The Properties For Sale In Dubai World Central

Properties For Sale In Dubai World Central

The Properties For Sale In Dubai World Central

About Dubai World Central

Dubai is well known for its high quality lifestyle and the facilities provided to the residents. Surprisingly, most of these properties are within the reach of the middle-income working section. Affordability is of paramount importance in the properties for sale in Dubai World Central. The entire Dubai World Central has a housing capacity of almost 250,000 people. Also, the main residential area is well connected to the International Airport and has excellent connectivity with its surroundings and other parts of the Dubai World Central Residential City.

Dubai World Central City also houses many of the employees and their families that belong to the urban aviation community. The architects of the city have carefully designed it keeping in mind the needs of the residents.


Nature of residences

The Dubai World Central is comprised of very high quality residences. The height of the apartments is between five to ten storeys. The main spine of the residential city is where the higher buildings are placed along with a maximum plot size of 12,000 sq. m. and a minimum of 2200 sq. m.

All properties have nearby facilities like restaurants, shops, community facilities, sports and recreational facilities, service centers etc. However, the architects have not compromised at any rate with picturesque surroundings that Dubai World Central residents are treated to.


Transportation and other facilities

The core of the Dubai World Central city has a well-connected light rail system that runs along the central spine of the city and serves both the eastern and western sides. Various areas within the city are also connected via well-built roads with a simple and clear hierarchical system making them easily accessible.

Other than great connectivity, properties for sale in Dubai World Central also have a variety of shopping malls, 3 star, 4 star and 5-star hotels and relevant offices for the benefit of the residents. In addition to this, it also has sufficient open spaces which cannot be found in other residential areas today. Schools, hospitals, recreational areas with greenery all around can also be found everywhere in this city. Administrative buildings like police stations, post offices etc. can also be found here and are easily accessible from any corner. Religious facilities are also there and are well connected to every part of the residential area. Both civil defence and public libraries can be found in the areas near the properties for sale in Dubai World Central.


Districts of DWC

The properties for sale in Dubai World Central are found divided into 6 sub-districts that are derived from 34 plots of the central district. These districts are as following:


DWC Al Maktoum International Airport

The international airport district is touted to be one of the largest in the world in terms of passenger and cargo transported across the globe. It is clearly one of the largest aviation hubs in the world.


Aviation City

The aviation city is conveniently located near the international airport and is well connected to it. All the aviation needs of the region are well catered to by this district.


Dubai Logistics city

This district has a huge facility for cargo transportation. It also has manufacturing and assembly facilities and is located close to the airport.


Commercial City

This district consists of all the business developing centers and has a huge scope for real estate investment.


Golf City

The city is truly bent on becoming one of the international golfing destinations. It boasts of 18-hole golf courses and has a desert link as well as a lush tropical appeal to it.


Residential City

The primary aim of the Dubai World Central residential district is to provide the middle-income group with the top of the line accommodations. The quality of lifestyle in this area is truly mesmerizing with all kinds of facilities available and an excellent environment with lush green patches and connectivity to all parts of the city.


Spacious apartments with both one and two bedroom units are available in the properties for sale in Dubai World Central. Interiors do not vary with living area in these apartments and all of them are furnished with ceramic flooring, teak wood door frames, textured ceilings etc. These give the apartments a contemporary and stylish look, keeping everything affordable at the same time. Developers are investing in five freehold plots that are provided for them to plan and make residential complexes. Some of the famous projects are:


Indigo Spectrum I & II

Dubai’s truly cosmopolitan housing project is the Indigo Spectrum. Diverse nationalities and cultures come together to live here in harmony. State of the art infrastructure is provided by them and the residences provided have luxury, comfort and the most advanced amenities that one can find anywhere in the world. It boasts of rooftop swimming pools, gymnasium, 24-hour security and basement parking facilities.


Al Dana I & II

It is 800-hectare large predesigned complex with themes of world cultures. It is a truly international property for sale in Dubai World Central. The buildings have been designed with marvellous architectural touches and spacious balconies with all the comfort and luxury that is required. The buildings have been designed using red bricks and contrasting colours to make it truly unique and desirable. The apartments have a total of 10 floors with a spectacular view of the three roads.  In addition to this, it also has all the luxuries and comforts like swimming pools, gyms, acoustic and thermal insulation, sauna and steam baths, high-speed elevators etc.

Some of the other properties for sale in Dubai World Central are Classic Apartments, Trafalgar Apartments, and Global Green View III.


Needless to say that Dubai World Central will truly become the center of trade and commerce of the world and will remain so for decades to come. The properties for sale in Dubai World Central are fancy and luxurious and for those that seek the true meaning of life. Properties are available for all sorts of purposes starting from business, technology, industry to residential and it is safe to say that the properties for sale in the Dubai World Central will remain the economic hub of the world for years to come.


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