Property Investment Companies – How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Without Stress

Property Investment Companies

Property Investment Companies – How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Without Stress

Do you want to invest in real estate development companies in a bid to realize some profit or perhaps, you want to sell your house to property investment companies, but you barely know how to go about it. We will be discussing some essential tips that can assist you to in finding the right property company you can transact with if you want to invest in property development.

How do I know the which are the best property investment companies to work with if I want to invest in real estate development?

The Quality of Property Offered

To start with, you might need to ask them the age of the houses they sell. If they are in the market for selling old homes, the profit margin will be quite low, and that may not be right for you. Furthermore, you need to ask what type of properties they sell. It is a known fact that commercial developments such as shopping malls, office buildings command a higher rent than public buildings for example. It is therefore essential you know the type of property the investment companies sell.

Location of the Property they are Selling

It is essential you know the location of the property the development company is selling. Is it a prime location? When they are buying as a company, do they consider how close it is to the city center? Are there good road network linking the property they’re selling? All this will affect their profit and in turn, tell how much your gain will be.

Property Development Companies in Dubai –How do I Sell my house and make profit

So, you want to sell your Dubai home, and want to make some gain on it. Well, it will not just happen, you’ll need to approach the development companies and deal with them in the right manner. You stand a chance of making a better sale if you have a good knowledge of what these corporations seek, so you can prepare your home even before approaching them for sale.


What Property Development Companies in Dubai look out for in houses to be purchased.

  • Size of the property

The first thing these companies will want to know is the size of your land. Vast tracts of the area that can be utilized would undoubtedly attract property development companies than a small piece of land that has a limited capacity of being improved.


  • Neighborhood environment

Also, these companies check the neighborhood of the subject property, how ideal it is and whether it will be good for the market. This is a thing you have little power over as you can barely change the neighborhood of your building you want to sell, but then, it tells much about whether the property investment companies will be interested in the purchase or not.

For instance, a neighborhood notorious for delinquencies like robbery, several criminal dens, societal decadence and such ilk’s will make a lousy market for investors, so no company will be interested in buying such home, no matter the price.

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

Moreover, the property investment companies check the proximity to social amenities, how close is the building to the city center, the road network, ease of doing business and the likes, these are what potential buyers seek.

How do I sell my house to property investment companies and make a profit?

It is not advisable to deal with a developer without an intermediary. Most property investment companies when buying property as a company, from a stand-alone seller, they promise their ridiculous offer on the value fraudulently determined by the real estate surveyors whom they appoint, who of course will only work to maximize profit for them. You, therefore, need to be aware of these pitfalls when transacting with them.

Engage a real estate agent and professional appraiser

At first, to sell your house and make a profit, it is important that you contact an agent and maybe your appraiser. However, you need to ascertain that such professionals are not connected to the property investment companies who are bidding for the home.

Wait till you get a good offer

Again, when you intend selling your home to real estate investment firms buying property as a company, it is advisable you delay until you get a satisfactory offer. Don’t be desperate to sell or get jittery that investors may stop coming. Keep turning the offers down until you get a satisfactory one.

Be wary of neighborhood speculators

Also, you need to watch out for the neighborhood “lords” who might want to condemn your building in a bid to get a low offer from you, don’t fall for them. When you want to sell your house to Dubai property investment companies, there is every likelihood that some of these developers have a replete knowledge of your neighborhood, don’t fall for the condemnation game. Stay by your professional appraiser’s words.

Consider all factors before deciding

Lastly, if you want to make a profit on your sale of the house to property investment companies, you need to consider so many factors. Examine how much the developer wants the building, what profit he will realize and how good the real estate market is.

Should the asking price be lower than this, you may have to consider renovating the home and staying there yourself. Doing this is quite better than selling off at give away price and getting stranded because you do not have money to rent or buy another home.


Dubai property investment companies are the real estate firms that buy land or buildings, improve them and sell at a profit. However, when selling your house to them, you have got to be aware of their agents, the condition of your house and neighborhood speculators, so that you can make a better sale.

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