Planning to Buy Dubai Properties for sale or Rent it?

Buy Dubai Properties for sale

Planning to Buy Dubai Properties for sale or Rent it?

Buy Dubai Properties for Sale | Are you a resident of Dubai and you are considering purchasing one of the Dubai properties for sale villas?  Alternatively, in the other way round, you are in the UAE, and you are considering whether to rent a villa as against to buying one, the first thing you should know is that there are advantages and disadvantages, whether you are buying or renting. Here are the benefits and downsides of both options.

Advantages of Buying a Villa in Dubai

No doubt, purchasing a villa in Dubai comes with several advantages, find some below:

Several alternative locations

It is exciting to know that you want to purchase one of the villa Dubai properties. You are in a vantage position because there are myriads of alternative locations open to you where you can invest.

Some villas are in the cities focal points, and there are some others located in the far away hinterland. The villas that are not near the city center enjoy the tranquil and quiet life and this counterbalance the luxurious life that comes with buying a villa in the heart of the city.

In essence, you have that edge of buying at several locations if you opt to purchase a villa as opposed to renting same in Dubai.

Convenience and Luxurious Facilities

By buying a Dubai properties for sale villas, you automatically have access to comfortable and luxurious amenities such as a hot-water bath, a bar, swimming pool which makes life easier for you. Moreover, should it be that you want to buy the villa as an investment property, the presence of this amenities in the villa will raise the property value.

You only get to negotiate this before buying, but in renting it might not be as much possible as choices are mist times limited.

It is a Long-Term Investment

Another advantage of buying a villa in Dubai is that it is an investment that goes down into the future. When you purchase Dubai properties for sale villas, you are sure to acquire the land alongside with it. Given the permanent nature of the area as a factor of production, you own the villa as a long-term asset.

In future times, you may decide to rent the villa out as an investment; the land is still yours. Alternatively, when you rent a villa, you have access to the villa for a specified period, and not even the area, which eventually goes back to the owner.


Psychological Advantage

Nothing compares to having the assurance that you are residing in a Villa that is indeed yours. When you are not threatened by the possibilities of a landlord harassing you for rent or paying to maintain someone else’s villa. You tend to settle and focus on other vital things only when you are sure your home belongs to you as opposed to renting it where the owner might even refuse to renew your lease even when you do not default rents.

Income Generating

Funny as it may sound, do you know you can buy a villa labeled Dubai properties for sale villas only to resell it at a profit or let it out for a rent and live off that? Do know that there are some foreigners and residents alike who buy villas in Dubai and generate much revenue from it?

Some villa owners rent a part of it out, whip some others live in them for a while and subsequently resell when the location has improved the value of the property at a higher price. This is typically buying a villa and speculating possible increase in value and reselling or leasing out afterward. That is brilliant, isn’t it?

Liberty and privacy

Buying the villa Dubai properties will undoubtedly offer you the sovereignty over the villa and provide some needed privacy, which you may not get when you rent the same home. Besides, you may vary the exterior pattern or repaint the building and add interior fittings to suit you once you have purchased it.

In essence, you have got an absolute control over the property to manipulate it as you may, which might be impossible when you are renting the villa. Should you decide to dispose of the property shortly, it is possible to do so at a profit, because real estate gets their values increasing with time.

Advantages of Renting a Villa in Dubai

Just as we have highlighted what you stand to gain when you buy a villa in Dubai, it is necessary to point out the benefits attached to renting a villa in Dubai as well; you can make a more informed choice.

Short-term Engagement

When you rent a villa from someone who bought Dubai properties for sale, you are not tied to the contract as you can opt out at any time. While you might have agreed to stay in occupation for a year, it is quite easier to move out of the villa you rent than, to leave the one you bought.


Finance Ease

You should know that it is less expensive to rent a villa than it is to purchase the same villa in Dubai. When you are renting a villa, you are only paying some parts of the purchase price per year. However, in the purchase, you are required to pay for it all at once or at a stretch as it is in the case of a mortgage.

You Can Relocate In Real Time

Another advantage that you get by renting a villa in Dubai is that it gives you the ease of relocation in case of an emergency. For instance, if you are transferred to another country from your place of work in Dubai, you do not need to worry about what will happen to the villa you bought at a handsome price. You can always terminate the tenancy agreement and relocate with relative ease.


We have discussed the advantages of buying a Dubai property for sale as well as those of renting. If you need professional advice, consult experts such as Déjà Vu Properties for proper guidance.


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