Return on Investment).


Houses for sale on Palm Jumeirah are becoming increasingly attractive to expats. It is undoubtedly a viable investment opportunity. It is, however, important to know the property buying process and get expert advice before going ahead to buy Palm Jumeirah houses. Palm Jumeirah houses are considered solid gold in real estate. Invest now while the market is booming.


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