Residential Guide for a Studio Apartment in Deira Dubai

Studio Apartment in Deira Dubai

Residential Guide for a Studio Apartment in Deira Dubai

What is exactly a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a fairly new concept but it has been gaining popularity all over the world. This may be the reason behind the extremely lavish price tags of these bachelor pads. These one room condo styled bachelor-style apartments are very small and self-contained. An efficient living space is a more apt description as it optimally utilizes the available space to suit the need for bachelors or couples. This is a single room flat that includes all of the essential spaces that can be found in an apartment but without walls segregating each room, giving it an appearance of a large expanse of space with a full view.

A regular studio apartment has a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen – all knit into a single room. The only room with walls and a door will be the bathroom. These types of units or flats are mostly cheaper than traditional apartments with its advantages and disadvantages.

Some studio apartments, however, have separators, not the regular walls but kind of a half dividing structures which are only around the sleeping area to provide the owner more privacy when friends and family crash in. The owners mostly use foldable partitions to separate various areas of the unit. There are varieties of partitions available in the market suitable for different shapes and themes. Even if the owner does not need one, these partitions can be very attractive and can be used as a décor blending in perfectly with the apartment.

The Benefits and The Drawbacks

The main reason behind the popularity of the studio apartments is that the rent or the price of the said property is way cheaper than any other kind of living spaces. The utility bills are also lower as the apartments are small in size requiring limited resources. A single light bulb in a strategic location is able to light up the whole apartment.

The single most challenging aspect of such a living structure is the limited space. So, if a person has some extra stuff, he cannot store it anywhere. Sudden visit of friends and relatives can potentially create a problem for privacy for the dweller(s). This is especially true for the compact sized Studio apartment in Deira.


Studio apartment in Deira Dubai


The Location

Deira has a distinctly different view in comparison to Dubai Marina or Dubai Hills. This is the oldest part of the city, established in the 1960s, the place is filled with residential buildings. The view here is a typical Middle Eastern small town. Luxurious villas with opulent gardens and well-mowed lawns are few and far between and the few that one gets to see are nothing in comparison to the grandeur in display in Dubai Marina or Hills.

This is a cheaper residential area, so mainly apartment blocks are the only choice to live here. The studio apartment in Deira costs significantly less than other living spaces of the area. Unfortunately, the apartment buildings here do not come with game rooms, gyms or spas but there are few newer buildings and hotels in the area where swimming pools and gyms are available and they let these facilities for non-residents to use for a tiny fee.


The Shopping

The Deira locality does not come with limitless resources like the newer part of the city such as Dubai Marina or Dubai Hills. It is a simple locality for lower-middle class people, so large scale shopping centers with world-renowned brands are not easy to come by. However, the area boasts of vibrant street markets with the colorful vendors selling anything from perfumes to gold.

There is also a wide collection of apparels and even branded clothes. Although there is no Starbucks here at arm’s length, the local cuisine found at the corner is worth every penny. The traveling medium is also very simple, to cross the creek town people use the ferries, it is nothing more than a wooden boat and for a price, it will take any person to the other side of the creek. This is the best medium of travel if the person is traveling by foot.



The Transport

Before buying a studio apartment in Deira Dubai a person should know about the modes of traveling and the traffic condition here, otherwise, it will be a big problem for the person. Private vehicle is a luxury here and the most common medium of transport is the metro and the tram. There are 10 metro stations available all around the area seven of them are a red line and three of them are green line. All of these metro stations are open to the general people which make their lives easier in a busy city like Dubai. The public buses are also available and they are very efficient.

To reach the Airport a person can take a metro from the Union Square. It will only take ten minutes to reach the Airport Terminal 1 and fifteen minutes to reach the Terminal 3. Dubai Marina, the most happening area of the city is also a mere 45 minutes away. So, connectivity is fairly good from this area and one can easily travel in all parts of the city with ease.



A studio apartment in Deira or a studio apartment in Deira Dubai is quite cheap. Although the greater commodities are not available in this area of the city it is a very safe place to live, convenient and efficient and mostly all of the resources from the modern part of the city are available here but only in a smaller scale. There is a certain nostalgia intermixed with this area, as it old and charming. Anyone who is looking for a short-term or long-term stay and that too, on a tight budget, Deira is a great option to go for. Provided he or she should accept the lifestyle here!


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