Proven! The Best Ways to Secure a Studio Flat in Dubai

Studio Flat in Dubai

Proven! The Best Ways to Secure a Studio Flat in Dubai

There comes a point in everybody’s life when they decide it is time to make the chilling yet thrilling decision to get out of their parent’s house and go on to rent an apartment or studio flat in Dubai or better yet buy a studio flat. Despite what one may think, finding a new home is not as easy as it seems since a lot of factors come into play when deciding to make such a decision before finding a studio flat to buy.

If you have never done it before then stick around as this article will guide you through the process of finding your next apartment or studio flat in Dubai.


Things to be taken into consideration before buying a studio flat in Dubai for rent

The place a person decides to live may affect the immediate environment of a person as well as finances. These among other crucial things should be taken to account before renting or buying a studio flat in Dubai. Other factors may include:

  • The kind of an apartment. The buyer should decide the type of apartment they want either one with a single bedroom or a studio flat in Dubai. One should also check for the amenities, parking, lights among other things.
  •  The type of community and neighborhood. The buyer should take time to think deeply about this. The neighborhood of the apartment would play a big deal in the life of the person for the amount of time they will be staying there so it is wise that the buyer makes the best decision here. Whether it is an urban neighborhood or one that is suburban, understanding the type of neighbor may also help the buyer make a smooth transition from the previous community into the new studio flat in Dubai.
  • Caretakers and property manager- It is better to stay in a place that is near to the property manager so that in case of any issue, reporting it to the property manager would ensure it gets resolved easily.


The Process of Applying for an Apartment

So, after choosing a studio apartment what would be next? This is when the actual process begins starting with applying for the studio flat in Dubai. The new buyer or renter should then get an application from the property manager or the landlord and fill in the details.

It is best to be hasty while filing the applications since the apartments and studio flats go very quickly. As part of the application details, the buyer may be required to fill in their basic information and provide other documents such as pay slips, bank statements, history of employment, driver’s license, application fee, a list of references among other things.


Such documents are crucial in proving that you are a suitable candidate to rent or buy a studio flat. The landlords always want to ensure that the person they are bringing on is a viable candidate with a great character and a stable income.

It goes without saying that being of good character alone or having a stable income alone is not enough to get accepted hence one should ensure they are good all around.





Receiving the Approval

After a successful filling and submission of application forms, the buyer should then go ahead and remain patient while they await getting approved. It may take a few business days to get feedback hence patience is advised.

After getting approval, the landlord will either call you or email you depending on the type of contact details you gave out. After receiving the call, it is advisable the buyer pay a security deposit which suffice to say is worth about the rent of one month. The function of a security deposit is to pay off any damages incurred during the stay.

In case the apartment still in good condition, the security deposit is refunded in case the renter decides to leave. In most cases before moving in, the renter would need to pay the deposit as well as the first month’s rent and in some cases the rent of the last month that the renter would stay for.


The new buyer may also be needed to sign a lease in relation to the apartment which is basically an agreement between the landlord and the tenant. It basically outlines:

  • Number of people allowed to stay in the place
  • A specified amount of time that a tenant is required to remain and make rent payments.
  • Amount of rent that is expected from the tenant and the time intervals that the payments would be made
  • Amount of the deposit and the other fees in case of violation of term agreements
  • The type of utilities provided by the landlord and other utilities that the tenant could get
  • The types of pets if allowed
  • Maintenance requirements which basically spells out what type of maintenance costs would be covered by the landlord and which ones would not.




Where Should a Person look for an apartment or Studio flat in Dubai?

After getting all excited for the next venture of a new chapter in adulthood, a person seeking an apartment, or a studio flat may have already come up with the furniture arrangements and home decors. But the mind-boggling question would be where one would look for a studio flat to buy. Luckily, we live in an era of the internet where one could simply log onto Déjà Vu Properties and find a studio flat in Dubai to rent from a wide range of available ones or even find a cheap studio flat to buy.

Additionally, they could just view the local listings and go through a wide range of collections available and choose whichever they desire.


If not sure of the neighborhood then seeking advice from friends and family would be the first thing that they should do. Consulting with your family and friends may prove even more beneficial especially since they may know of any studio flats that would be on offers from a wide network of friends and colleagues that they may have.


It is quite evident that the whole moving process expenses are quite costly hence the renter should have planned a solid budget prior to moving or should opt for a cheap studio flat to buy. It is always advisable that a person should be armed with enough research before going ahead and diving head first into the unknown abyss that is renting or getting a studio flat to buy. To get the latest listings including a cheap studio flat to buy and available to rent, log on to Déjà Vu Properties and search through the wide range of listings and secure your next studio flat to buy.


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